How to Become a Millwright in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Do you’re keen on running with machines, equipment, and precision tools? Do you possess a prepared eye for generating impeccable paintings? Then you will have to get in on a occupation that may ultimate a lifetime. We are speaking in regards to the occupation of a millwright or commercial mechanic, one of the crucial revered trades in Canada and the United States.

The extremely expert occupation trail of a tradesman-ship started with the development of picket turbines in the traditional days. The fashionable millwright or journeyman millwright occupation comprises development and upkeep of steel and precision equipment equipment, factories in line with system equipment, and many others.

You will in finding tradespeople in hydroelectric crops, nuclear energy crops, meals processing factories, and any place else the place the industry wishes to care for energy provides, conveyor techniques, piping, equipment repairing, and so forth.

Join us as of late in this adventure to perceive the occupation trail of a millwright and the way to turn out to be one. This occupation section is filled with alternatives; you’ll clutch them with out making an investment such a lot time and money in full-time engineering classes.       

What Is the Career of Millwright?

An commercial mechanic installs, assembles, strikes, and dismantles equipment of virtually all kinds. These equipment may just vary from turbine turbines to conveyor techniques and the whole lot in between. 

Maintenance, putting in place, and repairing tremendous and non-fine system equipment is a extremely advanced task. The task function could also be mission-critical for the reason that manufacturing facility’s output is dependent upon the millwrights must there be any machine failure.

What Is the Career of Millwright

Therefore, those advanced tasks simply take days, weeks, and months to entire. Since commercial mechanics paintings with complicated and precision system equipment, absolute duty and precaution are crucial. 

Governments and industries price the occupation of commercial mechanics a lot since those are the aptly-skilled professionals who stay the wheel of business shifting. The term millwright is standard in Canada, South Africa, and the United States. In the remainder of the sector, you’re going to know those pros as commercial technicians, mechanics, or mechanical engineers.   

Job Sectors for Millwrights

Any business wanting computerized equipment and tool techniques will have to recruit tradespeople to arrange, take care of, and service the manufacturing unit set up or portions. Hence, as a journeyman millwright, you’ll in finding reputed and highly-paid jobs in: 

  • Aggregate and mining
  • Thermal energy crops
  • Nuclear energy crops
  • Oil refineries
  • Food processing factories
  • Foundries
  • Construction
  • Hydroelectric energy technology crops
  • Breweries 

Job Responsibilities of a Millwright

Job Responsibilities of a Millwright

#1. Interpreting and reading diagrams, blueprints, schematics, and repair manuals of kit and equipment. 

#2. Categorizing, dismantling, and storing apparatus and system portions when they’re not wanted or being deprecated. 

#3. Industrial mechanics additionally compile, stability, and calibrate new manufacturing unit equipment for protected operation all the way through the manufacturing of products.

#4. Medium and small production-linked industries might also want millwrights to supervise the stock of recent equipment, spare portions, energy equipment, and equipment wanted for manufacturing processes.   

#5. Journeyman millwrights want to carry out preventative upkeep and equipment inspection to stay the entire apparatus on-line and bring items slightly than sitting idle due to faults.

#6. Tradespersons additionally restore manufacturing equipment must it fail.

#7. As a millwright, you additionally want to observe same old protection tips from the corporate and executive businesses to stay you and your crew protected from occupational hazards.

Skill Requirements to Become a Millwright

You want to gain the next crucial talents to pursue a a hit occupation as an commercial mechanic. These talents mean you can be told different trade-specific talents, adapt to the administrative center, and develop your occupation via steady studying:  

#1. Education

The minimal tutorial requirement is a highschool degree or similar to input the apprenticeship program. Here, you’re going to go through in-person categories to be told the tactics of equipment setup, preventative upkeep, upkeep, replacements, and many others. You might also be told talents comparable to computer-aided designing and drafting (CAD), technical arithmetic, electrical rules, and blueprint reading.   

