A Guide to Configuration Drift and How to Prevent it


Configuration go with the flow is a very powerful fear for all IAAC builders in the market. This put up will know about configuration go with the flow control, its significance, reasons, and doable answers.

What is Configuration Drift?

Application house owners will have to trade their apps and underlying infrastructure through the years to steadily reinforce buyer enjoy. These shoppers could also be both inside of or exterior to the corporate.

What is Configuration Drift

The configuration of the apps and infrastructure adjustments on account of the ones updates and adjustments. These changes might be really useful or degrade the methods’ hardened situation. Configuration go with the flow is the term for this.

How Configuration Drift Works

The doable for configuration go with the flow will increase with the complexity of device manufacturing and supply methods. The code is typically transferred from a developer’s workstation to a shared building atmosphere, to take a look at and QA environments, and sooner or later to staging and manufacturing environments.

How configuration drift works

The doable have an effect on will increase with how a long way alongside the pipeline the go with the flow happens. Even minor permutations between a package deal model put in on a developer’s computer and the model put in on a take a look at server can lengthen downside debugging. Typically, simplest staging and manufacturing are anticipated to be replicas of each other. The pressure is intense as a result of many companies deploy new code a lot of occasions day by day.

Common Causes of Configuration Drift

Lack of Communication

Sometimes the upstream groups fail to keep in touch with the downstream companions in regards to the adjustments made via them, which because of this, breaks down all of the downstream components.


Hotfixes are adjustments to code made to deal with a serious downside that can’t wait till the following deliberate replace of the applying. Sometimes the engineers operating on fixing the issue fail to make adjustments or file the similar repair to different environments within the pipeline, which because of this, leads to go with the flow. Often, reintroducing the unique downside will resolve this go with the flow.

Critical package updates

Critical Package Updates

Critical package deal updates are moderately equivalent to hotfixes. Both are carried out at a quick fee. The primary distinction is that serious package deal updates are implemented in hopes of heading off long run incidents. So, such updates may cause go with the flow in the similar means as hotfixes.

Lack of Automation

Automation won’t altogether take away the probabilities of configuration go with the flow. It will simply scale back its probabilities.

Convenience Changes

Sometimes adjustments made via builders are brief. For instance, go with the flow happens if a developer installs a brand new package deal on a take a look at server to take a look at some capability and forgets to revert it to its authentic state.

Why is Configuration Management Important?

One of the explanations configuration go with the flow may also be so harmful is if no person is consistently searching for it, go with the flow can move undiscovered as it steadily undermines the bottom of your infrastructure, just like a little bit leak in a area at the back of a wall.

When the configuration go with the flow is found out, discovering the underlying reason why for the configuration go with the flow that brought about it all to occur takes time, which is a treasured useful resource in an emergency.

Why is configuration management important

In Software building, go with the flow is an important reason for gradual liberate cycles. It may cause useless toil and impede developer productiveness. 

Lower Costs

 You can decrease the full quantity wanted via figuring out duplications or overprovisioning if in case you have an in depth symbol of your IT infrastructure.

Higher Productivity

 Clusters with strong and well known configurations allow batch control and infrastructure development. Furthermore, the requirement for managing person settings manually is reduced via restricting distinctive (or snowflake) servers.

Faster Debugging

Consistent configurations permit debugging groups to rule out configuration errors. Teams can be aware of different doable reasons, resolving tickets sooner as a result of they gained’t have to search for configuration discrepancies between servers, server clusters, or environments.

Issues Caused due to Configuration Drift

Issues caused due to configuration drift

Security Issues

 Insecure configurations are one of the vital widespread reasons of safety breaches. Configuration go with the flow may make different assaults and community breaches much more likely, even though you start with a secure configuration.


 Significant downtime might end result from a configuration error that permits an attacker to use a DoS flaw or compromise a the most important server. That’s no longer all, although. Let’s say you regulate a community tool’s configuration, affecting efficiency. You can at all times return to your “golden configuration,” proper? It will take for much longer to repair provider if that configuration is incorrect.

Falling out of compliance

 Tight safety controls are important for compliance with laws like ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. Configuration go with the flow may purpose you to ruin compliance if it isn’t stopped.

Degraded efficiency

 A configuration is in most cases in its maximum optimal situation when it is in its meant state. Ad-hoc changes can impede community optimization makes an attempt via inflicting bottlenecks and conflicts.

Wasted time 

It can take a very long time to troubleshoot a community you don’t perceive smartly or does no longer fit your community documentation. This signifies that configuration go with the flow may lead to IT troubleshooting issues that may no longer have existed or would had been more straightforward to unravel if the community were in its meant situation, as well as to producing downtime for customers.

Common Mistakes to be careful for When Monitoring Configuration Drift

Common Mistakes to watch out for When Monitoring Configuration Drift

In a really perfect international, all the atmosphere servers for builders (Dev/QA/Staging/Prod) would have the similar configurations. Unfortunately, it isn’t how issues function within the “genuine” international. In industrial settings, utility house owners often regulate the infrastructure when new features are presented to the device. 

Monitoring configuration go with the flow is the most important to make sure that device environments are as homogeneous as imaginable. Configuring control reduces bills, boosts productiveness and debugging time, and complements consumer enjoy.

