5 Ways to Check if Website is Down or Up


Here’s how to test whether or not a selected web site is down for everybody or it’s simply you.

Sometimes, customers is also not able to get entry to your web site. But while you consult with the web site by yourself, the whole thing seems to serve as generally. This may also be the case if guests from other areas can not get entry to your web site. Visitors might go away your web site if this crash persists, which might hurt the site visitors and emblem influence.

It’s an important to periodically test the uptime of your web site to keep away from this downside. By doing so, you’ll be ready to diagnose any host server problems.

What does a web site downtime imply?

A web site is mentioned to be down when it is fully unreachable or incapable of serving its customer’s wishes. The downtime is the time that the disruption lasts.

Reasons for web pages to cross down and the way to save you them

You will have to pay attention to a couple of essential reasons of web site breakdowns.

  • Simultaneous get entry to through too many of us to the webpage (Server overload)
  • Unreliable Website Hosting
  • Improper server upkeep
  • DDoS assaults and DNS problems

Even whilst there is no means to totally save you web site crashes, you’ll be able to take steps to build up your web site’s balance.

  • Activate auto-renewal to save you area and host expiration.
  • Choose a credible web hosting supplier
  • Deploy most effective the vital plugins
  • Use content material supply networks (CDNs) to distribute the community site visitors load over a number of servers.
  • Test the capability of your web site ceaselessly.
  • Use web site tracking products and services to decrease downtime and strengthen the web site’s capability.

And right here is a listing of the most productive on-line products and services to track web site uptime. You will obtain indicators when your web site is gradual, unavailable, or has any mistakes the usage of those equipment.

In this text, we’ll display you ways to briefly test whether or not the web site is inaccessible for everybody or simply you the usage of the command line and a few absolute best on-line equipment.

Utilizing probably the most more than a few web products and services and equipment is the simplest manner to figuring out whether or not a web site is down or now not. Some of those equipment supply extra data like how lengthy the web site has been offline and extra web customers have raised their court cases about it from which checkpoint.


UpTrends is a formidable and user-friendly on-line instrument that may briefly will let you decide whether or not the objective web site is down or up. Enter a hostname or web site IP deal with within the enter box and click on at the “get started take a look at” button to proceed.


The absolute best factor about this instrument is that you’ll be able to carry out a take a look at from more than one checkpoints and proportion the take a look at effects the usage of a sharable hyperlink. This internet provider supplies more than a few tools, together with a CDN efficiency checker, CloudCost ROI calculator, DNS checker, and plenty of extra.


The Site24x7 instrument is moderately simple to use. Just input the web site URL or title within the enter box and click on on “Test now” to get started. From greater than 60 servers unfold international, you’ll be able to overview the accessibility of a web site.


It additionally shows a web site’s load time, DNS unravel time, and general reaction time. This web site additionally supplies more than a few gadget Administrator and network-related equipment, together with AWS fashion designer, Traceroute generator, Timestamp convertor, Heartbleed & Ghostcat vulnerability checker, and plenty of extra.

Down Inspector

Down Inspector is some other loose and improbable instrument to test the accessibility of a web site. Simply input the URL or title of the web site you want to to take a look at and click on “Check”. Compared to different easy ping websites, it provides extra options.

Down Inspector

This instrument additionally has a reside provider disruption map so the consumer can see which portions of the arena at the moment are not able to get entry to the web page. Additionally, guests can record problems with the accessibility of any web site on the web.

Is it down at the moment?

One of the most well liked on-line equipment to test the web site availability standing of a web site is IsItdownRightNow. Simply sort the web site URL, and click on at the “test” button to carry out the web site availability take a look at.

Is it down right now

It additionally provides some additional knowledge. For example, you’ll be able to view a listing of connected web pages and a consumer score. Additionally, it supplies an in-depth ancient document of web site uptime.


Doj.me is an online provider and a simple instrument to use. Using this on-line web site checker instrument, you’ll be able to briefly test whether or not a web site is recently unavailable for everybody or whether or not the problem is together with your connection.


The web site URL will have to be entered within the house supplied, and then you definitely will have to click on the “Check Now” button to proceed.

Command Terminal

Alternately, you’ll be able to use the ping command-line instrument within the terminal to test whether or not the web site is operating as it should be or now not. It is to be had on Mac, Windows, and all distributions of Linux.

In the terminal, merely sort the next command.

ping <deal with>

You can input the URL of a web site or IP deal with right here. For example,

C:Userswriter>ping geekflare.com

Pinging geekflare.com [] with 32 bytes of information:
Reply from bytes=32 time=91ms TTL=57
Reply from bytes=32 time=85ms TTL=57
Reply from bytes=32 time=38ms TTL=57
Reply from bytes=32 time=36ms TTL=57

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate spherical travel instances in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 36ms, Maximum = 91ms, Average = 62ms

In lower than a minute, ping effects will likely be displayed. If you get a reaction in go back that begins with “Reply from…”, that implies the web site is up and operational. However, if you notice any mistakes like “Destination Host Unreachable” or “Request timed out, ” the internet server is offline.

Troubleshooting Tips

When you take a look at to get entry to some web site at the Internet however are as an alternative redirected to an error web page, there are two conceivable reasons: both the web site or host is down, or there is a subject with the relationship between your gadget and the host server. These easy and fast procedures may also be carried out to determine the problem and fasten it.

  • Verify the URL yet again.
  • Try having access to a special web site to ensure that your community connection is operating as it should be. If you’ll be able to get entry to different websites, there’s an issue with the host server itself.
  • Try having access to the objective web site the usage of a special gadget to make certain that downside is now not with ISP.

Additionally, If you’re the usage of any proxy server or VPN, forestall the usage of it and check out reloading the web site once more as a result of many VPN IP addresses had been passively blacklisted through lots of the best web pages on the web.


I am hoping you to find those equipment useful in figuring out whether or not the objective web site is down or up. If you wish to have lend a hand discovering the DNS data of any web site, take a look at our information on the most productive on-line Tools to Check DNS Records.


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