New Google Maps Feature Alerts you when your friend departs or arrives at a certain location


The seek engine massive Google is rolling out a selection of at hand options for its Maps app. The maximum notable a few of the new updates is a considerable development to location sharing that allows you to obtain arrival and departure notifications.

Google Maps is introducing location-sharing notifications that may notify you when any person has arrived or departed a location. In order to permit the characteristic, open your friend’s web page within the app as soon as this selection is operational to start the configuration process. Continuous signals are generated “each time” a individual enters or departs.

New Google Maps Feature Alerts you When your Friend Departs or Arrives at a Certain Location

Consider that you are attending a live performance with a bunch of buddies. If they have got opted to percentage their location with you, you can create a notification for the live performance venue’s cope with in order that you can know when they come and promptly join up. You may additionally set an alert to grasp when they’ve left the development, in case you get break up up.

It’s designed to let other people “extra simply prepare schedules and feature peace of thoughts,” with the latter being very good for making sure that any person arrives at their vacation spot.

Furthermore, with regards to privateness, Google said that “notifications can best be set for many who have opted to percentage their location with you.” Those that percentage their location will obtain quite a lot of notifications that it’s operational and that any person has post an arrival/departure notification. Multiple reminders might be despatched to the person who shared their location with you, together with a push notification within the Maps app, an e mail, and repeating per month emails.

In addition to fighting location sharing, you can save you any person from atmosphere any notifications. Google Maps is recently deploying location-sharing notifications globally for iOS and Android.

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