The App now allows you to hide your account –


Twitter has introduced a couple of new concepts for maintaining person privateness, together with a ” Twitter privateness take a look at-in” device that will permit people to keep secure at the website, in addition to a method to cover their accounts from searches if they’re being careworn.

Customers could be guided thru a chain of questions that will allow them to come to a decision how visual or non-public they want to be at the website.

‘Twitter Privateness take a look at-up’ serve as is meant to train customers concerning the many privateness settings obtainable at the platform. Many customers are blind to the a lot of privateness choices, and the privateness take a look at-up will show they all in a single handy location.

“For example, you can select who can see your tweets, who can ship direct messages, and who would possibly tag your pictures.

As well as, when a person with a secure account replies to an account that isn’t following them, Twitter would possibly be offering a reminder. Customers might be ready to exchange their account to a public account with the reminder, making their answer tweet obtainable to everybody.


twitter privacy

Additionally, person account discoverability is some other privateness function that Twitter is having a look at. In some instances, a person could also be focused and careworn by means of a gaggle, and so as to take care of this, the individual would possibly select to make their account non-public/hide or take away it completely.


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