How To Use High-Intensity Mopping On Roborock S7

One of the brand new options that Roborock rolled out with the S7 previous this 12 months, was once its new high-intensity mopping. This makes use of the Sonic mopping function that the Roborock S7 presented, and takes it to the max. Allowing you to scrub up even the messiest of messes in a single move. Which is in reality helpful.

Today, we’re going to turn you ways we will use high-intensity mopping in your house and the right way to flip it on.

What is High-Intensity Mopping?

Here’s how Roborock explains what High-Intensity Mopping if truth be told is: “The robotic will transfer in a tighter Z-shape trail, masking each and every space of the ground two times. Vacuuming energy can be lowered. High-intensity vacuuming is beneficial for lately vacuumed flooring simplest.”

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Basically, High-Intensity mopping goes to show up the sonic mopping this is integrated at the Roborock S7. This is a good suggestion to make use of for high-traffic spaces or very grimy flooring. For instance, it’s now wintertime, which means that snow, sleet, salt and different issues are being tracked in. It may be drying since your house is heat with the warmth on. So a regular mopping would no longer suffice, however High-Intensity Mopping will.

It will do a Z-shape development from left-to-right after which up-and-down. So it does necessarily move over the world two times, even though you select for it to do it as soon as.

How to setup High-Intensity Mopping on Roborock S7

Here’s how you’ll activate High-Intensity Mopping in your Roborock S7 robotic vacuum:

  • Open the Roborock app.
  • Enter the Roborock S7.
  • Tap at the water droplet icon within the decrease appropriate nook. This will convey up the menu with the other cleansing ranges for vacuuming and mopping.
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  • Under the Mop Route segment, faucet on “Deep”.
  • You too can alter the “Scrub Intensity” above it. There are 4 choices there: shut, delicate, average, and intense. We’d counsel Intense.
  • Now you’ll select to have the vacuum mop the entire house, a undeniable room or zone. If you’re doing High-Intensity Mopping, we’d counsel doing a room or two, or a zone. As it’s going to make use of up a large number of battery, and most probably gained’t be capable of end the remainder of your house on one move.
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  • If you do select to do a room or zone, you’ll choose to have it blank that space a couple of times, or 3 times. If it’s in reality messy.
  • That’s it.

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