How To Screenshot Netflix On PC Without Black Screen In 2022


Netflix provides a variety of TV displays and flicks via its carrier. If somebody tries to seize the screenshot in their most well-liked scene, they are going to no doubt get a black display because of the piracy problems.

Typically, streaming platforms, like Netflix, use the encryption era referred to as Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), which blocks the consumer from taking display captures, screenshots, or display recordings of the content material that the consumer is enjoying. This is completed to safeguard the content material of the video from copyright infringement. 

Tips to take a screenshot

Netflix prohibits customers from taking footage because of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is a technique to stop copyright-related subject matter from being copied by means of virtual platforms. However, the consumer can modify the graphic settings to defy this DRM safety. 

It is essential to notice that we don’t counsel making display recordings or screenshots on Netflix to make use of for advertisement functions and this newsletter is completely for tutorial functions. It’s against the law to unlock copyrighted content material in violation of the writer’s permission. 

Let’s see this intimately additional underneath the way to screenshot Netflix at the PC with other strategies. But earlier than that, allow us to discuss why other folks would like taking a screenshot within the first position.

Purpose of taking a screenshot of Netflix’s Screen

Create viral memes

You can create a meme from any captured scene and percentage it with your mates. Nowadays, whilst making any collection or film, scriptwriter all the time tries to jot down their script in order that their strains or scene can get viral within the type of a meme.

This technique can provide them unfastened promotion on social media. Many Twitter and Instagram handles take a screenshot of collection to create viral memes. For example, memers had made many memes from the well-known collection Money Heist, and that left a good have an effect on on its recognition.

Save any scene for private reminiscence

It in most cases occurs that whilst gazing lengthy collection or film sequels, you get hooked up to the characters, tale lineup, and puts of that film. So, one might bring to mind taking a screenshot in their favourite scene or picture of any specific position to their album as a reminiscence.

For example, you may come throughout superb herbal surroundings in any scene that you may need to seize and put it as your desktop wallpaper. This is the place a screenshot instrument assist you to out.

Include it in Professional lifestyles

There are 1000’s of inspirational motion pictures on Netflix. They are filled with remarkable and inspirational ideas and quotes. You can use that symbol to your presentation to inspire your workers all through your assembly. So, the usage of a film’s reference in any skilled paintings could also be not unusual this present day.

Screenshot Netflix

Screenshot Problem and its answers

Android builders are repeatedly including extra coverage to their OS with every new model. In addition, some apps make use of safe permissions that save you other folks from taking photos. This comprises apps akin to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Snapchat, and different banking-related apps. There are a couple of techniques through which any consumer can take screenshots of those protected apps. 

One can attach the phone and PC after which use ADB apps to copy their tool. But, it’s a long process, and they’re best possible off taking an image the usage of a pc utility or a browser. There are, alternatively, some answers that can be utilized to seize photographs whilst streamed in this platform. Let’s dive into the main points.

When the consumer is operating Netflix on their PC’s web browser, it’s imaginable to steer clear of the black show by means of adjusting the settings at the graphics card or settings for the browser. One can set up third-party apps and extensions to do away with this factor.

Let’s now have a look at the way to screenshot Netflix.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is “on” by means of default. This can assist building up the pc’s general efficiency by means of permitting quicker loading of movies. If somebody is having a look to seize a screenshot of the contents of a Netflix film, they are going to wish to flip off the characteristic and use any screenshot instrument like Greenshot. 

Greenshot will can help you take a screenshot in top quality. You handiest wish to obtain and set up Greenshot. Later on, while you press the ‘PrtSc’ key or the person who is about by means of you, then it is possible for you to to take a screenshot of the contents of a Netflix film.

Netflix Screenshot

You wish to flip off {hardware} acceleration in each browser that you just use, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or every other. Once you do this, you’ll use any screenshot instrument like Greenshot to take a screenshot of the content material with out dealing with any problems with a black display.

Disable Adapters

If the above approach isn’t running for you and you might be nonetheless having problems, believe disabling the graphics card totally. This is as a result of Netflix depends on the PC’s graphics card for operation and to safeguard the site’s content material. To flip off the graphic card, you need to observe the underneath steps:

  • Head in opposition to your “Start” icon. 
  • Type and make a choice the Device Manager choice.
  • Double-click on Display Adapters to enlarge the choices. 
Disable Adapters
  • Now, right-click at the graphics card and make a choice to disable the tool.
  • From the pop-up window, click on Yes to substantiate.

Install browser extensions

Another choice is putting in a browser extension. There are a lot of on-line extensions to be had to stop the black display when the consumer information a scene the usage of Netflix. FireShot and Video Screenshot are some of the maximum well known browser extensions that save you the black display. 

