How to Repair Windows Image using DISM Command


DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management)  is the state-of-the-art software used for on-line and offline well being scans and service of the compromised Windows running gadget.

What is DISM Command?

Are you experiencing problems together with your Windows running gadget 8, 8.1, 10, or 11, similar to blue displays, sudden software crashes, or utilities or purposes that don’t paintings? 

DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) is the home windows in-built command-line instrument to repair corrupted or broken Windows running gadget information and lines immediately from Windows on-line servers.

It is used for each on-line (these days operating running gadget) and offline Windows pictures in a .wim, .vhd, or .vhdx layout to repair the problems. DISM is accessed by the use of the command line and Windows PowerShell.

System directors additionally make the most of the DISM software for servicing, migrating, and growing new pictures, specifically all through Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment), Windows RE (Recovery Environment), and Windows Setup.

After being first offered in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in 2012, DISM is now part of all Microsoft running methods operating the newest model.

Another program for solving corrupted Windows information is System File Checker (sfc.exe); on the other hand, it compares corrupted information to the gadget’s stored .wim retailer; if the latter is corrupt, SFC may not be ready to repair the problems. DISM instrument overcomes this factor. Based on father or mother copies saved on Microsoft’s replace servers, it could scan and service the .wim retailer.

In the next phase, we can check out some DISM instructions and their sensible software with PowerShell and Windows command line to scan and debug the Windows running gadget:

How to Run DISM Utility via Command Prompt

You can use the command line to release the DISM instrument and test and connect Windows for mistakes:

Enter cmd (a shorthand for command advised) within the seek bar.

As demonstrated under, right-click the command advised and make a selection “Run as Administrator“: To use the DISM command line program, you will have to be an administrator.

How to Run DISM Utility through Command Prompt

The phase under displays us how to use a couple of DISM instructions to scan and connect home windows problems.

How to Repair Windows 10 using DISM?

DISM makes use of 3 vital parameters to scan, check up on, and service a damaged or corrupted Windows picture, and the ones are:

ScanHealth, CheckHealth, and RestoreHealth.

There are two extra inputs used at the side of the instructions above for intensive checking is 

Cleanup-image for intensive checking and

Online for checking the operating running gadget.

How to Use DISM CheckHealth Command?

The CheckHealth argument launches the basic test for corruption within the part retailer. It operates temporarily and solely searches for errors that experience already been a part of the log document. This command scans a portion of the part retailer.

The part retailer tracks and maintains each part that makes up the Windows running gadget. To run CheckHealth on-line, kind the next on the command advised and input.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Following the of completion of the scan, the window proven under will seem:

DISM CheckHealth Command

How to use DISM ScanHealth Command?

ScanHealth calls for extra time than CheckHealth as it totally scans the part retailer for corruption. The time it takes to end checking the Windows part retailer is determined by how neatly your Windows 10 running gadget is doing.

Run the next command from the command advised to start the scan:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

After finishing the scan, the window proven under will seem:

DISM ScanHealth Command

ScanHealth examines person parts for corruption within the part retailer via evaluating the hash price of the present document to a saved hash price which is why Scanhealth in most cases takes longer to scan than CheckHealth.

Additionally, a log document is produced, which can be utilized for failure research. In the development of a loss, first, test the DISM.log document for specific problems. Examine the Sessions.xml log document subsequent, adopted via the CBS.log document.

How to Use DISM RestoreHealth Command?

RestoreHealth is the 1/3 maximum a very powerful DISM parameter after CheckHealth and ScanHealth.

It is used with DISM to restore the home windows picture both on-line or administrative center using other supply information.

The following Restorehealth command is used to restore the net running gadget:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

DISM makes use of Windows Update to get the important information to repair corruptions whilst you carry out this command. Depending at the extent of decay, scanning and restoring the Component Store would possibly take a little time. From Windows Update servers, DISM will mechanically obtain and change the information of broken or lacking parts.

When the command is completed, the next display screen seems:

Use DISM RestoreHealth Command

Offline Repairing of the Windows Images

The above-explained DISM instructions are for on-line, for the present operating home windows running gadget.

The addition and deletion of updates, drivers, language packs, and different configuration duties can all be treated offline by the use of DISM.

Now we can see how DISM is used to repair offline home windows information.

To carry out an offline operation, you’ll make the most of bootable set up discs, Windows 10 ISO files, or in the community saved supply information like “set up.wim” or “set up.esd” information from any other tool and mount as a pressure.

Before continuing, test that the information fit the model, version, and language of the Windows 10 model that wishes solving.

Let’s have a look at one instance of ways to use the DISM command advised to repair an offline picture.

