Rebel Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Cars) 2021

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A very realistic racing game Rebel Racing developed by Hutch Games and released in 2019. Are you a fan of racing games? Then this game is definitely for you. It has so many awesome features to enjoy and the player never gets bored.

Become the champion of racing and beat your opponents. Finish first in every race and earn massive rewards. No boss can stand a chance against you if you become an expert driver. Realistic physics is the best feature of this game.

Enjoy not only driving on smooth roads, but also on dirt roads. Drive supercars and trucks and enjoy off-road racing. If you want to enjoy this game even more download Rebel Racing MOD APK and get access to unlimited features like unlimited money and all cars unlocked.


  • Collect tons of cars and drive the cars of your choice.
  • Defeat bosses in epic races.
  • Completely customize your cars and make them beautiful.
  • Drive supercars like Koenigsegg, and Porsche.
  • So many beautiful tracks to race on.
  • Open the throttle and enjoy.
  • Wonderful and realistic graphics.
  • Realistic driving physics and engine sounds.
  • Get an ultimate racing experience.
  • Upgrade your vehicles and make them superfast.


Controls are one of the main things which make the games fun to play. Games with complicated controls aren’t much fun to play even if they have good graphics. Rebel Racing has very easy and simple controls which everyone can learn.

You will find a lot of cars in this game to drive. From simple cars to supercars, you can select any type of car you want. And you are not just limited to the default designs of your cars, you can replace the designs with the styles of your choice.

When you overtake your opponents in a race, you get points and multiplier. Overtaking multiple in a row and make long streaks. The longer your streak is, the more points you will get. In races, you will get a perfect line on the road.

When it is blue, it means accelerate, the yellow line means slow down. If you want an easier gameplay, turn this line on, and if you don’t want this line, simply turn it off in the settings. For expert players, this line should be turned off.

Drift by tapping on the drift button on the left side of the screen. Drift is useful when you are making turns, the car slides with style and you get points. Drifting also has multiplier like overtaking and drafting.

To get more points and bonuses, focus on 5 things. Overtakes, Drafting, Drifting, Air Time, and your race position. All these things will grant you rebel bonus. Tap on the right side of the screen on the nitro icon to use nitro and increase car’s speed.

If your car is slow, you can upgrade it. It’s going to cost you some money but it’s worth it. Upgrade tires, intake, exhaust, nitrous, gearbox, and engine. Upgrading is very important in this game to beat your opponents.

To win the rebel racing festivals, beat the tier bosses in head-to-head race battles. Before defeating bosses, you need to upgrade your car or else, you won’t stand a chance. The boss cars are faster than other cars. Show them who is the boss and hurt their pride.

Rebel Racing MOD APK Unlimited Money:

This game is easy but easier if you download Rebel Racing MOD APK. The difference between the original version and the modded version is unlimited money. With the unlimited money, you can purchase anything in the store.

Whether we are talking about cars, upgrades, designs, customizations, wheels, you will get them for free. Buy any car you desire. The modded version is the quickest way to buy stuff. Original version requires you to do some effort to buy stuff.

There is no limit to levelling up in the modded version. You can even reach level 100 easily. The free money and free gold are very important in games so players can really enjoy the features of the game and don’t miss out.

But Rebel Racing MOD APK saves your time by giving you unlimited everything. And Rebel Racing MOD APK is completely free to download and it does not contain any virus. Your device won’t be harmed in downloading and playing the modded version.

It is the new version.


How do you progress in Rebel Racing?

Just keep winning the races and don’t forget to upgrade.

What do the keys mean in Rebel Racing?

You will get keys by event participation and achievement rewards.

Can we play Rebel Racing with friends?

Yes, you can play multiplayer with other players.

Is Rebel Racing free?

Yes, this game is free to download.

Is Rebel Racing online or offline?

It is both.


The beautiful and realistic graphics of this game will never make you stop playing this game. The gameplay is so engaging. In addition to the single-player mode, play the multiplayer mode and enjoy with friends.

Keep practicing to become a better player at this game. Everyone can play this game even little kids. The engine sounds and driving physics give the best gameplay because they are very realistic. You will become addicted to this game.

Download Rebel Racing MOD APK & OBB DATA for completely free and enjoy. Also, check out this fantastic game, Drag Racing Streets MOD APK.

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