How To Hide Movies & TV From “Continue Watching” On Google TV

Google TV does numerous issues actually smartly. But it surely’s no longer easiest. It has a “Proceed Observing” row at the major web page of Google TV, which displays the titles you’ve been gazing. Permitting you to briefly leap again into your contemporary titles. On the other hand, for those who watched it on every other tool (possibly every other TV or a pill), then it most likely received’t be up to date. So for those who completed a film on every other tool, it’ll nonetheless display as much as proceed gazing. Or for those who have been gazing one thing you don’t need others in your house to learn about, you’ll be able to additionally take away it.

Fortunately, Google has made it fairly simple to take away titles from the “Proceed Observing” row on Google TV. And we’re going to turn you precisely how to do this these days. You aren’t actually “eliminating” anything else from this row, however extra hiding it. Regardless that, as soon as it’s hidden, there’s actually no option to unhide it. So it nonetheless works.

How To Hide Movies & TV From “Proceed Observing” On Google TV

First issues first, you’ll need to you should definitely are at the “For You” tab on Google TV.

Scroll right down to the “Proceed Observing” segment, which shall be under the apps to your Google TV tool.

Spotlight the film or TV display you wish to have to take away from the Proceed Observing segment. Then grasp down the OK or Choose button to your faraway for a couple of seconds.

There shall be a menu that looks to the precise that claims Open or Hide. You’ll need to make a choice “Hide”.

Now that identify shall be long past out of your “Proceed Observing” row, and that’s all there may be to it. You’ll be able to repeat this for each and every identify that you wish to have to take away from that segment.

With this system, you’ll be capable to stay your Proceed Observing segment of the For You web page somewhat tidier now.

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