How To Set Up OnePlus 10 Pro

So you simply picked up the OnePlus 10 Pro. First factor’s first, it’s time to set it up. Here, we’ll stroll you via putting in place your emblem new smartphone, step-by-step. There are a large number of steps to arrange your OnePlus 10 Pro, however it’s lovely simple – we promise.

So with out additional ado, right here’s how you’ll be able to arrange your OnePlus 10 Pro.

How to arrange OnePlus 10 Pro

After you flip at the phone, you’ll be greeted with a display screen that claims “Hello!”. Choose your language then make a selection “Start”.

Next, you’ll be requested to conform to the Terms & Conditions from OnePlus. Just faucet on “Agree”. Then faucet “Agree” once more.

Now, you’re going to want to attach your OnePlus 10 Pro to the web. First the cell community must be arrange, when you don’t have a SIM within or able, faucet “Skip”.

Then you’ll make a selection your WiFi community. Enter your password. Then faucet on “Set Up offline”.

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Your phone is now going to test for updates, relying on whilst you purchase your phone, there may well be a few updates to be had.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 28 36 28 1a8a82577d3e3be45aa362f2a18a6a38 Medium

It’s going to invite if you wish to replica your apps & information, faucet “subsequent” if you wish to repair it, or faucet “Don’t replica” when you don’t.

After you’ve gotten made up our minds to revive your phone or now not, it’ll transfer onto the Google services and products web page. This will inform you the whole thing that Google will probably be doing for your phone. Then faucet on “Accept”.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 30 03 26 f7aa348215f5d566f9e4ca860f474209 Medium

Next up is the Google Assistant. If you need to activate always-listening, faucet on “I agree”. Otherwise, faucet on “Skip”.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 30 17 40 680d03679600f7af0b4c700c6b270fe7 Medium

Next it’ll ask if you wish to get admission to your Assistant with out unlocking the software. Tap on “I agree”.

On this display screen, it’ll ask if you wish to arrange every other electronic mail accounts or evaluation further apps, simply hit “No thank you”.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 30 22 45 da1278e9288b7126d21c25d0f9acb568 Medium

Now we’re into the OnePlus portion of setup. Here, it’ll ask about Co-Creaton Labs. This comprises a couple of other options that OnePlus has made for its telephones. Tap “Agree” to proceed.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 30 44 94 87c9cd3590446dee86f32f9afa9ffa9c Medium

Now you’ll be able to sign up for the Red Cable Club – that is the loose OnePlus club membership with unique advantages.


Next, we transfer onto the unlocking mode. Choose which authentication you need to make use of. If chooseing Face Unlock or Fingerprint liberate, you’ll want to create a PIN or password ahead of doing that.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 30 56 46 87c9cd3590446dee86f32f9afa9ffa9c Medium

Now you’ll be putting in place Fingerprint or Face Unlock. Here we did fingerprint liberate. It’s moderately easy to do, simply press your finger over the scanner a couple of occasions and it’ll acknowledge it.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 31 11 63 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2 Medium

In this ultimate level, we’re coping with the semblance of your phone. Starting with the Font & Display measurement.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 31 39 75 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2 Medium

Then make a choice your navigation taste – it defaults to gestures. But the buttons are nonetheless to be had.

Screenshot 2022 04 02 01 31 48 03 87c9cd3590446dee86f32f9afa9ffa9c Medium

And then that’s it. Your OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone is all arrange and able to make use of.

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