To repair an offline picture, run the DISM command indexed under from the command advised:

Dism /Image:C:offline /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:c:testmountwindowsLimitAccess

The supply location wishes to be modified according to your offline picture, and it’s generally a WIM, VHD, or VHDX document. 

LimitAccess tells DISM now not to test Windows Update or Windows Server Update Services for supply information.

How to Run DISM Utility via PowerShell?

In the sections above, we checked out using the Windows command-line instrument to scan for, determine, and get to the bottom of running gadget problems. However, the similar operations will also be finished using the Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

Type the PowerShell command within the seek field and run it with administrator rights as indicated within the under screenshot to get entry to PowerShell Cmdlets.

DISM Utility through PowerShell

The cmdlets of the DISM PowerShell regularly fit the arguments in Dism.exe immediately. You can download all of the desk of all DISM instructions along side their PowerShell cmdlet equivalents from the Microsoft website.

To view similar syntax, switches, and parameters, use the PowerShell assist command “get-help – examples.

Some of the instructions utilized in PowerShell are

  • For CheckHealth: Repair-WindowsImage -CheckHealth
  • For ScanHealth: Repair-WindowsImage -ScanHealth
  • For RestoreHealth: Repair-WindowsImage -RestoreHealth

Examples of ways to use PowerShell to carry out the DISM command

Type the next to release the CheckHealth Powershell cmdlets.

Repair-WindowsImage -online –CheckHealth

After the of completion of the command, the under display screen will seem:

PowerShell to perform the DISM command

You can use the ScanHealth Powershell cmdlets to carry out thorough checking and repairing as follows:

Repair-WindowsImage -online –ScanHealth

The following display screen will seem after operating the command effectively.

Please remember that you just will have to have administrative rights to carry out those instructions; differently, you’re going to obtain the mistake message “The asked operation calls for elevation,” and the DISM command received’t paintings.

You would possibly to find all of the data on PowerShell’s cmdlets module in this Microsoft page.

DISM Error Troubleshooting

The purpose of DISM is to scan and service the running gadget mechanically. But once in a while, it would fail.

The phase will spotlight some commonplace mistakes you could stumble upon whilst operating the DISM software.

Error: 0x800f0954 – DISM failed. No operation used to be carried out.

This error is a commonplace downside that arises when the DISM command fails.

This error happens when a third-party antivirus program interferes with the DISM all through command execution. Active Proxy, home windows replace services and products, read-only get entry to set up.wim and so forth. too can create this mistake.

Let’s have a look at how to conquer those demanding situations in order that the DISM runs effectively.

Interference of Antivirus program

Solution: If the mistake nonetheless happens after preventing the antivirus, you’ll uninstall and reinstall it after the DISM serve as of completion. There is little need for a third-party antivirus as a result of Microsoft Defender is a formidable antivirus with Windows 10.

Corrupted Windows replace parts and registry.

When the background clever switch carrier (BITS), cryptographic services and products (CryptSvc), and home windows replace services and products are misconfigured, DISM fails.

Solution: These services and products will have to have an Automated Startup kind and Start Status to run an automated Windows replace effectively. Occasionally, restarting those services and products would additionally treatment the issue:

DISM Error Troubleshooting

Disabling proxy

You would possibly use a proxy to handle your privateness, which stops DISM from operating the command.

Solution: The resolution is to flip off the proxy and run the DISM instrument.

Read-only get entry to to Install.wim

Most of the time, a document set up.wim is copied immediately from the Windows 10 set up ISO to get started the DISM offline scan. Because the set up.wim document has read-only get entry to, DISM fails.

Solution: Remove the read-only permissions via navigating to the Read-only field via deciding on Properties from the context menu whilst you right-click the set up.wim document.

How to repair DISM error 50

How to fix DISM error 50

DISM error 50 is any other conventional error kind. It happens when the person is attempting to run one of the crucial following instructions:

  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

The main reason for this mistake is on account of a out of place registry key.

Therefore, to right kind this downside, you will have to delete this key as follows:

Using the command advised, run Regedit to get entry to the registry.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl.

Afterward, to find the MiniNT folder and take away it, as indicated within the determine under.

Restart your Windows 10 pc after verifying your adjustments.

Windows 10 computer after verifying your modification


The DISM instrument is a flexible and state-of-the-art instrument that mavens would possibly make the most of with technical backgrounds. It is perfect for gadget directors. The refined instrument resolves part retailer corruption that SFC and CHKDSK can not set up to restore running gadget problems.

You might also discover some perfect restore gear to remedy Windows 10 issues mechanically.


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