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As usual, we are here with the iPhone 12 full specifications and reviews for our smartphone lovers. Every public revelation of the iPhone gets to the hype while many people following it enthusiastically to grab the latest launched iPhone although there is not much about smartphones that are actually surprising or exceptional. Apple has announced four models this year and iPhone 12 is one of those smarties. In many ways, it doesn’t have anything unique except being Apple. Unlike iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, it has a top-notch camera neither an advanced LiDAR sensor.

This simple yet middle way launched iPhone 12 going to be the betting bottom dollar of Apple for the upcoming year’s plan. It will be greatly loved and highly popular as apple has always been crowd-pleasing.

From an analytical point of view, Apple has up a tier with respect to iPhone 12 and it is no doubt costly then many people’s expectations therefore there is nothing unique for this much cost as it is for £799 whereas its storage capacity is 64GB,128GB and 256GB respectively and if we’re thinking it to be near the price of lately launched iPhone 11 then you can easily opt the iPhone 12 mini as it will cost you exactly 100 quids less than iPhone 12 having exactly same features and storage capacity regardless of the overview and image.

iPhone 12 normally weighs 162g and its thickness is 7.4mm and is very light in holding and doesn’t distend outwards so really doesn’t feel like something that cannot behold for hours in hand. It’s not a big blast from iPhone as it’s much lighter in weight and thickness than iPhone 11 and iPhone XR although higher in price. Its specifications are like iPhone 5 generation or the analytics may rank it much less than iPhone 5 generation.

It’s highly flagrant but Apple has undoubtedly marketed a significantly different style after iPhone X which has a flattened frame rather than being curved with rounded corners where front and back joins at an angle of 90 degrees There’s no curved-edge glass that drifts into the metal with no diagonal or slanting edges. If you are thinking that flattened ends will bother you, do not be concerned as you will enjoy its less weight.

Previous or regular buyers of iPhones will commemorate that sides like this are very easy to dent in case the phone drops down. Apple does assure reinforced glass on the rear and its new tempered ceramic shield material on the front, but you’re definitely going to want to buy a case. It also looks as though the edges of the aluminum frame could get chipped and scuffed over time.

Other specific features may include a spanking HDR display with a Truetone. It comes up with the usual wide color (P3). It retains a haptic touch. It may possess a Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating which is the key feature of the latest smartphones.It has typical 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.It also posses a classic 625 nits max brightness and 1,200 nits max brightness (HDR). It procures support for the display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously.

iPhone 12

If we commemorate the selfie lovers it will not be a big hit but it has come up with Face ID sensors with a Dual 12MP camera system: Ultra Wide and Wide cameras and charge up to 50% in some minutes.

iPhone 12 Camera

iPhone 12 full specifications :


128 GB

256 GB


Height: 146.7 mm (5.78 inches)

Width: 71.5 mm (2.82 inches)

Depth: 7.4 mm (0.29 inches)

Weight :162 grams (5.73 ounces)


  • Face ID
  • Barometer
  • Three‑axis gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor

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