Google TV’s personalized screensaver is showing up for more users

What you want to understand

  • Google TV’s “glanceable playing cards” seem to be rolling out more extensively.
  • These playing cards show contextual data in ambient mode, equivalent to Google Photos photographs, climate studies, content material suggestions, and more.
  • However, the personalized screensaver seems to be restricted to third-party streaming units for the time being.

Google introduced the brand new glanceable playing cards for Google TV along personalized profiles ultimate October as a part of its effort to supply customers with adapted content material. While the latter is nonetheless lacking in motion, the quest massive seems to be progressively rolling out the swipeable playing cards for a much broader staff of users.

As noticed through 9to5Google, Google TV’s ambient mode now presentations a personalized screensaver with glanceable playing cards. Each card displays contextual data according to your profile, together with tune playlists, climate updates, podcasts, a YouTube video advice, and more content material ideas.

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