Top 10 upcoming Samsung phones for year 2021

As the technology is growing very fast. Nowadays, it is difficult to know that which android is better for you and which is contested with the other modified androids.

Here are top 10 upcoming Samsung phones models of 2021 Samsung galaxy, listed for your ease so that you can get the best android updates.

1-Samsung galaxy M 42:

This specification of Samsung galaxy M 42 is very interesting have recognized its internal storage space and the primary camera resolution.  Now its potential for batteries has been discovered. Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 will be the chipset to power the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M42. This is a versatile chipset that manages all the specs of a mid-range smartphone handsomely. Under the hood of this phone, there is also a 2,2 GHz Octa-Core processor installed.64 megapixels will be the squad’s main sensor and 8 megapixels will be the secondary lens and 2 megapixels will be the depth sensor as well. The Samsung Galaxy M42 will hit the market with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner in order to save data. The upcoming Galaxy M42’s 6000 mAh battery will give the phone with enough power to keep the phone alive for longer time.

Samsung galaxy M42 1

2-Samsung Galaxy M12:

Samsung has launched to the market the new Galaxy M12 smartphone. Another member of the Galaxy M series is working for the company and all suggests that the handset is a budget smartphone. It also consists of a lot of batteries. The forthcoming new Samsung Galaxy M12 has Full Vision display features where its resolution is also altered and you can now get the resolution of Full HD Plus. The Galaxy M12 by Samsung will keep the 720 x 1560 pixels vibrant and vivid, while PLS TFT Capacitive touchscreen panels will improve the pixel quality with bright colours. The phone’s monitor size would be 6.7 inches, which is a wide screen size.

Samsung Galaxy M12 1

3- Samsung Galaxy M21s:

The Galaxy M21’s sleek body is made to fit comfortably in your side. The 2.5D interface is modern and a touch of elegance is provided by the premium glossy finish. There are three colours to choose from, namely black, green or blue. The triple camera of M21 are also helpful in the elevation of your shots. Clear pictures are taken day and night by the 48MP Main Camera. It can capture more of the world in front of you with an 8MP Ultra-wide camera. Along with this the 5MP depth camera also highlights the focused part of your picture by causing the background blurr. A strong octa-core processor and 4 GB/6 GB RAM for fast-paced handling of your graphic-heavy games and livestreams. A plenty of space is also provided to stream, download, and upload, with 64/128GB of internal memory and up to 512GB of external storage.

Samsung galaxy M21s 1

4- Samsung Galaxy S30 ultra:

This will be the series’ flagship as it has some impressive specs that can place it in the category of flagship.  The Mobile Chipset is also a flagship chipset that can reliably and conveniently achieve all the high-end requirements. For some extra power of this chipset, the new Samsung Galaxy S30 will have a 2.73 GHz Octa-Core processor. Corning Gorilla Glass has the screen safety this system has. 12 gigabytes is the RAM that is combined with the SoC.  This is the high-end RAM capacity used in the Samsung S 30 Ultra. The chipset and the RAM would also significantly increase the handset’s processing speed. The internal capability is 256 gigabytes, which is enough for the long term to store the data on the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 1

5- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3:

This new folding handset will be powered by one of the newest Snapdragon 875 chipsets available for smartphones on the market. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a powerful 3.09Ghz Octa-Core processor that will increase and produce more power for this chipset. This is the chipset that carries all the chipsets with flagship capabilities and will boost the performance of the smartphone to come. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s screen size is 7.6 inches which is more than enough for clear vision. In this latest 12-gigabyte Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung, there is a huge RAM space that is something exceptional. The internal storage capacity of the upcoming smartphone is 256 gigabytes, which is a massive amount of built-in storage that provides enough room for the user to position their data for future use on the device. The upcoming Samsung Z Fold 3 smartphone is fitted with a rear Triple Camera Setup.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 1

6- Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE:

Rumors say that the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 FE variants will be a permanent feature to be launched on a regular basis in the future. That is to say that the FE edition, defined by the solutions introduced to contain the price, could arrive on the market around six months after the debut of the top range. Equipped with the same innovative cameras as the Galaxy S20 5G, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G lets you take screenshots of your moments. This phone helps you to frame the whole family with a wide-angle camera. It has an ultra wide camera to capture world more clearly and vividly.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 FE

7- Samsung Galaxy F 12:

This smartphone is part of the budget phone category. As we are talking about the specifications of the upcoming phone, the Exynos 9611 chipset will power this new phone.  Android 10.0 Operating System will be used in the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy F12, and there will be an Octa-core processor within this device. With a water-drop notch feature, the screen is bezel-less. There is 6 gigabytes of RAM in this latest Samsung F12. This is ample RAM to operate the smartphone’s functions smoothly. 64 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes of internal memory are the two forms of internal storage for the latest device. Even though the capacity is adequate, the company still packs it with a dedicated slot that allows the F12 of the Samsung Galaxy to have enough space. You will find the triple camera on the back of the handset.

Samsung Galaxy F12

8- Samsung Galaxy A02:

The new smartphone will be powered by a powerful chipset, the Snapdragon 450 SoC, as far as the specs of the phone are concerned. The new Samsung Galaxy A02 has an Octa-Core 1.8 GHz processor within it. To run the functions of smartphone calmly,2 gigabytes of RAM quality is enough. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A02 handset has 32 gigabytes of internal storage, which is not adequate, but there is a dedicated slot in this unit. The new Samsung Galaxy A02 has Corning Gorilla Glass security that will make it safer to use this smartphone. The computer has a 3.5 mm Audio Jack that will be appreciated by the users listing the songs. A budget-friendly phone with excellent features is the latest Galaxy A02s.

9- Samsung Galaxy M02:

These smartphones’ specs are not specified yet. The latest Samsung Galaxy M02 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chipset that is going to power the next computer. This is a versatile chipset that manages all the specs of a mid-range smartphone handsomely. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy M02 smartphone will have an Octa-core processor to make it more powerful to use, and it will have an Adreno 506 GPU inside. It has a rear fingerprint sensor to secure your data to ensure the protection of this unit. The Galaxy M02 runs Android 10 OS under the hood to support all the new applications in the play store available for android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy M02

10- Samsung Galaxy A515GUW:

Smooth and elegant pastel colors, including Prism Crush Black, White, Blue and Pink, are the rhythmic pattern of the A51 style theme. A premium gloss finish brings to its elegant and slim body the perfect touch of elegance, seamlessly combining style with in-hand comfort. The 5MP Macro Cam (40mm) built-in Quad Cam shoots with clarity and quality to help you pull out the ultra-fine details of your close-up shots. It applies and changes natural background blur just to separate your subject and increase its visual effects. The Galaxy A51 has fast processing and a lot of storage, so that you can concentrate on it now.  An advanced Octa-core processor and up to 6GB of RAM is smooth. Download more with up to 128GB of internal storage and uninstall less. With a 512GB micro SD slot, add even more.

Samsung Galaxy A515GUW

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