RelatedIn Shares New Insights into the Brand Benefits of Adopting Sustainability Best Practices [Infographic]

Today is Earth Day, and RelatedIn’s marking the match with a new overview of the brand benefits of adopting sustainability practices, and the way that may give a boost to belief and reaction amongst RelatedIn customers.

In the under infographic, RelatedIn outlines how neighborhood expectation is converting round manufacturers moving into line with sustainability highest practices, at the side of emerging engagement developments round key subjects.

Among the key takeaways:

  • Purchase choices are increasingly more being influenced through manufacturers’ movements in sustainability  
  • Sustainability is a sizzling subject on RelatedIn, with engagements proceeding to develop
  • Companies that publish about sustainability are expanding their target market in the app

So except for being higher for the international, it’s additionally higher on your corporate to undertake greener processes.

Check out the full infographic under.

LinkedIn sustainability trends

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