Braun All-in-one Trimmer 7 MGK7220 Review: Versatile All-Over Grooming

The Braun All-in-one Trimmer 7 is a 10-in-1 styling package. 

What this implies takes just a little of figuring out as Braun maps the 10 styling probabilities in step with the grooming purpose you’ll be able to reach with the trimmer, relatively than the person trimmer attachments.

To boil it down, the package comprises a cordless trimmer with a removable trimmer head, 8 additional attachments that can both trim or shave hair, and a Gillette Fusion razor with two five-blade cartridges. Four of the 8 attachments are compatible over the trimmer head, and 4 change it fully.

Braun trimmer attachments

Seven of those attachments will take on other hair issues, so let’s spoil it down.

There are two fastened combs that are compatible over the trimmer head; those will trim hair to both 1mm or 2mm. You can use those combs for stubble or to care for longer hair that you need to shave off fully with the foil head attachment.

Then there are two hair combs that still slip over the trimmer head. You can modify their place on the subject of the trimmer head to lower or build up the trim period of hair. One of the combs will trim from 3-11mm and the opposite will trim from 13-21mm. You can use those combs for brief beards, lengthy beards, or head hair.   

Next up is a element trimmer, an attachment that replaces the trimmer head fully. It is a 1.5cm lengthy, enamel precision trimmer that lets you take on the sides of your moustache, beard, and sideburns.   

Its sibling is the foil shaver head, which additionally replaces the trimmer head. This is a 1.5cm-long foil shaver head for precision shaving that lets you shave what the element trimmer trims.

Then there may be the ear and nostril attachment, which is a 7mm diameter round trimmer for the hair on your nostrils or ears.

Trimmer attchments

Last within the attachment variety is the frame groomer head, which is a 4cm lengthy, fundamental electrical shaver head with two units of tooth on each side of a foil. You can use this for underarms, legs, chest, and groin; it’ll additionally come up with an inexpensive facial shave. It doesn’t have the top flexibility of, say, a Braun Series 7 or Series 9 electrical shaver, however it’s just right for what it’s.   

Braun body groomer head

Finally, there may be the Gillette Fusion razor, which is the usual five-blade razor for shut rainy shaving.

Essentially, this Braun trimmer set is a Swiss military knife and you almost certainly may not use each and every attachment. You’ll wish to determine which head works for what you wish to have to do – and the place. But all in all, the set covers each and every requirement of manscaping, from a rainy blade shave to a 2.1cm lengthy trim.

However, which means if you wish to groom your beard or trim hair that is longer than 2.1cm, you’ll be able to want any other instrument.   

In the field

The package additionally features a cushy drawstring bag to stay the entirety in – and you are going to want it as a result of there are such a lot of attachments – a charging stand, a small dusting comb, and a 117cm cable with an integral plug. 

Design and construct

At 17cm lengthy, the trimmer is inflexible black plastic with a silver plastic frontispiece and a rubberised thumb pad and tool button.

Comfortable to carry, it has a slight ergonomic swerve between the frame and trim perspective. It isn’t as tough a construct as a Braun Series 7 shaver, however to stability it out, you get the trimmer and the entire attachments, additionally inflexible black plastic, at a a ways cheaper price level. It additionally comes with a five-year guaranty if you happen to check in with Braun.

The charging cable has an integral two pin shaver plug, so bear in mind that the plug will stand 5cm happy with a shaver socket, and about 9.5cm proud if you wish to have to make use of an adapter to plug right into a three-pin British socket. 

You can rate the trimmer each at the stand and by the use of the ground of the trimmer itself. You wish to push the plug into the stand correctly; it must beep on touch and the sunshine at the entrance of the trimmer will start to flash inexperienced because it fees.

Braun says a complete rate takes an hour, however we made it 50 mins, and you’ll be able to know when it has reached complete rate for the reason that gentle will likely be a forged inexperienced. You too can fast rate for 5 mins for a unmarried trimming consultation.  

