How To Create & Save Multiple Maps On Your Roborock Robot Vacuum

In the last several years, robot vacuums have gone a long way. They can identify and avoid obstructions, as well as map out your house to guarantee that it is clean everywhere. However, they are still unable to climb or descend steps on their own. However, it is most likely still a long distance off. Roborock robot vacuums, fortunately, can save several maps, and we’ll teach you how to make and save many maps on your Roborock robot vacuum today.

The Roborock S7 is the successor to the Roborock S6, and it comes with an upgraded design and many new practical features, including room division for single and multi-room cleaning, map saving of multiple floors, virtual wall, and no-go zone settings, among which the support for saving multiple floor maps makes the Roborock S7 a better choice for users with a large house.

We’ll use the Roborock S7 in this example, although most of the newer Roborock vacuums can handle several floors. As a result, the procedure will be relatively similar on other models as well.

How To Create & Save Multiple Map

To get began, you’ll wish to make certain that Map Save mode is enabled within the settings.

In the corner, tap on the three-dots symbol.
Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Manage Maps.”
Check that “Map Saving (Beta)” is turned on.

Screenshot 20210923 091044

Subsequent, you’re going to want to flip your house right into a “multi-level”. Via default this can be a “single-level” house, so it simplest saves one map or floorplan. To do that, do the next:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Tap on “Manage Maps”.
  • Next Tap on “Home”.
  • Now, tap on “Multi-Level”. It’ll be on the right side.

Now, put the robotic vacuum on a distinct ground.

Screenshot 20210923 091038

Subsequent, scroll to the ground of the display screen and faucet on “Create New Map”.

  • Notice: Ensure that all doorways are open in this ground. Remove any impediments from the flooring in order to guarantee accurate mapping. Also, do not pick up or move the robot vacuum while mapping is taking place.

This will likely create a brand new map, and the vacuum will begin to blank as smartly. Which is why you

This will make a new map, and the vacuum will start to clean at the same time. Why do you need to move it? (like your second floor, or basement, etc). It will now figure out the new floor plan.
You can make up to four floor plans or maps with your robotic vacuum cleaner. Which should be enough for most homes.


Screenshot 20210923 090919

So that’s it. You can make different maps for your Roborock robot vacuum to use in your home this way. It will also be able to figure out which floor it is on.

And that’s it. That’s the way you create more than one maps on your Roborock robotic vacuum to make use of in your house. It’ll be capable to mechanically locate which ground it’s on, as smartly.

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