How To Upgrade From Google Hangouts To Google Chat

Google lately introduced that it is going to formally kill Hangouts q4. Many customers already switched from Hangouts, as Google first introduced that the carrier goes away again in 2020. That being mentioned, if you happen to haven’t moved but, you must quickly. Along with Google’s announcement that Hangouts shall be going away q4, the corporate additionally began pushing a steered to customers, to change to Google Chat. In this newsletter, we’ll temporarily display you learn how to transfer to Google Hangouts to Google Chat, presuming you continue to haven’t.

Do notice that this shall be a actually fast educational, as the method may be very simple. I, individually, switched to Google Chat ages in the past. For the ones of you who’ve now not, you must be seeing a steered within the Hangouts app quickly. I’ll display you what I imply by the use of the photographs beneath, in order that we’re at the similar web page.

How to improve from Google Hangouts to Google Chat

So, certainly one of at the moment, while you open the Hangouts Android app, you’ll get a pop-up proven beneath. This is a steered that tells you that Hangouts is getting changed by means of Google Chat. It principally navigates you to each Google Chat in Gmail, and the Google Chat app.

Google Hangouts Google Chat prompt

The first button, the blue-colored one, will steered you to Google Chat in Gmail. As you’ll be able to see within the symbol beneath, Google Chat is among the icons within the Gmail app. You can, on the other hand, get a devoted Google Chat app. More on that later.

Google Chat in Gmail app

Now, you’ll be able to additionally get admission to Google Chat in Gmail on the net. As you’ll be able to see, the ‘Chat’ phase is positioned within the bottom-left nook. If you’ve set your hamburger menu to be at all times open, you’ll see the ‘Chat’ drop-down menu, if now not, you’ll handiest see the chat bubble. Both choices had been proven within the symbol beneath.

Google Chat Gmail 1

If you faucet the downward-pointing arrow, you’ll see your whole chats, whilst tapping the ‘+’ icon will will let you get started a brand new chat. If your hamburger menu isn’t at all times open, merely going to the chat icon will in an instant open it.

Dedicated Google Chat app could also be to be had

Now, if you happen to take a look at the primary symbol on this article as soon as once more, the Hangouts steered, you’ll see the ‘Get Google Chat’ choice as smartly. That is the second one button in that steered, and this can be a white button. If you faucet that, you’ll be thrown to the Google Play Store’s ‘Google Chat’ app list. From there, you’ll be capable of obtain the app, and get started the use of it.

Google Chat app image 1

What about my Google Hangouts conversations?

Some of you’re most probably fearful about your Google Hangouts conversations. What will occur to them. Well, they’ll get migrated to Chat, so that you don’t have to fret. Google does inspire customers to again up their data prior to migrating, even though. You can do this by the use of Google Takeout. From there, you’ll be able to obtain your knowledge prior to you migrate, and prior to Google Hangouts will get close down.

There you’ve it. You’re now part of Google Chat. Let’s hope this carrier will stay energetic longer than Google’s earlier ones. The corporate merely can’t appear to hold onto a unmarried messaging carrier, however it continuously helps to keep switching issues up.

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