Here’s How To Find Your YouTube Music Year-In-Review Recap 2021

YouTube Music has now debuted its 2021 Recap feature, which is similar to a Year in Review. That’s supposed to deliver all of the stats someone could desire for their listening history, as its slogan says. Those statistics, though, aren’t just numbers. They’re in an easily interactive manner, replete with playlists and sharing for those that desire it.

Unlike some other characteristics, though, this one isn’t always the easiest to find organically. So, let’s take a deeper look at how you may get your own own YouTube Music 2021 Recap.

Here’s where YouTube tucked its Year-in-Review Music Recap for 2021

It’s never been easier to get to your YouTube Music Year-in-Review Recap for 2021 than it is now. It could also not be more counter-intuitive. When YouTube adds a new feature to one of its apps, that feature is usually prominently shown. Even for features that are only available for a limited period or are rather obscure, like this one. They’re usually displayed in the form of a pop-up banner or card when you first start the app.

This one, on the other hand, is hidden quite a bit deeper. And it’s hidden in a menu that’s unlikely to be visited by most users. At the very least, most people aren’t going to order from the menu very often. Let alone frequently enough to intuitively uncover the feature through basic navigation. And the business isn’t even putting up a banner or a card. Although some consumers may receive an email informing them of the new feature.

So let’s move throughout the procedure for tips on how to get on your 2021 YouTube Music Year-in-Review Recap step-by-step.

  1. The obvious first step is going to be opening YouTube Music. That’s specifically going to need to be the app for YouTube Music, as opposed to the web version. As that latter version does not, as of this writing at least, appear to show the feature
how to find youtube music
  1. Once YouTube Music is open, you’ll need to access your profile menu. That’s easily accomplished via a tap on your profile image, tucked away at the top-right-hand corner of the UI. If you haven’t set a user profile image, the image will show the first letter of your Google Account username
how to find youtube music2
  1. Look for an option that reads “2021 Recap” in the resulting profile menu. That specifically appears between the options labeled “History” and “Paid memberships”
how to find youtube music3
  1. Tap — or click on other platforms — the “2021 Recap” option. That’s denoted by a rewind icon
how to find youtube music4

What’s at the recap web page?

What the YouTube 2021 Recap is, however, will differ depending on how you’ve used the service in the past. In particular, how you’ve used the service in the previous year. Starting with a 2021 Recap playlist. As shown in the images above, that’s because the recap is not just stats. It’s also a collection of 365-day playlists that can be shared. As well as a number of statistics related to that listening. Several different categories are covered.

The majority of the songs on my YouTube Music 2021 Recap page are the result of how many audio gadgets I’ve tested this year, as shown in the images above. In fact, the vast bulk of the entries are straight copied from my test playlist. This explains why NOW That’s What I Call Polka! by Weird Al Yankovic was my “On Repeat” selection. Or, to be more specific, why I listened to it eight times in a week, according to

YouTube Music, in addition to displaying a title in that genre, also provides additional information. It can inform you, for example, which YouTube Music-generated mix you listened to the most. Which “Chill Vibe” song has been played the most and which “Energy Anthem” has been played the most are also included. We’ll use Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and Mindless Self Indulgence’s Shut Me Up as examples. My page’s “Discovered Artist” — properly, rediscovered — was Live.

Finally, the page shows which song you listened to the most, which artist you spent the most time with, and which playlists you used the most. As previously stated, the majority of our sample photographs came from the “Tester” playlist.

But the ones effects are going to alter considerably from consumer to consumer. And person playing cards at the YouTube Music 2021 Recap web page may also be shared at a click on or added to playlists by way of the plus-shaped button.

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