Bad News for iPhone Users: Tax Increases to PKR 85,000 on iPhone 13

This is an technology of cell phones and telecom units, that are very important pieces at the present time. However, sadly, those necessities also are subjected to heavy taxes in mini-budget by means of the federal government making get entry to to those units just about not possible for a commonplace guy. Also, for individuals who had been pondering to get a brand new iPhone 13, the Tax Increase on iPhone 13 is 85,000 which was once up to now 46,500.

As a ways as different units are involved, the tax is similarly raised to nearly double on other value levels.

Tax Increase on iPhone 13- A Major set again to the goals


Sr no Price Bracket New Tax Old Tax
1 100-200 USD PKR 25,000 11,500
2 200-350 USD PKR 49000 16,500
3 350-500 USD PKR 68500 28,800
4 Above 500 USD PKR 85500 46,500

In the mini-budget, the federal government has raised a complete of Rs 350 billion via new taxes. Since the Telecom sector accounts for 1/tenth of those earnings receipts. 98% of the 147 million inhabitants use cell phones in Pakistan, nearly all of customers may have to endure those ever-new taxes.

These taxes won’t best have an effect on the folk with minimal source of revenue but in addition those that had been making plans to purchase iPhone 13 may have to pay a hefty quantity of 85500 which is an excessive amount of.

Other than this, the tax on cellular phone recharge may be higher. The federal govt has determined to rate a fifteen % withholding tax on each pay as you go cellular phone recharge.

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