How To Get Infinite Skeleton Keys In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

If you’re enjoying Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then you could wish to know that there’s a strategy to get countless skeleton keys. Skeleton keys are the sport’s (uncommon) foreign money that help you open the golden chests. And within those chests is an opportunity to obtain some actually just right loot.

Normally, skeleton keys are got via redeeming Shift codes. Which are tossed out once in a while in a lot of techniques. Sometimes you’ll in finding them posted by the use of the legitimate Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands social accounts. Sometimes they’re tossed out by means of Randy Pitchford. Gearbox’s President and CEO. Heck, there used to be even a Shift code displayed on-screen the day prior to this right through Gearbox’s presentation at PAX East which gave away 10 keys.

Mostly even though, codes provide you with one key. And until you stack them up through the years, they’re in most cases few and a ways between. Currently it sort of feels like one or two are posted each and every week or so. But, there’s these days nonetheless a running glitch that permits you to necessarily reproduction your keys infinitely so you’ll have as many as you need. Is this recreation breaking? Not actually. Does it cheapen the revel in? We’ll help you be the pass judgement on of that.

Either manner, if you wish to learn to make the most of this glitch, this information will display you ways. Allowing you to get countless skeleton keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

How to get countless skeleton keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Shift Codes 6

This procedure works lovely merely, and there’s just a few other steps to finish the entire procedure. It will have to even be famous that this glitch most likely works on all platforms. I’ve in my view examined it on PS5, and will verify it nonetheless these days works on that platform. But it will have to paintings on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as neatly. It may additionally paintings on PC. That being stated, I haven’t examined it on any of the ones platforms.

Acquire a Shift code

The very first thing you want to do for this glitch to paintings is achieve a Shift code. As famous above, Shift codes will provide you with skeleton keys. And you’ll want no less than one skeleton key to be had to say. You can in finding out extra about claiming Shift codes and spot what all present ones are from our submit right here.

Launch Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in your selected platform

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Shift Codes 5

To kick issues off, release the sport in your selected platform. Make positive you’ve got a Shift code that you just’ve redeemed and that no less than one skeleton key’s to be had to say.

Once the sport is introduced, hit the button to go browsing after which hit play to proceed your recreation from the closing stored state. Once you’re in-game, forestall right here and don’t do the rest for the instant. Do no longer declare the skeleton key you’ve got sitting for your mail right now.

Turn off your platform’s web

Tiny Tins Wonderlands Infinite Skeleton Keys 2

Now, whilst the sport continues to be working within the background, again out in your platform’s house display screen. For PS5, hit the PlayStation button at the controller and click on the house button.

From there, navigate in your gadget settings by means of clicking the cog button within the most sensible proper of the house display screen UI. Inside of the settings menu, navigate to the Network Settings menu and disable your web connection. Once that’s executed, head again to the sport.

Claim your skeleton key(s)

Tiny Tins Wonderlands Infinite Skeleton Keys 1

Now that your web has been disabled and also you’re again in-game, you’ll declare your skeleton key. To declare the important thing, open the sport menu and head to social. Once within the social menu, navigate over to the mail menu and also you will have to see a skeleton key in there. Go forward and declare it.

Back out of the sport and return to the principle menu

With your claimed skeleton key, open the sport menu once more and give up the sport to return to the principle menu. Once there, merely hit play once more after which proceed to return in your recreation. Then navigate again to the social and mail menus to re-claim your skeleton key. You can proceed to try this over and over again and possibly get as many as you favor.

As lengthy as you don’t declare the keys whilst you’re on-line, they’ll nonetheless be there whilst you give up the sport and return. Worth noting is this procedure is going even quicker when you have extra skeleton keys to say. So when you have say, 8 keys, then you’ll declare the ones keys every time you release the sport. Then give up to menu and re-launch to say all 8 once more.

Why do that?

Quite merely, as a result of you’ll. While we’re no longer positive how lengthy this glitch will paintings, it really works on the time of writing. At least for us. It’s additionally value citing that there used to be a obtain for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands taking place the instant I booted the sport up. But since I became off the web earlier than the obtain completed, the replace wasn’t finished nor used to be it put in.

It is imaginable that this replace can have mounted this glitch. So stay that during thoughts in case your model of the sport is the entire manner up-to-the-minute.

That apart, if this glitch works for you, the rationale to try this is so you’ve got an enormous provide of skeleton keys. Maybe you simply don’t have any just right equipment. And when you have a big provide of keys to open golden chests, you’ll open as many as you favor till you get one thing just right.

Now, guns and any pieces you’ll equip scale together with your degree. So with numerous keys you’ll you’ll want to have sufficient to cycle your stuff out as you acquire ranges and growth. Sure, this would possibly take probably the most amusing out of the sport for some gamers. But, in case you’re no longer a kind of gamers, this is a simple manner to verify you’ll get some just right loot in an instant and all through your playthrough.

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