Fortnite Dragon Ball Challenges, Guides and Rewards


One of the largest collaborations within the historical past of the sport global is in any case right here – Fortnite and combat royal. There aren’t best various Fortnite skins to be had within the store, however you’ll be able to additionally in finding Fortnite Capsule Corps tablets in-game that comprise robust pieces and a distinct Dragon Ball Adventure island to discover. The tournament begins nowadays and will finish on August thirtieth. There’s so much already to be had within the sport with many extra to come back over the process the two-week tournament. Here’s all you wish to have to learn about those new Dragon Ball demanding situations in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Challenges List

You can get right of entry to all the Dragon Ball quests through clicking at the Dragon Ball on the most sensible of the primary menu. As the development continues, new demanding situations will liberate periodically over the following few days. Moreover, to liberate the Dragon Ball rewards, you wish to have extra energy ranges. Here are the lists of all the Fortnite Dragon Ball demanding situations you wish to have to finish:


  • Complete warmup quest (3) –  dragon ball
  • Open two Capsule Corp tablets (Stage 1)
  • Collect the Nimbus Cloud or the Kamehameha in 5 other suits (Stage 2)
  • Visit a well-known coaching location
  • Purchase an merchandise from a Dragon Ball Vending Machine
  • Destroy 100 gadgets with a Kamehameha
  • Travel 1,500 meters whilst driving a Nimbus Cloud
  • Watch Dragon Ball Super in Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival

Sparring Practice

  • Join a Versus Battle in two other suits (Stage 1)
  • Join a Versus Battle in 5 other suits (Stage 2)
  • Join a Versus Battle in ten other suits (Stage 3)
  • Damage an enemy participant prior to taking injury in 3 other suits
  • Deal 300 injury to enemy avid gamers with the Kamehameha
  • Win a Versus Battle (Stage 1)
  • Win 3 Versus Battles (Stage 2)
  • Destroy couches or beds
  • Emote on the Rave Cave

Strength Training

  • Push 3 Giant Boulders or Timber Pine logs
  • Destroy ten gadgets with a unmarried Kamehameha assault
  • Use the Kamehameha to smash a automotive (Stage 1)
  • Use the Kamehameha to smash a large rig semi truck (Stage 2)
  • Deal 300 injury to fighters inside of a unmarried fit (Stage 1)
  • Deal 600 injury to fighters inside of a unmarried sport (Stage 2)
  • Deal 1,000 injury to fighters inside of a unmarried sport (Stage 3)

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Upcoming quests

  • Open Capsule Corp tablets
  • Sprint distance in a Versus Battle
  • Damage fighters with a grenade in a Versus Battle
  • Throw a cabbage 100 or extra meters in a single toss
  • Eliminate fighters
  • Complete the mushroom impediment direction
  • Complete the Desert time trial
  • Deal injury to fighters whilst sliding
  • Deal injury to fighters whilst airborne
  • Deal injury to fighters inside of 5 seconds after sprinting
  • Deal injury to fighters inside of 5 seconds of mantling
  • Hit an opponent inside of 3 seconds of speeding with a Zero Point fish
  • Use a zipline
  • Jump whilst swimming
  • Survive typhoon levels
  • Gain 150 shields in several suits
  • Open a Capsule Corp pill and end within the most sensible 10
  • Land at Logjam Lotus, then climb to the perfect level in Shifty Shafts
  • Travel 500 meters on foot in one fit
  • Swim in icy water
  • Collect tablets in Dragon Ball Adventure Island
  • Eat a vegetable and a fruit
  • Travel distance whilst sprinting
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  • Collect Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Adventure Island
  • Hit headshots whilst aiming down points of interest
  • Damage a participant from 75 or extra meters with scoped guns
  • Damage a participant with the Kamehameha prior to touchdown from the Nimbus Cloud
  • Collect an extraordinary or higher merchandise from the bottom inside of 3 seconds of touchdown from the Battle Bus
  • Travel distance in a automobile on asphalt
  • Swing from 5 other timber with out touchdown with the Grapple Glove
  • Mark a DMR, an SMG and a pistol
  • Deal injury to fighters with a sniper rifle
  • Regain well being whilst resting in a tent
  • Take a dip within the water at Sunburned Shacks or Beach Bash
  • Get toasty through a campfire and regain well being
  • Go fishin’ at Leafy Reef, Mighty Monument, and Loot Landing
  • Restore well being through consuming fish or meat right through or after a Versus Battle
  • Use a fishing rod to experience a Loot Shark
  • Thank the bus motive force and end most sensible 25
  • Search ice machines or coolers

Agility Training

Endurance Training

Focus Training


Guides for all Dragon Ball demanding situations

We already discussed the lists of demanding situations, you’ll be able to simply entire them through following techniques.

  • First of all, you wish to have to begin with the Warmup quests, Here you are going to see Capsule Corp tablets drop into the map similar to Supply Drops. Here you are going to get the Dragon Ball weapon, the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud. Now you’ve to begin with those randomly-spawning Dragon Ball-themed airdrops.
  • You have to transport to the Kame House to consult with a well-known coaching location. The home is situated on the seashore at the far-east facet of the island.
  • If the problem doesn’t pop whilst you arrive, check out talking to the NPC there, Bulma.
  • Dragon Ball merchandising machines will also be discovered on the Rave Cave, west of Coney Crossroads, and inside of Rocky Reels.
  • On the opposite hand, as opposed to battles are new one-on-one battles you’ll be able to decide into the use of Versus Boards. These have changed Bounty Boards. If you need to go into right into a as opposed to board, merely pass to anyplace the place you’d up to now in finding Bounty Boards.
  • To watch Dragon Ball Super inside of Fortnite, pass to the sport’s inventive mode. Here you are going to in finding the Dragon Ball Super crossover maps, together with an in-game theatre the place you’ll be able to watch Dragon Ball Super.
  • To in finding large boulders or bushes pines, you wish to have to appear atop hills or mountains. The Timber Pines are the sunshine brown timber most commonly discovered within the snowy northwestern quadrant of the map.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Quest rewards

Once you entire the demanding situations you are going to get other rewards. For finishing the Power Unleashed quests, you’ll carry your energy degree to over 9,000. Moreover, you’ll be able to acquire all the Dragon Balls to get an entire bunch of loose beauty pieces. Here are all the Dragon Ball quest rewards:

  • Smiling Goku emoticon – energy degree 10 million
  • Level up for Battle Pass – energy degree 20 million
  • Fusion! spray – energy degree 30 million
  • Dragon Radar again bling – energy degree 40 million
  • Level up for Battle Pass – energy degree 50 million
  • Bulma’s wink emoticon – energy degree 60 million
  • Level up for Battle Pass – energy degree 70 million
  • Boosting Ki emote – energy degree 80 million
  • Level up for Battle Pass – energy degree 90 million
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku spray – energy degree 100 million
  • Level up for Battle Pass – energy degree 110 million
  • Charging Up emote – energy degree 120 million
  • Shenron Glider – acquire all seven Dragon Balls

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