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Whilst maximum folks have discovered a method to maintain our recycling, with separate containers or luggage to take our glass, paper and plastic, meals waste is any other subject. It’s simple to throw out the vegetable ends and peelings, leftovers and worst of all, the forgotten meals from the again of the refrigerator that by no means even made it to the desk. In spite of everything, we expect, it’ll simply decompose and disappear harmlessly, proper?

Sadly that’s no longer the case. When natural subject is dumped in landfill and left to rot, it produces methane fuel, which is a significant contributor to international warming. So what will have to you do along with your leftover meals? Composting your meals waste is one answer. The usage of your native council’s meals waste assortment provider is any other.

However no longer everybody has house for a compost heap and no longer all councils supply a meals assortment provider. Even if they do, a container of rotting vegetable subject and bin juice at the counter to draw flies isn’t an excellent choice.

That’s the place the FoodCycler is available in. It’s designed to resolve the issue of cumbersome and gross meals waste. Fill it up with previous meals, transfer it on and a couple of hours later, you’ll open it to seek out what seems like a small bowl’s price of vegetable crisps. Those “EcoChips”, as Sage calls them, are gentle, dry, just about odourless, low in quantity and may also be harmlessly discarded. Necessarily, they’re pot pourri produced from rubbish.

Eco Chips

Design and look

  • Dimensions: 34 x 28 x 32cm

The FoodCycler is a huge, featureless gray field, measuring roughly 34 x 28 x 32cm. (The decal at the entrance proven in one of the photos is detachable.) It’s larger than an air fryer or maximum crock pots. It’s virtually as large as a full-size bean-to-cup espresso system.

Food Cycler

And that is the reason in reality the problem with the application. It’s going to absorb a large chew of your kitchen counter. In case you don’t have sufficient outdoor house for a compost heap, the likelihood is that that you’ve a rather compact kitchen as smartly. So, one of the individuals who would maximum get pleasure from the FoodCycler won’t have room for it.

Within the equipment is a porcelain covered aluminium bucket which is able to hang as much as 2 litres of natural waste. You’ll be able to take away the bucket from the application and depart it to your kitchen counter the place it’s readily available to assemble undesirable meals as you prepare dinner.

FoodCycler bucket

The bucket has a separate lid with a carbon clear out that’s designed to seize odours. I discovered it to be very efficient all over the checking out duration. It’s a a long way awesome selection to the countertop meals waste bin that councils supply, which is able to get a bit of pungent over summer season.

Because of this you don’t wish to stay the application at the counter always however it’s possible you’ll to find it tough to seek out any other spot for it, until you’ve got house at the ground beside a plug level. It is lovely heavy, so you will not wish to transfer it ceaselessly and it most likely may not are compatible into your kitchen cupboards.


  • Minimum set-up time
  • Reasonable cycle time of 4-6 hours

The Meals Cycler is able to use just about out of the field. Unpeel a few protection labels from the filters and also you’re able to move.

As soon as the bucket is complete – and there’s a fill line to allow you to know when that happens – you merely position the bucket again throughout the equipment and turn it on.

It is extraordinarily simple to make use of. There may be an on/off transfer on most sensible and 3 indicator lighting to allow you to know what degree of the method you might be at: drying, grinding or cooling.

FoodCycler controls

The FoodCycler first dries out the meals waste, then grinds it up the usage of the blades set into the bucket, and in spite of everything shall we it cool. The method takes a number of hours. Sage says that the common processing time is 4-6 hours, with 8 hours being the longest most likely cycle.

So, in case you’re organised, you’ll set it going prior to mattress and are available down within the morning to seek out it able to be emptied. However even though you’ve got it switched on when you’re within the kitchen, it gained’t disturb you. The grinding procedure could be very quiet, with just a delicate whirring noise to allow you to understand it’s happening. The application additionally options filters in order that the method is sort of odourless as smartly.

Consistent with Sage, the FoodCycler can maintain virtually a wide variety of meals waste: meat, fish, greens, fruit, dog food, eggs and eggshells, cheese, grains, espresso grounds and tea luggage. You shouldn’t upload bones, fruit pits, shells or cooking oils.

You additionally wish to make sure that there’s a tight mixture of meals within the equipment as it’ll combat with an excessive amount of rainy, dense or starchy waste.

Use it accurately and the FoodCycler does precisely what it’s marketed to.

The primary time I attempted it, I crammed it with a stomach-churning mixture of deserted pet food, cooked, deflated cauliflower, vegetable peelings and dodgy leftovers. I used to be in actuality shocked once I unfolded the Cycler to seek out that unholy mess remodeled into 180g of dry EcoChips. The EcoChips are virtually odourless, with a not-unpleasant, quite burnt, savoury scent. The entire procedure is impressively efficient.

Eco chips in bucket

The bucket is dishwasher secure as smartly, so after you’ve run a cycle, you gained’t wish to blank it via hand, even though I did to find I needed to dislodge one of the dried waste subject stuck beneath the blades.

The dimensions of the bucket, even though, is a bit of of an issue. Whilst 2 litres of house throughout the equipment sounds beneficiant, a circle of relatives that chefs from scratch maximum days will most likely greater than fill it each day. That implies you’ll most likely desire a 2d meals bucket out at the counter to assemble scraps whilst the opposite is within the Cycler. It is advisable use a sealable container or purchase a spare bucket from Sage for £48.26, however that can upload significantly to the expense of the set-up.

Doing away with the EcoChips

EcoChips may also be put instantly into the bin, which is the very best choice. However as they nonetheless have dietary content material, that turns out like a waste. The opposite is to make use of them for your lawn, even though when you have a lawn, why wouldn’t you simply compost your meals waste and minimize out the FoodCycler?

There’s additionally the quite being concerned 90-day caution within the handbook. In case you use EcoChips within the lawn, they will have to be combined into the topsoil and left for 90 days prior to getting used close to fruit and greens meant for intake. That is not overly reassuring.

Worth and availability

The FoodCycler is to be had from Sage in the United Kingdom for £419.95. Even though it isn’t to be had in america, the Vitamix FoodCycler, which appears to be an an identical equipment, is to be had on Amazon for $299.95, down from $399.95.

In addition to the cost of the FoodCycler itself, you will have to think about the price of substitute filters. The odour-reducing filters will have to be modified each 3-4 months if used continuously – the similar of 500 hours of biking time. Substitute filters price £39.95 a collection, which is moderately an extra funding.


Even though the processing skill of the FoodCycler is spectacular, there are drawbacks to the application. It’s dear, it is very huge and it may possibly handiest procedure 2 litres of meals waste at a time (which is lower than it’s possible you’ll assume). Plus, there are ongoing prices, no longer handiest within the electrical energy it makes use of to procedure meals waste, however in substitute filters.

All in all, this makes it a distinct segment equipment that a couple of other people will love however a a long way better choice of other people will to find tough to include into their routines.

We will have to all be aiming to decrease our family landfill and emissions output. For town dwellers with out a outdoor house, the FoodCycler is a good and environment friendly choice. However other people with council meals waste assortment or house for a compost heap will most likely go for a kind of unfastened answers first.


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