#1. Video Screenshot

Video Screenshot extension permits the consumer to obtain full-resolution screenshots of YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, and movies on maximum different web sites with out seeing the participant controls or the encompassing webpage.

Video Screenshot

However, this extension handiest works in Chrome. Once put in, click on at the extension button within the most sensible correct of Chrome to make a choice which websites Video Screenshot will seem on. The extension begins with handiest YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon, and Hulu activated. 

#2. FireShot

FireShot takes webpage screenshots totally. The consumer can seize, edit, and save the screenshot to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, add, print, ship to OneWord, clipboard, or electronic mail. It runs offline. If an improve is to be had, the consumer can turn on it without delay from the menu.

  • Install the FireShot extension to your browser.
  • Go to Netflix. 
  • Click at the extension icon within the upper-right-hand nook.
  • Select and find FireShot. 

Using the Sandbox Application

A program this is sandboxed supplies the appliance with a separate surroundings. Sandbox programs run any of the systems the consumer prefers on an remoted device and limit their interactions with exterior assets and different instrument. Any adjustments made to the appliance within the Sandbox will probably be secured and received’t have an effect on the appliance’s general efficiency. 

Sandboxes are applied to check programs in a quarantined environment to offer protection to in opposition to malware from inflicting injury. In addition, the consumer can run apps with out being worried about different programs impacting the efficiency. For example, a sandboxed utility would limit using the pc’s graphic homes, which is what the consumer must file a nonetheless symbol from Netflix.


Let’s make the most of the Sandboxie-Plus app as an example the method. It’s an open-source utility this is to be had for Windows. It is imaginable to obtain the appliance by means of the reliable site. Let’s have a look at the way to run the browser inside an utility referred to as Sandbox.

  • Download and set up the Sandboxie-Plus utility.
  • Start the Sandboxie-Plus utility, then make a choice Sandbox.
  • Navigate to Sandbox > Default Box > Run Sandboxed > Run Web Browser.
Run Sandboxie

It will open the default browser inside the sandboxed space. You can verify this by means of having a look on the yellow border that surrounds the browser. Move the cursor over the sides of the display to look if you’ll’t in finding the border in yellow to start with.

Screenshot with Sandboxie

It will get started the default browser inside the sandboxed space. You can take a look at it by means of having a look on the yellow border surrounding the browser. Click at the display’s edges if you’ll’t see the yellow border to start with.

Now grasp “Windows key + Prtscn” to seize a screenshot.

Your laptop will have to seize the screenshot and save the picture in the usual location for screenshots. If you check out taking a Netflix screenshot the usage of the shortcut to take screenshots with out a Sandbox app, you’re going to see an unreadable display. But, operating the browser inside of a Sandbox will can help you seize the screenshot whilst maintaining the video output in position.

Utilize Third-Party Apps

For many customers, third-party programs can assist save you the black display that looks after they take screenshots on Netflix. The maximum recurrently used utility for this goal can also be described as Sandbox. This utility reduces using device graphics within the device. In flip, it allows you to bypass Netflix’s screenshot ban.

If you’re a Mac consumer, this is the process to take a Netflix Screenshot on Mac. Unlike Windows, the place Netflix can acknowledge the screenshot instrument and block the display, macOS’s integrated screenshot equipment can temporarily create footage of Netflix content material with out factor.

Netflix Screenshot on Mac

You can use the shortcut key command + shift + 3 to seize a complete screenshot the usage of your Mac and percentage your favourite quotes from TV and film displays with your mates. You may additionally glance in the course of the thorough instructional on the way to take screenshots on Mac.

Apart from those strategies of the way to screenshot Netflix, one of the vital best possible choices to include a film nonetheless into the consumer’s movie might be the Shotdeck site. Shotdeck is probably the most intensive library of high-definition film stills for filmmakers to attract inspiration from. One could make use of it in initiatives.

Movie stills also are supplied with details about the hues applied inside the movie, what sort of shot, the lens used, and a lot more technical knowledge. Shotdeck can also be really useful if the consumer is a movie fanatic having a look to grasp the artwork of filmmaking. Everything relating to a film, from administrators to dress creators, is in this website. 


Netflix actively discourages customers from taking screenshots and the usage of Netflix from different areas. These actions are deemed unlawful since you’ll use display recording instrument and distribute copyright-protected content material. To offer protection to copyrighted content material and provides creators and artists a good value for his or her works, Netflix discourages any display recording characteristic. 

This article defined the potential of taking a screenshot on Netflix the usage of a Windows PC, Android, or iOS tool. This article has been written purely for tutorial and non-commercial functions.


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