Hotpoint Fridge Freezer FFU3DW1 Review: Compact French-Door

French-door refrigerator freezers have a tendency to be only for other folks with higher kitchens. You want house to deal with one, and let’s be truthful, we don’t all have two sq. metres going unfastened within the busiest room in our house.

If you just like the double-door glance and wish considerable refrigerator and freezer garage however most effective have a narrow house to be had, the Hotpoint FFU3DW1 might be for you.

Design and look

The bods at Hotpoint have controlled to condense what looks as if an American-style refrigerator freezer, with its chunky handles, bevelled doorways, and monolithic presence, into a cupboard this is most effective 70cm broad and 78cm deep.

Of direction, this implies they’ve long gone upwards to 195.5cm, which makes the highest shelf and the higher door racks relatively difficult to achieve if you’re beneath reasonable top.

Unlike an American-style equipment, the refrigerator and freezer are one above the opposite, as an alternative of side-by-side.

The equipment appears putting and is to be had in glacial white or black. It has a couple of lengthy (83cm), silver refrigerator handles, so the grip isn’t awkward for both the tall or quick, and a nigh-on complete width bar for the freezer door. It’s an easy-to-access equipment. 

Hotpoint handles

On most sensible of that, the refrigerator has strong French doorways. We love French doorways on a refrigerator as a result of they simply make viewing and retrieving your groceries so a lot more handy, and they have got an actual Parisian really feel.

But they do imply that the left door has an in-built click-in sealing mechanism, so you’ll be able to’t bump or nudge it closed. The right-hand door seals neatly even though, and the similar is going for the freezer door.

The energy wire could also be a tight 140cm lengthy and sited on the backside of the again, so that you do have some plug achieve leeway.

Operating quantity

Hotpoint says that operational sound is 41dB, which is more or less the sound of a whisper, however we couldn’t in point of fact discern any noise in any respect.

Interestingly, the application’s door alarm, which sounds if you happen to depart the door open for greater than two mins, is a non-intrusive chronic beep and the inner refrigerator lighting fixtures flash too, which is an atypical and artful characteristic.

Running price

This refrigerator freezer has an F ranking at the new 2021 power ranking scale, and Hotpoint states that the overall annual power intake is 360 kWh/pa. This stage of intake is in keeping with different home equipment that provide this sort of relax and freezer garage capability, even if the ones home equipment is also conventional side-by-side refrigerator freezers which are a long way wider.

Due to contemporary adjustments in energy pricing in the United Kingdom, it’s trickier to present an estimate at reasonable working price in step with 12 months, however we’d recommend, going via the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s estimates for 2022 costs in step with kWh, that you are going to be having a look at about £100 a 12 months to run this equipment.

Control panel

You keep watch over the application thru a black panel on the most sensible of the refrigerator cupboard. Of direction, it’s somewhat a achieve at 192cm top and now not really easy to peer if you’re at the shorter facet.

Hotpoint control panel

The purposes are slightly easy. You can set the refrigerator temperature to two°C, 4°C, 6°C or 8°C, and there’s a perfect cool button for when you want to all of a sudden cool new grocery pieces. Again, the freezer has 4 temperature choices of -18°C, -20°C, -22°C and -26°C, and it has a perfect freeze button which freezes new meals pieces briefly and shuts off after 24 hours.  

Cool down and heat up

We discovered that the refrigerator cooled from 15°C to 4°C throughout all zones in two hours. The freezer went from 8°C to -16°C in the similar time frame, even if it was once set for -18°C.

We couldn’t find figures for relax retention, however our checks indicated that the refrigerator loses roughly one level each two hours and somewhat much less for the freezer. However, we had been trying out in an atmospheric temperature of about 15°C, so in case your refrigerator is in an overly toasty kitchen, this procedure would possibly accelerate somewhat.      

Interior lights

Two units of 3 around LED lighting fixtures light up the interior of the refrigerator cupboard. One set sits above the uppermost shelf at the correct, and the opposite above the contemporary drawer at the correct.

Hotpoint LED lighting

Visibility is excellent around the cabinets and the containers. There isn’t any mild within the freezer cupboard, however it isn’t a serious problem with a cupboard of this measurement: there aren’t any darkish, shadowy corners.

Fridge capability

There are 302 litres of garage within the refrigerator cupboard, which has Active Fresh Technology to stay the temperature consistent. For a one metre sq. footprint, together with a freezer cupboard this is more or less 45% of the application, this stage of garage capability is superb.