Features and function

In phrases of battery efficiency, Braun says the lithium-ion battery will provide you with 100 mins of trimming. The longest checking out consultation we performed with the trimmer was once about 20 mins, and there was once nonetheless considerable rate left for a number of tidy-up periods, so we suspect 100 mins is most likely a competent determine. 

Different attachments have other noise volumes: the quietest is the ear and nostril trimmer, and the loudest is the foil shaver head. Generally, with the trimmer head and an connected comb, you’re looking at an excessively standard electrical shaver or trimmer buzz – it is not anything specifically notable.

We discovered the hair combs that are compatible over the trimmer head graduate neatly between the other period settings. It’s a handbook procedure: you wish to have to push a button behind the trimmer to slip the brush up and down, however it does paintings, and provides a constant end result. There was once no tug or pull in any respect.

However, at 4cm extensive, those combs are narrower than chances are you’ll to find on a consultant hair trimmer, so it does take a mite longer to trim a whole head. Again, if you’re trimming down hair this is, say, 4cm in period, the hair can acquire below the brush and must be swept out with the dusting brush.        

The element trimmer and foil shaver heads are good equipment. They pick out up hair from the ones awkward spots just below the nostril or jaw, and will actually outline an edge, specifically across the ears or sideburns, and not using a nip. They are equipment for extraordinarily brief hair although. We discovered the foil shaver head didn’t pick out up hair over 2mm.   

The actual marvel, although, was once the frame groomer head. It is an excessively fundamental type of shaver head, so we anticipated reasonable effects, however the shave was once extraordinarily shut. In a are compatible of experimentation, we attempted it for a facial shave, and the checking out topic was once inspired on the end.   

You can use the trimmer and 7 of the 8 attachments rainy or dry – you’ll be able to’t use the frame groomer head rainy. This way you’ll be able to safely use the trimmer within the bathe or rinse it below water for simple cleansing. 

Price and vary

We examined the black and silver type, however you’ll be able to additionally acquire the All-in-one Trimmer 7 in black or steel gray. 

Pries range from store to store, so it is a good suggestion to test a couple of retailers before you purchase. At the time of writing, the most efficient value shall we to find is £49 from But additionally it is to be had at a just right value from Robert Dyas and Argos

If you are in america, Amazon recently has the most efficient value, however additionally it is to be had from Wal-Mart for a few bucks extra.

Braun has a variety of trimmers, so if this one is not rather best for you, you’ll be able to browse the total listing at Braun UK or Braun US.

Braun’s vary of All-in-one trimmers is going from this 10-in-1 type right down to a 7-in-1 type. The distinction is the collection of attachments, so the 7-in-1 type comes with 5 attachments, the 8-in-1 comes with six attachments, and the 9-in-1 comes with seven attachments. All include the trimmer head and Gillette razor.

Braun additionally does the X Hybrid Trimmer with six attachments. It is essentially a beard trimmer, but in addition purposes as an electrical shaver and frame groomer, and has 1, 2, 3 and 5mm combs.

There’s additionally a frame groomer vary, which simply has combs: one from 0.5mm with a pores and skin guard, and a sliding comb to trim from 3-11mm. 

Or, if you wish to have a targeted beard trimmer, Braun does a variety with precision wheels for an excessively correct period lower, which include one to 4 other attachments.


The Braun All-in-one Trimmer 7 is a complete resolution for male facial and frame hair. It’s very a lot a at hand, no-fuss multi-grooming instrument, and the element and precision you’ll be able to reach is outstanding.

That mentioned, it’s now not going to paintings for males who recreation a lumberjack or Victorian door-knocker beard – the combs simply gained’t provide the trim lengths you require – however for many who have brief facial hair and need to stay it sharp and neat, you actually can’t cross improper with this Braun trimmer.

It has the entirety you’ll be able to want.    

For extra shaving tech choices, take a look at our round-ups of the most efficient beard trimmers and the most efficient electrical shavers.

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