#2. Trade-Specific Skills

Trade-Specific Skills of industrial mechanics

You will have to be told millwright talents that may assist you to entire your duties on the administrative center. The apprenticeship and in-school studying will reveal you to the next talents all the way through the educational length:

  • Installing gears, shafts, couplings, motors, and bearings
  • Welding of steel buildings and kit
  • Aerial lifting and scaffolding
  • Designing and reading electric and mechanical blueprints
  • Robotics, tool applications, and equipment automation techniques
  • Vibration research
  • Automated garage and retrieval techniques (ASRS) and conveyors  

#3. Apprenticeship

Mostly you’re going to be told the commerce via 3 to 4 years of apprenticeship. At the tip of each and every 12 months of the apprenticeship program, you will have to acquire:

  • 144 hours or extra of technical directions of millwright commerce from a designated technical faculty or the administrative center itself.
  • 2,000 hours of on-the-job coaching with pay.

At the tip of the apprenticeship program, you’re going to find out how to set up, lubricate, blank, restore, and perform commercial manufacturing equipment. You may also grasp skilled talents of mechanical arithmetic, blueprint reading, the use of pneumatic and digital gadgets, and many others.

Since lots of the factories have gone through a top level of virtual transformation, you might also go through in depth coaching in pc, database tool, blueprint designing packages, and many others.

#4. Institutional Accreditation

Certain tutorial establishments and employers be offering commercial mechanic certification. The accreditation endorses that the candidate has finished the desired coaching and theoretical learnings. 

Some of the preferred certification our bodies are Red Seal (Canada), National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER, USA), and United Brotherhood of Carpenters/Millwrights (UBC, USA).   

Salary Expectations for the Millwright Career

You may well be curious to know your incomes doable if you happen to turn out to be a tradesman. Therefore, we deliver you without equal data on wage expectancies for this occupation trail. 

According to fresh knowledge from, a millwright’s reasonable hourly pay price is $25.94 according to hour. This is a mean of tradesmen who’re present process apprenticeship and journeyman millwrights. However, your precise cost is dependent upon the employment contract phrases like advantages, perks, health insurance, social safety, hourly time beyond regulation charges, and many others.

Salary Expectations for the Millwright Career

If you translate the hourly price into a once a year estimation, you’re looking at an incomes doable of $74,240 according to 12 months. The backside of the graph begins at $47,000 according to 12 months and may just move up to $140,000 according to 12 months. This wage estimation excludes different doable earning from bonuses, benefit sharing, and commissions.

The annual pay vary additionally is dependent upon the group that hires you. If the corporate is huge and multinational, then you’ll be expecting a higher wage bundle. The most sensible names that often rent highly-trained commercial mechanics are:

  • Georgia-Pacific Corporation
  • International Paper Co
  • Tradesman International, INC.
  • Canfor Corporation
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Bechtel Corporation
  • General Motors Corporation
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Boise Cascade Corp
  • General Electric Co (G.E.)
  • WestRock Company

The occupation of an commercial mechanic is a growth-based occupation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis, titled OES May 2020, expects task alternatives in tradespeople and allied services and products must develop by way of 19% from 2020 to 2030.              

The Career Flow for a Millwright

You can turn out to be a journeyman millwright in some ways, like going via typical training after which pursuing an apprenticeship or getting a degree. However, formal training isn’t obligatory to be an commercial mechanic. 

Still, going via a excellent tutorial machine provides you with an edge over different jobseekers. You will perceive equipment and their upkeep simply if you happen to come from an allied tutorial background. 

Finally, the apprenticeship program is obligatory because it delivers most tutorial and on-the-job coaching talents wanted for this occupation. If you’re a newbie and taking a look to turn out to be a millwright, you’ll observe the under steps: 

#1. Undertake Schooling in an Allied Subject

Undertake Schooling in an Allied Subject

First, you will have to earn a highschool degree or identical tutorial certification via typical education. After highschool, it’s sensible to earn an undergraduate level or Associate (AAS) level in Industrial Maintenance Technology. This a lot training must mean you can compete in the rising task marketplace.

#2. Keep Yourself Physically Fit and Active

The preliminary days of a millwright’s occupation will call for extra in depth bodily job than any table task. You would possibly want to carry heavy equipment and set up them. You may also want to transfer across the manufacturing unit for equipment inspection, upkeep, and upkeep.

