Jackery Explorer 1000 vs. Jackery Explorer 1500: Which should you buy?

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Jackery Explorer 1000 sun generator

Jackery 1000 Reco

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Jackery Explorer 1500 sun generator

Jackery 1500 Reco

The Explorer 1000 package from Jackery, has the entirety you want to stay your crucial tech powered anywhere you make a selection to hang around. At the seashore, on the campsite, or any place you can suppose to make use of it, the sun panels will stay your generator crowned up all day, and the battery will stay it powered all evening.

$1,499 at Amazon


  • 8 outputs
  • Sun panels have USB-C outputs
  • Lighter and smaller than the 1500


  • Can’t use the 200W sun panels

The Explorer 1500 isn’t to be taken evenly, neither is it mild. This behemoth can energy family home equipment like fridges if you have an influence minimize, and the 4 massive sun panels permit you to fee it to complete in simply 5 hours. It is all the time in a position to serve.

$2,699 at Jackery


  • Huge battery existence
  • Prime pace charging thru 4 sun panels
  • Can energy family home equipment


  • Simplest seven ports
  • In point of fact heavy

When evaluating the Explorer 1000 and the 1500 head-to-head, we need to take into accounts what your use case could be. If you are any individual who likes to trip across the nation to your little RV, or you love to arrange for per week’s tenting, then the 1500 is all you will ever want. It could energy your sizzling plate, refrigerator, even a mini air-conditioning unit for a good stretch of time, and all of the whilst — so long as you have the sun cells plugged in — you will nonetheless be producing extra energy to stay it charged.

In the meantime, the 1000 is easiest for weekends away and day journeys. The sun panels and the generator are a lot lighter, making it more straightforward to transport round when you are having a seashore celebration or putting in place the tent for an evening or two. I really like that the panels for the 1000 — SolarSaga 100s — have their very own USB-C and USB-A ports — one thing lacking from the SolarSaga 200 at the 1500 — making it simple to simply clutch one for a brief travel to the seashore with out ever wanting the battery. I to find the 1000 the extra flexible and helpful product as a result of its relatively mild weight and length.

Jackery Explorer 1000: A stability of price and value

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Sun technology is regularly subjective, and residing within the sunshine of Southern California approach I am getting just a little higher effects than maximum. The sun cells at the Explorer 1000 are 100-watt cells and are significantly more straightforward to transport round because the solar strikes than the enormous 200-watt cells at the 1500. Whilst the capability of the 1000 is not up to 1500 — you guessed it, one is 1000Wh and the opposite 1500Wh — The added 500Wh is not a deal-breaker if you are the usage of the generator for shorter journeys. Its portability makes up for the facility deficit in a large number of scenarios. The garage quantity is not all the time an element both, because the sun cells stay the generator from ever in reality demise within the first position. If you are out at a campsite and you have the sun cells arrange in the correct position, you may simply energy a mini-fridge or your whole laptops and telephones with out in reality dipping into battery energy.

Explorer 1000 Explorer 1500
Capability 1002Wh 1534Wh
Battery tech Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Weight 22.04 kilos (10kg) 35.2 kilos (15.5kg)
AC output 110VAC, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Surge) 110VAC, 60Hz, 1800W (3600W Height)
DC output 1x 2.4a USB-A, 1x Fast Price 3.0 USB-A, 1x USB-C (PD60W), 1x automobile outlet 1x 2.4a USB-A, 1x Fast Price 3.0 USB-A, 2x USB-C (PD60W), 1x automobile outlet
Max sun recharge time 8 hours 5 hours
Max selection of sun panels 2x 100W 4x 100W or 2x 200W
AC adapter fee time 7 hours 6 hours

Including to the flexibility of the Explorer 1000 is the additional USB-A port and the Prime-Energy-Port (HPP) for the sun cells. This offers it a bonus over the 1500 as a result of you can energy extra fashionable units and use third-party sun cells. One of the vital major makes use of for a generator like that is having the ability to fee your laptops, telephones, or even transportable USB-C energy packs for climbing, and they all want USB to serve as. It sort of feels like a mistake to take one clear of the 1500.

Jackery Explorer 1500: When you want all of the energy

Jackery 1500 Lifestyle

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When evaluating the Explorer 1000 to the Explorer 1500, you have to invite your self, “is the additional 500Wh well worth the $1,000 or extra worth distinction”? Getting 50% extra energy from a generator like this may occasionally open up alternatives that the 1000 simply can not be offering. Whilst the 1000, coupled with the sun cells, is superb, the 1500 is a succesful generator even with out the sun cells and can be utilized to energy home equipment independently as wanted. This at hand chart provides you a really perfect instance of why you would wish the additional energy. If you are going to be tenting within the shady woods for per week, the variation in those numbers makes the Explorer 1500 a extra attractive purchase.

Explorer 1000 Explorer 1500
Cellular phone 100 fees 150 fees
Pc 8 fees 12 fees
Mini cooler 17 hours 21 hours
Electrical grill 50 mins 1 hour quarter-hour
Blender 13 hours 19 hours
Espresso maker 1 hour 28 mins 2 hours 10 mins

The Explorer 1500 has the power to energy full-size home equipment like a house fridge or perhaps a Tesla automobile, although you are not going to get a large number of miles from it. It will get you to a supercharger in a pinch, although! Having the ability to energy house home equipment makes the Explorer 1500 particularly useful if you are living in a spot the place energy cuts are prevalent. I spent 8 hours with out my energy in July, and the Discover 1500 powered my house fridge all of the time, saving me masses of bucks in meals waste. It even powered a fan to stay me cool. The Explorer 1000 does not have the height load to energy a full-size fridge, so it is not as useful at house because the 1500.

Jackery Explorer 1000 vs. Jackery Explorer 1500: Which should you purchase?

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Whilst I feel that the Explorer 1000 is the transparent winner, I do know that every so often energy comes first. For just about each and every state of affairs, the 1000 is perfect. Whether or not tenting, RV holidays, or simply powering your whole telephones at a seashore celebration, the 1000 and its sun cells are as much as the problem.

If you are thinking about your tenting, although, and you wish to be clear of the grid for weeks having that additional 500Wh from the Explorer 1500 can come in useful. It is just a bit too cumbersome to make it my best choice.

For my use case — the occasional weekend tenting travel, events within the yard, in addition to day journeys to the lake — the Explorer 1000 fits me to the bottom.

A camper’s dream

Jackery 1000 Reco

Jackery Explorer 1000 sun generator

My favourite generator

The Explorer 1000 is the most efficient mixture of usability and effort capability that you should buy. Whilst it’s weighty, it’s nonetheless manageable at a campsite. The sun panels may even be used independently for brief journeys to the seashore.

Easiest for energy cuts

Jackery 1500 Reco

Jackery Explorer 1500 sun generator

A powerhouse

If you are thinking about getting access to a large number of power when you are with out major energy, then the Explorer 1500 package is the selection for you. With two 200W sun panels, this generator turns out unimaginable to drain.

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