Valorant Guide for Beginners: How to Improve Your Rank

Valorant is a competitive game, and there would be no one who would argue this point. From beginners to veteran players, everyone is known to struggle with Valorant from time to time. Valorant also boasts of having one of the best ranking systems in the FPS gaming genre. The ranks are divided into eight tiers, with each tier (the ultimate tier Valorant being the exception) having three further levels. So, even with the paid Valorant hacks, one would find it challenging to jump to the top levels of Valorant easily. However, that does not mean one cannot improve their rank quickly in Valorant. Here’s how to do just that.


Your placement matches mean a lot, so focus.

Your road to quickly getting to the top begins with the placement match. Valorant has a comprehensive ranking system in place, with a player having to go through at least five placement matches to get an initial rank. But even before doing that, you have to play at least 20 unranked matches for your character even to become eligible for the competitive mode. Your performance in those twenty unranked will also impact your final rank. So, simply put, you have to be at your best from the very beginning.

The Valorant ranking system takes a lot of things into consideration while determining a player’s initial rank. Not only are the results of the twenty-five matches considered, but so is the player’s performance. After that, it depends on how the player performs in their rank. If there are more losses than wins in the competitive matches, the gamer would be demoted a rank. Simply put, you need to win to even stay on your current levels.

Understand your mechanics before starting placement matches

We have already emphasized the importance of performing well in the placement matches. So, getting familiar with the game’s mechanics would be best before starting any round. It is something that will help you later in the game as well. After all, you need to win matches to have chances of maintaining your current rank, let alone improving on it. Also, get familiar with the weapons and their recoil and build your muscle memory.

Learn the maps ASAP

Another tip that will undoubtedly help a player improve their rank in Valorant is learning the maps present in the game ASAP. It goes without saying that one’s knowledge of the game’s map plays a crucial role for them in making correct and, more importantly, quick decisions regarding the gameplay. FPS games are not just determined by players’ skills in combat and their weapons but also by how they take advantage of their surroundings. And learning the map as quickly as possible helps in just that.

Cooperate with teammates

Valorant is not a solo game, no matter what one wishes. It might be hard for many players, but it is crucial that you cooperate with your teammates to have the best chance of coming out triumphant in the match. Even if you are the more experienced player in the squad, you need to take everyone into account, their strengths and weaknesses, and then come up with a viable strategy. If you can do that, you will see your win rates going only in one direction – up.

Focus on only a couple of agents

The massive number of gaming characters available in the game is tempting for one to give them all a shot. However, it would be best if you do not do so, especially if you want to rank up as quickly as possible. You would be better off learning everything you can about only a few agents.

Sure, trying out every character in the game is not a bad strategy, but only if the aim is to learn their abilities, strengths, and weakness and use the collected information against them. It will massively tilt the balance of any combat in your favor.

Be an excellent defender.

Being a better defender is more beneficial than being an aggressive attacker. When playing as the defending team, you must give everything and then some to ensure that the site is defended at all costs. Do not give up your position for an easy kill, and never allow any opening on the site. If you can defend your site, you will significantly bolster your chances of improving on the tier rank.

While rank is not everything in Valorant, they do a good enough job of indicating one’s skills and talent in the game. Aim for stars if you want to sit at the top of the leaderboard!

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