Twitter Launches Audio Translations for Charts for Visually Impaired Users

Twitter continues to make bigger its accessibility gear, this time by way of the addition of a brand new strategy to translate charts into audio elements for visually impaired customers.

As you’ll be able to see (and listen to) on this instance, the brand new procedure will allow visually impaired other folks to ‘pay attention’ to charts by means of translating the knowledge into pitched sounds, in accompaniment to a written description of the chart.

Which, generally, you may think, will finally end up sounding just like this situation, despite the fact that it’d be attention-grabbing to listen to the slight permutations in chart figures, and the way that may assist other folks listening in to delineate key parts inside the chart show.

Twitter’s been operating so as to add in additional accessibility choices over the last 12 months, together with upgrades to its alt-text description showauto captions on video clips and a new ‘CC’ button on videos where captions are available.

Twitter’s additionally added a devoted ‘+ALT’ button on posted photographs again in 2020, making it more straightforward for customers so as to add alt textual content descriptions to their shared visuals.

In mixture, Twitter now supplies a variety of useful parts to improve the in-app enjoy, providing extra techniques for extra customers to participate within the Twitter dialog.

Chart translations are some other small step, which could have giant affects for a extensive subset of the group.

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