How Will Twitter Make Money Under Elon Musk? A Look at the Currently Proposed Options

So after week two of the Elon Musk Twitter drama, we’re left in a state of limbo, as we look ahead to the ultimate approvals for the deal, which can sooner or later make Musk the head honcho at a non-public Twitter, which would possibly or won’t run commercials anymore, would possibly or won’t permit all varieties of racist, homophobic and abusive speech, and would possibly or won’t be capable to, sooner or later, in truth make cash, in spite of those adjustments.

And we’ve little to head on at the moment as to how it’ll affect the corporate, and the platform as we understand it. What we do know is that Twitter staff are increasingly nervous about their jobs, and the trade that they’ll finally end up operating for less than Musk, whilst we’ve additionally had some slight hints as to how Musk plans to switch the app.

To be transparent, Twitter isn’t a charity, and after spending $44 billion on the app, Elon Musk shall be searching for tactics to maximise Twitter’s earnings consumption, and recoup at least a few of that charge. In a up to date interview, Musk stated that doesn’t care about the economics of the deal at all, and that his riding undertaking is to run “a public platform this is maximally depended on and widely inclusive”.

But with massive debt, and amassing pastime, Musk has to make cash too, and the bull case for the acquisition is that Musk, being the visionary that he’s, sees one thing that others don’t, and will transparent a pathway to optimum good fortune for the platform – although maximum marketplace analysts see no viable pathway to turning any significant profit from the app.

So how will Musk do it?

Here are the spaces that Musk is reportedly having a look at at the moment – and to be transparent, Musk has get a hold of those proposals with out interior wisdom of the corporate and its present make up.

  • Increasing subscriptions – Musk is reportedly having a look to construct Twitter Blue right into a registration layer, of varieties, with customers paying a per month rate to get a verification tick that confirms that they’re a real, actual particular person. That may higher allow Twitter to take on bots (as it could make working bot farms charge prohibitive), whilst it could additionally be certain that a degree of transparency in the app, since you would know, in keeping with those new sorts of authentication tags, that you simply’re interacting with an actual particular person, who’s registered their touch and cost main points in the app. The economics may well be tricky – if Musk had been to price $1 per 30 days for this, that will usher in $229m per 30 days/$2.7b consistent with annum, if the present selection of energetic customers stick round, and aren’t all bots. You’d need to think that moderately a couple of received’t finally end up paying, which brings this down so much, and would scale back Twitter’s earnings consumption considerably, if this had been the most effective method Twitter may make cash in long run. For reference, Twitter made $5.08b in earnings in 2021.
  • Taking Twitter personal – Of path, a few of that earnings power is lessened if Twitter is going personal, as it could now not be beholden to shareholders who be expecting to look earnings upward push via an outlined, applicable quantity. Musk’s view is that Twitter wishes to head personal to be sure that it may well make choices unfastened from the power of outdoor forces, enabling it to in point of fact turn out to be a platform of unfastened speech. The drawback with that, in fact, is that advertisers shall be much less comfy striking commercials along doubtlessly offensive content material – however that then leads into the subsequent level of Musk’s grand Twitter plan.
  • No extra commercials – This would clearly be the greatest affect from a social media advertising and marketing standpoint – Musk has stated that Twitter must now not run commercials at all to stay in point of fact unbiased. That then additionally implies that Twitter would want to depend on exchange assets of source of revenue, and with commercials making up 98% of the corporate’s earnings, that’s a large hollow to fill. Part of Musk’s pondering right here can be that Twitter can lower prices via additionally getting rid of all of the group of workers that paintings on its advert parts, which might be a big charge saving – besides, if Musk desires to get just about making Twitter winning, when factoring in its working bills as opposed to source of revenue, it’ll be a large shortfall to make up. It’s tricky to look how this could be imaginable, however perhaps, Musk is aware of one thing that we don’t.
  • Charging for tweet embeds – This turns out like a little bit extra of a stretch, however Musk has additionally reportedly floated the thought of charging websites for embeds of tweets from verified users, with the cash doubtlessly going again to the customers themselves. That would align with Musk’s push to get extra prime profile customers tweeting extra steadily – perhaps, if they are able to make a couple of dollars from tweeting, that would act as a motivator to get them sharing extra in the app, which might spark extra engagement with their fanatics, and generate extra in-app process general. Of path, the counter is that folks may simply screenshot tweets as a substitute, regardless that there are methods that Musk may make tweets copyright secure, which might be even more straightforward if he had been to take this subsequent step.
  • Make Twitter ‘Pay to play’ for customers – This is a extra radical transfer – and to be transparent, Musk himself has now not proposed this concept, as such, simply but. But aligning with the idea of charging customers for a verified person tick (other to the present blue tick for top profile customers), Musk may glance to make all customers pay, or they just wouldn’t be capable to use the app. Your first intuition to that is that no person pays, proper? People can simply use Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat as a substitute – so why would any person pay to easily go surfing and browse tweets? I assumed that too, however upon additional mirrored image, I do assume that Twitter is a important platform for lots of newshounds, political and different media varieties that use tweets to stick up with the newest information. That’s why Twitter is so influential, in spite of having just a 10th of the energetic customers that Facebook does – whilst its target market is also smaller, the folks that do use Twitter are in most cases amongst the maximum energetic of their respective industries, and following the newest tweets allows them to guide developments, re-distribute the newest information to their audiences off-platform, stay in-the-know, and so forth. As such, I believe that a lot of them would pay, and if Musk had been to fasten tweets down, that will imply that they’re now not publicly obtainable, making it a lot more straightforward to put into effect fees for tweet embeds, in addition to some other re-use of on-platform content material.
  • Cost-cutting – The different key house that Musk is exploring is cost-cutting, which once more aligns with the above issues, in that Twitter may lower prices considerably if it now not ran commercials. Twitter spent $1.7b remaining yr on gross sales and advertising and marketing and basic admin prices, whilst it additionally spent an extra $1.2b on analysis and building, and $2b on infrastructure. Without commercials, the ones prices may come down so much, and if Musk can cut back the ones outgoings in a large method, he may, theoretically, make sufficient cash from his subscription proposals to generate certain money float for the app through the years, whilst additionally enabling it to stay unbiased, and due to this fact higher in a position to run with a ‘unfastened speech’ manner.  

Again, Musk has made those pitches in meetings to secure funding for his Twitter bid, and with out interior perception into how the corporate is recently run, and what’s in point of fact imaginable inside the present construction, or inside any long run re-shaping of the trade.

But it does look like that is the place Musk is prone to make his giant adjustments, particularly for the reason that Twitter doesn’t have numerous different paths to take, in keeping with ancient efficiency.

But there is also further alternatives that we’re now not seeing, and the basic view is that Twitter has underperformed through the years, with even present CEO Parag Agrawal noting in an all-hands meeting this week that:

I can have completed issues in a different way. I take into accounts this so much. I think in command of my movements I’ve taken over the remaining decade. I’ve most effective been on this process for 4 months, however I’ve been at the corporate for a decade. And sure, we can have completed higher. Should have completed higher.”

Maybe, now’s the time that Twitter could make the ones giant adjustments, with extra freedom as an unbiased corporate – and once more, many have pointed to Musk’s genius in different fields, so perhaps he does certainly see one thing that others don’t right here.

What we all know evidently is this shall be the maximum public demonstration of that genius that Musk has ever had, and if he in point of fact is the visionary that many consider, he’ll surely have a possibility to turn out it.

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