12 Best Minecraft Faction Servers (2022)


Minecraft factions is more than likely one of the vital best possible Minecraft multiplayer recreation modes that customers actually experience. In phrases of gameplay, Factions servers will fluctuate fairly from one some other. The primary perception, despite the fact that, is that gamers get started inside of an enormous, PvP-enabled setting through which they shape their very own “factions.” On a lot of factions servers, gamers can use TNT cannons to raid, pillage, and loot bases belonging to rival factions as a way to support themselves. So we’re going to point out the highest Minecraft faction servers which come with superb PvP, no lag, unbelievable maps, and top rate customized options.

Best Minecraft Faction Servers

1) Purple Prison:


Purple Prison is famend for its penal complex recreation mode and is likely one of the maximum Minecraft factions of all time. However, this doesn’t preclude its usefulness for operating in teams. Individuals can earn in-game foreign money thru auditioning, buying groceries, and buying and selling stuff. Consequently, being profitable on Purple Prison is more straightforward than on every other Minecraft server.

Regarding PvP, the server permits gamers to both interact in battle or stay impartial. It has automated PvP occasions, specialised battle zones, or even team-based minigames. However, all of this is solely non-compulsory. Unlike maximum servers on our checklist, Purple Prison permits you to hang around with your friends with out worry of being attacked. If you need a in reality prison-like enjoy, despite the fact that, you’ll be able to to find the most efficient Minecraft penal complex servers right here.

Server IP Adress: purpleprison.org

2) Lemon Cloud:

lemon craft

Lemon Cloud is likely one of the few Minecraft servers that dedicates nearly all of its sources to factions. As a consequence, we now have get right of entry to to a aggressive server with unique cosmetics, kits, and common in-game occasions. Each season tries to introduce new subject matter to the sport, similar to different a success on-line video games.

This server’s options come with bots, auctioning, a TNT-based economic system, leaderboards, secret chests, or even MMO, along with different unbelievable options. However, in case you are partial to the most efficient Minecraft mountain seeds, then you definitely will have to talk over with the next server. On Lemon Cloud, mountainous biomes are disabled for simplicity. However, this offers us with an intriguing overworld to discover on our personal.

Server IP Adress:  play.lemoncloud.org

3) Cosmic PvP:

cosmic pvp

Cosmic PvP is likely one of the best possible factions servers for Minecraft. The majority of Minecraft faction servers are regularly in accordance with Minecraft vanilla factions servers or common customized maps. Cosmic PvP, however, options planets, asteroids, distinct biomes, or even alien creatures. Only you and your crew of astronauts are had to discover the depths of the universe. Two distinct planets in Cosmic PvP function faction maps in Minecraft.

The most well liked of those planets is the Dungeon global, which has adversarial creatures, hidden treasures, and an abundance of mysteries. The 2d is known as Lava planet and is similar to visiting the Nether gate in Minecraft. In the middle of this inhospitable ecosystem is an lively volcano.

Server IP Adress: cosmicpvp.com

4) Mana Cube Faction Server:

mana cube

Similar to Clash of Clans, Mana Cube is a Clan-PvP-based Minecraft faction server. While making an attempt to shield their bases, gamers can raid their combatants. Faction enlargement too can happen through participation in races, minigames, duels, and quests.

On Mana Cube, each and every participant is related to a specific amount of energy from each and every celebration. They are ready to assert particular spaces of the server’s territory to construct bases due to the ability. The server additionally options many dimensions for those areas, just like the overworld, moon, nether, or even a mars size.

Server IP Adress: play.manacube.com

5) Mox MC:

Mox mc

Mox MC is ranked as the most efficient factions server on a well-liked checklist of servers for this recreation taste. The server is rooted in a ferocious and cruel PvP tradition, and upon becoming a member of, customers can bounce proper into the struggle through merely typing “/package PVP.”

This will grant gamers get right of entry to to a unfastened, potent PvP package containing tools, potions, and different pieces. In Mox MC’s personal public sale space, gamers can promote their valued stuff to all the server and bid on pieces indexed through different gamers.

Server IP Adress: MOXMC.NET

6) RexCraftia:


RexCraftia is a faction and PvE server with a singular taste. With over 9 years of enjoy, we now have handpicked our plugins to be extra unique than every other customized factions to be had. We have such a lot of customized plugins that it might take hours to element each and every serve as we offer, however listed here are a couple of:

It contains over 1,500 distinctive guns (Artifacts) and armor, each and every with particular skills and results. These issues are divided into themed crates, taking into consideration numerous PvP mixtures.

