What is pptx and how to open pptx file

This howto tutorial covers ho to open pptx file at different operating system including Windows, Android and iPhone or iPad.

What is a PPTX file, exactly?

A.PPTX file is a presentation file in the PowerPoint Open XML Format. Microsoft PowerPoint files created in PowerPoint 2007 and later have the PPTX file extension. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation programme that lets you make slide shows with images, text, music, and video. The Microsoft Office Suite includes the PowerPoint software.

The.ppt file extension was used by earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Because the Open XML format is used in later versions of PowerPoint, the.pptx extension is assigned. This format lets PowerPoint files to be compressed into smaller sizes, making them easier to transmit online and taking up less space on a user’s hard disc.

The contents of PPTX files are compressed using a combination of XML and ZIP. Formatted text, objects, multiple slides, photos, movies, and more can all be found in PPTX files.

PowerPoint 2007 and newer use the PPTX presentation file format as the default. PPT, which was used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and earlier, is an older version of the PPTX file.

what is pptx file

How to Open PPTX file on Windows

If you have a PPTX file that you only want to look at and not edit, you may do it quickly and easily using Microsoft’s free PowerPoint Viewer application. You can’t modify anything or edit the slides as you can with a full version of Microsoft PowerPoint, but it’s a lifesaver if all you need to do is flip through a PPTX presentation someone handed you.

Without possessing a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can open and modify PPTX files using the free WPS Office Presentation or OpenOffice Impress presentation tools. These are just two of several free Microsoft Office alternatives that can open and work with PPTX files.

Open PPTX file on Windows

There are also various free presentation producers that can import PPTX files and edit them online without the need for any software to be installed. One of them, Google Slides, allows you to upload a PPTX file from your computer, make changes to it, and then save it to your Google Drive account or save it as a PPTX or another format, such as PDF.

Google also offers a free browser extension that functions as a PPTX viewer and editor and runs directly within the Chrome browser. This applies not only to PPTX files you drag into the browser from your computer, but also to any PPTX file you open from the internet, including those you may get via email. Other MS Office formats, such as XLSX and DOCX, are also supported by this browser extension.

Open PPTX file on Windows

If you wish to extract photos from a PPTX file, you can use a file unzip programme to do it. Open the PowerPoint file as an archive with one of those programmes, such as 7-Zip, and then navigate to ppt > media to see all of the images that were imported into the slide show. You can copy any images you like from the PowerPoint presentation.

If you’d rather store, open, and edit all your Office Open XML files in the cloud, you can do so by uploading your document via PowerPoint Online or Google Slides.

You also get pptx viewer by app in windows

How to Open PPTX file on Android

Microsoft Office Apps for Android

With the mobile first, cloud first strategy, Microsoft has been delivering Office Applications for the major mobile OS’s. On 2015, it was launched the Microsoft PowerPoint for Android. This release of the popular presentation software provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to create, edit and deliver presentations on the go. For devices with Android versions below 4.4, Microsoft delivered the Microsoft Office Mobile which enables users to view presentations in their phones. Both products are free to download and use and require a Microsoft Account.

Open PPTX file on Android

Install Office Mobile for Android or PowerPoint for Tablet

By installing the Office Mobile application by Microsoft from Google Play you can easily open your presentations on any Android device. It is available for smartphones and tablets and it is the official MS Office application by Microsoft Corporation. Go to Google Play to learn more.

There is another application provided by Microsoft Corporation that is oriented to PowerPoint presentations. You can find it on Google Play and its name is PowerPoint for Tablet. The main advantage of installing it is that you can also edit the presentations (not only view it) and this is a very powerful tool for distributed collaboration.

Google Slides is another great alternative to open presentations. It also let you open PDF and PowerPoint on any Android device and it is available via Google Play for free.

WPS Office + PDF

The WPS Office + PDF application is less than 35MB (as of Sep 2017). It boasts support for multiple office file formats including PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Spreadsheet, Memo, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs.

Polaris Office – Word, Docs, Sheets + PDF Reader

The Polaris Office application is another All-in-One Office Suite Application on Google Play store. Expect it to take almost 50 MB (Sep 2017) on the phone’s memory. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF file formats.

How to Open PPTX file on iPhone or iPad

When PowerPoint presentations are saved and shared, they are saved as PPT or PPTX files. Although these files are normally designed for desktop viewing, Apple’s mobile devices can read PowerPoint in a variety of ways. The iPhone 4’s Mail application can view both PPT and PPTX attachments right out of the box. You may use third-party tools to work with PowerPoint files on the move for more viewing and editing choices.

Install Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS

Open the App Store

. The App Store is the app that has a blue icon with a capital “A”. Open the App Store by tapping the icon on your homescreen.

open PPTX file on iPhone or iPad

Type PowerPoint in the search bar. 

The search bar is the grey bar in the center of the screen. This displays a list of apps that match your search text.

open PPTX file on iPhone or iPad

Open Microsoft PowerPoint. 

After Microsoft PowerPoint is finished downloading and installing, you can open PowerPoint by tapping the icon on your homescreen, or by tapping OPEN next to Microsoft PowerPoint in the App Store.

open PPTX file on iPhone or iPad

Other Methods


Open an email with a PPT or PPTX attachment in the iPhone Mail app, which comes standard with every iPhone 4. To get a non-editable preview of the PowerPoint file, tap the attachment icon. You can also view a non-editable version of the PowerPoint presentation by tapping and holding the attachment’s icon and selecting “Quick Look” from the menu that appears.

If you want more alternatives for viewing PPT or PPTX files on your iPhone 4, you can download and install an additional application. Apps like PDF Reader Lite, iFile, Documents To Go, and GoodReader all enable viewing PowerPoint files as of March 2012. These files can also be edited by the latter two.


Choose “Open In…” from the menu that comes after tapping and holding the PPT or PPTX file’s icon. To see the PowerPoint presentation, select the app of your choice from the list of compatible apps on your iPhone. When you install an app that can read PPT or PPTX files, it should instantly show in the “Open In…” list.

How to Convert a PPTX to PDF

If you’re using one of the full-featured PPTX apps listed above, you may easily convert your PPTX file to another format by simply opening it in the programme and saving it in a new format. In most programmes, you may accomplish this by going to File > Save As.

How to Convert a PPTX to PDF

An online file converter can sometimes be a much faster solution to convert a PPTX file. Zamzar is one of our favourites for converting PPTX files. PPTX files can be converted to PDF, ODP, PPT, and a variety of image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF.

A PPTX file can easily be converted to a Google Slides-compatible format. Simply use Google Drive’s New > File upload menu to upload the file to your account. It will immediately open in Google Slides.

You can open the PPTX file in Google Slides and convert it to other formats via File > Download after it has been converted to Google Slides. PPTX, ODP, PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG, and SVG are examples of these formats.


What is the process for converting a PPSX file to a PPTX file?

You must convert a PPSX file back to a PPTX format in order to modify it. You can rename the file by right-clicking it (but not opening it), selecting Rename, and changing the file extension from.ppsx to.pptx. If it doesn’t work, open the PPSX file in PowerPoint, go to File > Save As, and save it as a PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) file.

What is the best way to convert a PDF to PPTX?

To convert PDFs to PowerPoint, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat DC. Select Export PDF > Microsoft PowerPoint > Export in Acrobat DC after opening the PDF document. Acrobat will automatically perform optical character recognition (OCR) and create a new file for you to download.

What is the best way to convert a PPTX to an MP4?

Open the PPTX file in PowerPoint and go to File > Export > Create a Video to convert the presentation to a video. After that, give the MP4 video file a name and save it.

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