There are 3 glass cabinets, each and every with a white plastic edge. The two uppermost cabinets can regulate 5.5cm upwards, while the ground shelf bureaucracy the highest of the vegetable drawers. Again, shorter other folks would possibly combat to achieve the highest shelf with out a step. However, the cabinets are spacious, and feature a excellent top clearance, so you’ll be able to get a large number of groceries on them.

There also are 3 3 garage drawers: two half-width drawers for fruit and greens, each and every with a handbook humidity slider, and a complete width drawer for meat and fish beneath, with a at hand ribbed ground to forestall roll.

Hotpoint fresh drawers

The capability of those drawers is excellent, even if they may be able to be just a little rattly whilst you pull them out. The left vegetable drawer holds more or less 12 litres, and the correct holds 15 litres. Altogether, that is about 27 litres, or 1.25 luggage of buying groceries.

The full-width meat and fish drawer, which Hotpoint refers to because the Food Care Zone, holds more or less 28 litres, or 1.5 luggage of buying groceries. We saved 1kg of hen items, 300g of lamb, 400g of gammon, 600g of sausages and 210g of fish, and there was once over 1/2 of the distance nonetheless spare.

Hotpoint Food Care Zone

One factor to notice is that the French doorways of the refrigerator don’t swing very broad, so there isn’t a lot elbow room after getting pulled out the refrigerator drawers, however it is a relatively choosy level.

Hot point fridge interior

Door garage

There are 3 door racks at the inside each and every refrigerator door. The left-hand racks are thinner than the correct because the left-hand door is slimmer. The two higher racks can regulate upwards via 6cm, even if the ground one is static, and each and every rack has a few vents within the backside to permit for drainage and more uncomplicated cleansing, which is a pleasing contact.

In phrases of real-world capability, the French door design does imply door garage is at a top rate. You can have compatibility an ordinary grocery store six-pinter of milk within the backside correct rack, and a four-pinter within the backside left, however this isn’t a suite of doorways that permits for 4 six-pinters, or 24 pints of grocery store milk, throughout 4 door racks – the peak and width merely isn’t there.

The most sensible two set of racks hang 4 to 5 400g jars, even though bear in mind that the highest racks can be difficult to achieve if you’re shorter.

The refrigerator freezer does now not include an egg tray.


Hotpoint states that there are 150 litres of No Frost freezer garage, which is superb for this equipment’s footprint. There are 3 deep and spacious drawers: the highest one, via our tough reckoning, maintaining 38 litres; the center one 33 litres, because the ice dice trays truncate the distance; and the ground drawer holds 26.5 litres.      

Hotpoint freezer

In genuine international phrases, we took the center drawer, positioned 20 frozen parathas, 3kg of veg, and 1kg of fries within, and the drawers were not even 50% complete.  

Hotpoint freezer drawer

The ice dice tray is deep and hooks over the take care of of a freezer drawer. It holds two lift-off-lid unmarried row trays for 16 ice cubes, so a complete of 32 cubes in general. It assists in keeping the ice in a handy position so it doesn’t get shuffled beneath an avalanche of frozen peas, the ice freezes neatly and dice unencumber is straightforward.

Price and availability

Prices for this style range relying at the store, so it is a good suggestion to buy round before you purchase.

We examined the French door fridge-freezer style in white, however Hotpoint additionally makes a style in black and chrome steel. It’s recently available from for £629.

If you favor separate pull-out freezer drawers, fairly than a door cupboard with freezer drawers within, Hotpoint additionally makes a fridge freezer with the same footprint and freezer drawers.


This Hotpoint refrigerator freezer combines a slightly of favor with superb garage capability for a family that doesn’t have the distance for a big side-by facet, American-style refrigerator freezer.

Add to that the affordable worth level, and the inner garage organisation for fruit, greens, meat and fish, and altogether, we expect this equipment is value severe attention.      

For extra refrigerator and refrigerator freezer choices, take a look at our round-up of the most efficient we’ve got reviewed. All of the home equipment have long gone thru hands-on trying out.               


Hotpoint refrigerator freezer FFU3DW1: Specs

  • 60/40 refrigerator freezer
  • Capacity: 436 litres
  • Dimensions: H195.5 x W70 x D78cm
  • Energy ranking: F
  • Frost unfastened

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