To be as a success with tracking as imaginable, organizations will have to keep away from errors even if they use configuration control and track their configuration go with the flow.

The not unusual errors are indexed underneath:

Not Maintaining a CMDB

Keeping a configuration control database(CMDB) up to date is an important part of configuration control. Information on a community’s {hardware} and device installations may also be tested in a single position, equipped via a configuration control database. Data is amassed for every asset or configuration merchandise, offering visibility and transparency within the office.

Failure to handle a CMDB exposes companies to the chance of no longer absolutely figuring out how the configuration of 1 merchandise impacts every other merchandise. Organizations chance harmful their infrastructure and safety with out figuring out the results.

CMDBs may also be difficult to administer, in particular because the collection of property rises, however efficient database group and control are the most important for effectively monitoring configuration go with the flow and comprehending infrastructure.

Not Having a Plan of How to Monitor Configuration Drift

Organizations often have large, intricate infrastructures that want to be watched over. Determining which parts want to be monitored probably the most is the most important. Otherwise, configuration control might briefly develop into unmanageable and chaotic.

Organizations will have to specify which property are crucial for corporate tracking and particular industry devices. The maximum the most important methods will probably be watched, which is able to range from unit to unit and trade to trade.

Not Monitoring Automatically

Organizations can track configuration go with the flow in different techniques. However, some approaches are extra subtle and a success than others.

Manual tracking of configuration go with the flow is pricey and time-consuming. Manual tracking additionally exposes the opportunity of human error. This isn’t the most efficient method to track configuration go with the flow until your corporate has an overly tiny infrastructure footprint.

Automatic tracking is probably the most evolved and environment friendly means to stay configurations within the desired state. Dedicated configuration tracking methods can discover go with the flow straight away and often be offering answers, together with rapid correction. This promises that the industry’s infrastructure is returned to the required state as briefly as possible and with minimum results.

How to Monitor Configuration Drift: 

How to monitor Configuration drift

It turns into evident why detecting Configuration Drift must be a best fear as soon as you recognize the wear and tear it might purpose. Knowing what to maintain and why it used to be offered as a metamorphosis that created go with the flow is step one in that procedure.

Know what you might be searching for

You might triage your company via figuring out the parts the most important to the group as an entire and the ones the most important to every industry unit.

This varies via unit and could also be expansive in extremely regulated industries or only focal point on narrower system-critical recordsdata/programs. The significance of the components will decide the frequency and seriousness of tracking methods.

Set a Baseline  

There will at all times be variances between a manufacturing atmosphere and checking out levels on account of the more than a few settings. The baseline to test for go with the flow is created via defining what every step must be and the varieties of deviations which are permissible.

Early checking out levels may well be extra appropriate for the next go with the flow allowance than a User Acceptance Testing atmosphere or a 0 go with the flow production level.

Monitor Your System  

The degree of tracking required will range relying at the adulthood of the group, its present methods, tooling, the entire collection of configurations that want to be checked, and the extent of scrutiny required. Depending on necessities and compliance, tracking might range for every unit inside of a company.

How to Prevent Configuration Drift

Monitoring will have to make sure that infrastructure is saved in the suitable configuration after a baseline of configurations and allowable gaps had been outlined. Without a tracking technique, establishing configuration plans and documentation wastes time.

Various approaches may also be hired to track configuration go with the flow, and many companies will mix methodologies and gear in response to their adulthood and compliance necessities.

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Constant Manual Monitoring 

Individual device configurations may also be manually reviewed and when put next to a identified configuration document. Due to the human facet, this procedure continues to be error-prone and dear referring to worker hours. I must simplest be used on a small scale for a couple of explicit server clusters or an organization with a modest infrastructure footprint.


A crew manually examines server configurations as a part of configuration audits, evaluating them to a specified style. These audits may also be dear since they require specialist wisdom to decide how a components must be constructed and then a radical investigation of any undocumented likelihood to make a decision whether or not or no longer it must be preserved.

The audit crew additionally makes important changes to the configuration paperwork that will probably be implemented all through the following audit. Audits are generally retained for high-value or compliance-heavy clusters and ceaselessly performed, typically more than one occasions a 12 months, due to the time and price issues.

Auditing does ensure constant and repeatable server configuration on a predetermined agenda.

However, till the following audit, settings will go with the flow and stay extra and extra.

Real-time Automated Monitoring 

Automated real-time tracking is probably the most subtle means to stay configurations within the desired state. To do that, servers or teams of servers will have to be created at the side of an outline of the way they must be configured using devoted server setup gear.

These techniques will use a light-weight agent to track a server’s configuration inside of that crew and evaluate it to its definition.

This computerized procedure straight away warns about go with the flow and generally supplies a number of alternatives to proper the server go with the flow.

Final Words:

Inconsistent configuration pieces (CIs) between computer systems or gadgets are the basis reason for configuration go with the flow. Configuration go with the flow occurs naturally in information middle environments when device and {hardware} changes are accomplished at the fly with out being totally documented or tracked.

Many excessive availability and crisis restoration components disasters are attributed to configuration go with the flow. Administrators must stay meticulous data at the community addresses of {hardware} gadgets, at the side of the device variations put in on them and the upgrades which have been made, to reduce configuration go with the flow.


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