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Get opportunity to write for us. We give authority to the original author name and the article is published with the original author. This gives the authors to show their proficiency to the world.

We accept only genuine, we researched and well formatted contents related to our blog.

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Feel free to contact at info@specser.com if you have any problem.

Guidelines to follow if you want to write for us:

  • Idea: Please pitch us your content ideas prior to writing the real article.
  • Originality: Only original articles are published here. (not previously distributed elsewhere, such as on your own website)
  • Quality: High-quality content should be present and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Topics: The categories shown in the website’s menu bar are where we accept content.
  • Formatting: Give readers a clear lesson or takeaway. To organize your writing, use headings, subheadings, and numbered lists or bullets.
  • Linking out: To support your observations, information, and arguments with external links, use data, research, references, or personal tales.
  • Link to published articles on specser.com whenever suitable.
  • Perspective: Your article should be unique and different from others that have already been featured on ponbee.com.
  • We strongly advise authors to submit their work with images and/or videos. To use photos, videos, or any other content from outside sources, authors are responsible for securing permission from their respective owners. Only use photographs and videos that you have permission to use or that are in the public domain if you use them in the article; they also need to be of high quality and include source citations (and be sure to credit your source).
  • Use concise paragraphs with no more than 3–4 sentences per paragraph.
  • Article Edits: We reserve the right to modify any content you submit.

Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches; fake product reviews, advertorials, etc type of content is not allowed.

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