RexCraftia helps Minecraft recreation model 1.19; on the other hand, many Minecraft servers allow gamers to make use of older or more moderen variations, so please see RexCraftia’s Discord or Website for more info on model compatibility.

Server IP Adress: rexcraftia.com

7) LifeSteal:


LifeSteal is likely one of the best possible Minecraft factions that you’re going to to find on the net. It adheres to the SMP (survival multiplayer system). You get started on a Minecraft global that has been closely changed with masses of different gamers. Here, you will have to live to tell the tale, accumulate sources, and try to defeat the entire recreation’s bosses whilst susceptible to being attacked.

In addition to surviving factions, LifeSteal additionally has hardcode, anarchy, and KitPvP. The aggressive nature of this server, despite the fact that, can pose a couple of issues. Long-time customers of this provider be able to weigh down freshmen. Before becoming a member of LifeSteal, be sure that you know the way to construct a Minecraft space to shield your self.

Server IP Adress: LifeStealMC.web

8) Massive Craft:

best minecraft faction servers

MassiveCraft identifies itself because the “first Minecraft Factions server” and has been working for almost ten years. MassiveCraft used to be constructed and is still administered through the crew who pioneered and created the primary Minecraft factions plugin, which quite a few factions servers nonetheless use nowadays.

MassiveCraft, because the creators of the factions gameplay mode, has set the usual for excellence. Custom mobs, bosses, apparatus, and questlines are a number of the a lot of options unique to this server that can’t be discovered anyplace else.

Server IP Adress: Massivecraft.com

9) Snapcraft:

best minecraft faction servers

Snapcraft is some other glorious Minecraft faction server. Here, the power of each and every crew is evaluated. Individually, each and every participant contributes one thing to the crew. It allows them to assert territories, win occasions, and release particular options.

In distinction to the opposite Minecraft factions servers on our checklist, it additionally gives unmarried gamers the danger to live to tell the tale. Even despite the fact that maximum teams have no less than 3 individuals, it’s imaginable to live to tell the tale by myself or as a duo. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use one of the vital best possible Minecraft skins to hide your personality and steer clear of status out.

Server IP Adress: snapcraft.web

10) Herobrine:

If you might have spent sufficient time within the Minecraft neighborhood, you will have heard of Herobrine’s legend. It is a fictitious and violent gang that resembles the sport’s protagonist, Steve, and enjoys worrying gamers. Obviously, Herobrine’s life is a hoax, however the server with its title is somewhat glorious.

It simplifies the arena through basing its factions most commonly on an Earth-like survival device. The server is unassuming to sign up for, so in case you’ve by no means performed on a factions server sooner than, this could be very best for you. According to a few players, the only real problem is the life of an anti-cheat device this is reasonably incorrect.

Viper MC right now dominates the Minecraft hardcore factions (HCF) scene, attracting a mean of just about 10,000 concurrent gamers firstly of each and every new map.

Server IP Adress: herobrine.org

11) Viper MC:

best minecraft faction servers

HCF is a subgenre of Minecraft Factions that has been designed to be much less forgiving and extra aggressive. Players who die in HCF earn a “deathban,” which prevents them from rejoining the server for a predetermined time period.

When gamers die too incessantly on HCF servers similar to Viper MC, they develop into “raidable,” that means that different gamers can raid their base and thieve their prized pieces.

Server IP Adress: vipermc.com

12) Complex Vanilla:

best minecraft faction servers

As a Minecraft server, Complex Vanilla’s maximum notable function is its number of recreation modes. Skyblocks, Pixelmon, inventive, and penal complex are a number of the many fun choices to be had. But much more outstanding are the fundamental and dynamic factions. In addition to plain survival, the server supplies extra alternatives for gamers to paintings in combination.

To stay the neighborhood engaged, it sponsors handicraft competitions, on-line meetups, and different occasions. Not to say, because of the sport’s huge collection of lively gamers, it’s easy to sign up for a faction.

Server IP Adress: hub.mc-complex.com

Final Words:

We hope that now you’ve got a greater concept in regards to the Minecraft faction servers. If you favor our article or have any queries relating to it, do point out them within the remark segment!

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