Therefore, observe a dietary vitamin chart to stay you wholesome. Also, figure out often to stay your frame lively and construct stamina.

#3. Get a Certification Through Apprenticeship

Get a Certification Through Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship provides you with hands-on running revel in for the full-time commercial technician place. State exertions departments, unions, and contractor associations be offering apprenticeship techniques if you happen to protected an on-the-job coaching place in any manufacturing facility.

If you’re a newcomer, search for millwright apprenticeship task postings on-line and in your house. If you get a appropriate be offering, sign up for this system. Sometimes, enterprises rent trainee commercial mechanics and sponsor the folks to go through certification and apprenticeship.

If the candidate completes this system effectively, there’s a excellent probability that the on-the-job coaching supplier corporate will rent you. You too can search for different journeyman millwright alternatives as that may pay you higher. 

#4. Create a Resume 

Now, you want to draft a resume that obviously displays your achievements, training, and certifications. If you’ve got any task revel in, you might also spotlight that. When developing a resume, emphasize tradesman talents like mechanical wisdom, consideration to element, time control, interpersonal conversation, and technical troubleshooting.

#5. Apply for Open Positions

You can browse on-line task markets for millwright positions and observe to the ones posts as you spot are compatible. However, extremely paid and profitable task positions are most commonly to be had via skilled references. Hence, all the way through the apprenticeship program, connect to skilled tradespeople and get references from them to protected a task in most sensible corporations. 

Certifications for the Millwright Career


NCCER provides more than a few personnel construction techniques and certifications in the development and mechanical sector. One such path is craft coaching for commercial mechanics. It has an elaborate five-level program for tradesman coaching and accreditation.

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The program covers essential subjects like Fabricating Shims, Millwright Hand Tools, and many others. You can talk over with its legit site to obtain all the syllabus, craft catalog pages, and the complete NCCER catalog. You too can in finding a coaching middle as according to your selection on NCCER’s site. 

If you’ve got collected sufficient studying hours, you’ll take the evaluate from NCCER. You too can sit down for the take a look at if you’re already running as a millwright and wish to get a certification for higher pay. NCCER consulted training tradesman-ship subject material professionals to create a syllabus that fits business practices.         

#2. UBC Millwright Training

Another supply of certification and qualification evaluate in the United States is the UBC. It operates in accordance to the NMAP/Millwright Qualification Program of the U.S. Federal Government.

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For personalised qualification tests, you want to check in with UBC. You can check in on-line. UBC trains hundreds of commercial mechanics, first-year apprentices, and superintendents each and every 12 months. Hence, it’s a main and maximum dependable platform for certification.

You can get certified if you happen to go through an apprenticeship program known by way of UBC. You will have to additionally file 10,000 hours of labor revel in prior to January 1, 1996. Finally, you want to undergo a manipulative and written take a look at. You will have to go the assessments securing 80% and extra rankings.   

#3. Read Seal RSOS

Read Seal RSOS

If you need to certify your self as a expert commercial mechanic or millwright, you want to go the certification take a look at by way of Red Seal. It is extremely standard, extensively accredited, and maximum depended on throughout Canada. You want to grasp 9 crucial talents and obtain the running wisdom of a tradesman to go the take a look at. The 9 ability set comprises: 

  • Reading
  • Document Use
  • Oral Communication
  • Writing
  • Numeracy
  • Digital Technology
  • Thinking
  • Continuous Learning
  • Working With Others

The commercial paintings flair take a look at will duvet questions from rigging, shifting, hoisting, lifting, mechanical energy transmission, subject matter dealing with, fluid energy techniques, and preventative upkeep.  

#4. BCIT, Canada

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You too can take a look at the millwright classes introduced by way of BCIT. The coaching path is a full-time program with an apprenticeship. School of Energy, BCIT, Canada, is the principle host of this system. Moreover, the path fabrics, learnings, and sensible classes are delivered in consumer. Hence, you will have to attend common categories.  


So a long way, you’ve got long gone via a detailed dialogue at the millwright occupation trail. If equipment, energy equipment, complicated arithmetic, and precision design blueprints intrigue you, you will have to take a look at the occupation of a tradesman or journeyman millwright.

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