Download BR Style MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Latest 2021

Play a unique racing game in which you can Brazilian cars & bikes, and have a lot of fun. Are you a fan of customizing your cars and make them unique? You can do that in this game, Not only cars but also bikes are available to drive.
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BR Style is a Brazilian racing game developed by RF Entertainment and released in 2019. If you are into racing games, this game will give you so much pleasure. This game has so many amazing features which you can enjoy.

Are you feeling bored and looking for a game which will make it easier for you to kill time? Then this game is a perfect choice for you. The awesome features in this game will never make you wanna stop playing.

This game is not only made for Brazilians but for everyone. No matter where you are from, you can play this game. It is completely free to download, you won’t have to spend even a single dollar to play it. Download BR Style MOD APK Unlimited Money.


  • Choose from up to 14 cool cars.
  • Enjoy racing in various maps.
  • Play against tons of players in a single race.
  • Enjoy multiplayer gameplay with friends.
  • Customize your cars however you desire.
  • Choose not only cars but also bikes.
  • Play drag races and finish first.
  • Drive as fast as you can.
  • Be entertained by the great graphics.
  • Keep updating your game to enjoy latest features.


When you first start this game. You have the option to select language. After choosing language, you will play a tutorial. Learn about the icons on the main menu in the tutorial. Gasoline, Currency and Settings icons are at the top right.

In the bottom left and bottom right of the screen, there are two icons on each side, store and workshop. Bottom left of these icons are for motorcycle and bottom right are for car. These options allow you to customize your car and make them beautiful.

There are tons of customization available in this game, not only for cars but also for bikes. Change the color, decals, rearview mirror, headlight, tail, front brake disc, rear brake disc, exhaust, rims of your bike and change the helmet as well.

These are bike customization options. When it comes to the car customization, you will see some additional options along with these options like change roof, roll cage, door handles, hood, bumpers, fog light, tires, door bump, suspension, exhaust, fender flares, column and spoiler.

Moreover, change the decals, performance and dynamometer of your car as well. These options will never let you get bored because you can change the appearance of your vehicle every time you start  a new race play and have a new gameplay experience.

There are three game modes in this game. Car racing, bike wheelie and multiplayer. All of these modes give you a different gameplay experience. Play all of them and see which is your favorite game mode. For me, all of these are equally enjoyable.

In car racing, race against other cars and try to drive as fast as you can. Your goal is to finish first and defeat your opponents. Enjoy drag racing. In drag racing, transmission system is manual, not automatic, and you will be amused by realistic gameplay.

You will have to change the gears manually. It might be a little difficult at first because you will have to be quick but with practice, as you keep improving your gameplay, you will start to enjoy this game even more.

In bike driving mode, you won’t race against other players. You will have to do wheelie and try to go as long as you can while doing wheelie. Wheelie is so entertaining in this game. It is hard to do wheelie for a few seconds but it is possible after retries.

If we talk about the controls of this game, they are very easy and simple. Tap on the round arrows on the slightly left to the screen to untap when needed. Tap on the up and down arrow to change the side of the road.

For bike controls, three buttons are located at the right side of the screen. Starting from left, the first button is to apply brakes, the second one is to accelerate, and the third one is to do wheelie. However, the vehicle controls are different.

Tap on the icon at the right side to accelerate and tap on the launch icon at the left to launch the car. While launching, be careful. Before launching the car, accelerate and when the RPM needle is in the middle and as soon as you see the green light on the speedometer, launch the car.

After the car starts, you won’t be able to accelerate or control brakes. You will only be able to shift the front gear. It might seem boring to you that you can only shift front gear, neither the back gear nor the acceleration or brake.

But that’s not true, the controls might be simple but that does not mean they are not interesting. They are very entertaining and fun. This game has simple graphics, which might not seem very detailed, but the gameplay is fun.

When you go over bumps and jumps, the physics is very realistic.

BR Style MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds Latest Version 2021:

The gameplay is so much fun but do you want to enjoy this game even more, then play BR Style MOD APK New & Updated Version. You will have access to unlimited features like unlimited money, unlimited diamonds and unlimited everything.

Upgrade the performance of your cars and bikes without worrying about running out of money. The unlimited money gives you benefits like saving time and you won’t have to work hard to buy cars and bikes in this game.

Buy any car, any bike you desire. Test all the cars available in the game and never get bored. BR Style MOD APK Unlimited Everything is completely free to download and play.


Is BR Style only for Brazilians?

No, anyone can play this game.

Can you drive bikes too in BR Style?

Yes, you can also drive bikes in this game.

Can you do wheelie in BR Style?

Yes, you can do wheelie in this game.

Does this game have manual transmission in this game?

Cars have manual transmission but bikes have automatic transmission.

Does BR Style MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds contain virus?

No, BR Style MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds does not contain any virus.


So, if you are looking for an absolutely fantastic racing game, this game should be included in your list of top racing games. If you are ever feeling bored, tired, or even depressed, play this game. You are sure to love it.

Complete missions and earn rewards. This game does not only have single player but also multiplayer. The multiplayer game mode in this game will let you enjoy this game with other players and with your friends as well.

You might be thinking that this game is for Brazilians only, but everyone can play this game. So, without further ado, download BR Style MOD APK for android Unlimited Money, Unlimited Everything Latest Version 2021. Also, download this fun racing game, Fun Run 3 MOD APK.

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