CSGO blast premier fall groups 2022 schedule

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CSGO blast premier fall groups recently announced the relevant event schedule , which will be held from August 19th to 28th, 2022. A total of 12 teams will participate, competing for 6 promotion places . The blast premier fall groups will be the first after the offseason. This is an offline competition. All teams hope to use this competition to test the training results during this period . This is destined to be an exciting CSGO competition . The following will introduce the CSGO blast premier fall groups schedule. I want to know more For more CSGO schedule news, please visitgametopn.com .

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blast premier fall groups competition system

group matches

The BO1 double- elimination system is adopted. A total of 12 teams participate in the group stage, which are divided into three different groups: Group A , Group B, and Group C. There are 4 teams in each group, and each game is two wins and one loss . Determine the group ranking.


The BO3 single- elimination system is adopted. The third and fourth group of each group will take the lead in the BO3 single-scoring contest. The winning group will enter the second round of the knockout round to challenge the second group, and so on. Finally , the first challenge group will be the third in the knockout round The 3 teams that win the round can directly advance and get the final places of the three blast premier fall groups .


The BO3 system is adopted. The 6 teams in the group stage and the 2 teams in the knockout stage will compete for the final three final places in the blast premier fall groups . The winner will advance and the loser will be eliminated.

blast premier fall groups schedule

Group A :

August 19

19:00 Vitality vs OG

20:00 NIP vs. Astralis

Group B :

August 20 _

19:00 Complexity vs Natus Vincere

20:00 Liquid vs G2

Group C :

August 20 _

19:00 Evil Geniuses vs FaZe

20:00 Heroic vs. BIG

blast premier fall groups bonus

blast premier fall groups prize pool has a total of $177,498. Below is the distribution of prize money by team ranking.

1st – 3rd: $27,500

4th – 6th: $17,500

7th – 9th: $8500

10th – 12th: $5,666

above is the csgo blast premier fall groups 2022 schedule. As a game that has been released for many years, CSGO is still very popular. CSGO blast premier fall groups has also received close attention from players. If you want to know more CSGO information, visit them at gametopn.com We will follow the progress of CSGO blast premier fall groups 2022 in real time and bring you the latest news in time .

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