How to Check Phone Status using IMEI Number


The IMEI quantity serves as the person identity code for every cellular software.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit quantity that may be discovered on all cell phones. It is distinct to each and every software and lets in you to safe your phone within the tournament of the robbery in an instant.

The IMEI quantity incorporates built-in knowledge similar to software producer identify, type quantity, and extra. The first 8 digits include details about the software foundation main points and product identification, whilst the cellular developer chooses the rest digits.

This IMEI quantity is utilized by government and repair operators to save you pirated or misplaced units from connecting to any community.

Why use the IMEI?

  • To lock and safe the system within the tournament of robbery.
  • To take a look at the software’s legitimacy.
  • To make the software activated if the person forgets the password.
  • Get an in depth system file, together with type quantity, software foundation, manufacture, and warranty-end date.

Being not able to find your cellular phone is probably the most stressful state of affairs. It’s crucial to notify the government and your community operator in an instant you probably have misplaced your cellular. The skill to give you the IMEI quantity is relatively advisable on this case.

Nowadays, it’s virtually tough to scouse borrow a cellular and escape with it due to developments in digitalization and generation. Finding a stolen system is discreet; all you wish to have to do is give the IMEI knowledge to the native police station.

The community operator would put it at the blacklist, whilst the police government would possibly put it to use for investigations.

How to to find an IMEI Number?


Each cellular software has a novel IMEI quantity. The USSD code is the fastest method to uncover your software’s IMEI quantity.

Using USSD code

  • Dial *#06# to your keypad

The IMEI quantity might be displayed at the display routinely. This is probably the most extensively used means. It makes no distinction what sort of smartphone you will have. According to telecom laws, each and every cellular has a definite IMEI quantity.

You too can discover a software’s IMEI quantity in cellular settings. Try searching for IMEI within the Settings possibility of your cellular.

Android phone

  • On your Android smartphone, release the Settings app.
  • Click “About Phone” after scrolling down.
  • Again click on on “Status” to to find IMEI knowledge at the side of IP deal with, software MAC deal with, and so forth.

Apple iPhone

Like Android, Apple has equipped customers with the aptitude to find and retailer IMEI knowledge on their iPhones. Every iPhone type follows virtually the similar procedures.

  • Launch the settings menu. Click General. Next, make a selection About.
  • You can to find your IMEI quantity underneath the Bluetooth possibility after scrolling down.

In this text, We have summarized an inventory of the most productive Online Tools to take a look at phone standing using an IMEI quantity.

The number one benefits of those on-line gear the place you’ll assessment the phone standing using IMEI quantity are that you’ll get admission to all of the related information, together with the date of manufacturing, cellular guarantee standing, type identify, and plenty of extra.

Let’s get began!


IMEI.Info is a to hand and superb internet carrier to take a look at phone standing using IMEI numbers. Enter the 15-digit distinctive IMEI quantity and click on at the “take a look at” button to proceed. The public analysis IMEI TAC knowledge database served as the root for the advent of this website online.


This IMEI search for characteristic is unfastened and easy to use. This website online additionally gives IMEI calculator at the side of the IMEI checker.


Swappa is a web-based internet carrier for promoting used smartphones and laptops. On Swappa, you convert units with different shoppers without delay. Additionally, it additionally gives a strong IMEI checker to take a look at phone standing.

Enter the IMEI or TAC (Type Allocation Code) quantity and click on input to get started checking for software knowledge.


It additionally helps a GSMA integration using the integrated GSMA software registry; it briefly verifies the User’s IMEI with the software blocklist database.


IMEIpro is any other unfastened global IMEI blacklist checker. Enter the IMEI quantity you need and click on the “take a look at” button to to find software knowledge using the IMEI within the world database.


With an excessively top accuracy charge, you’ll simply to find out if the cellular has been reported misplaced anyplace around the world using this on-line device.


IMEI24 is a unfastened and robust IMEI checker. This website online is relatively useful. After getting into the IMEI quantity within the enter box equipped, you’ll briefly uncover all of the knowledge you wish to have to learn about your system.


you’ll additionally file a misplaced phone to the blacklist registry database. You might be alerted in case your distinctive IMEI quantity is entered, and the person who did so will know that you just’re in search of this actual software.

eIMEI 24

eIMEI24 is any other implausible on-line device for checking phone standing using the IMEI quantity. Enter your 15-digit distinctive IMEI quantity and click on at the take a look at button.

eIMEI 24

The producer and model of your system are right away identified. Additionally, you’re going to learn of your software guarantee and blacklist standing.

The tough and user-friendly IMEI search for device presented through grants the person whole privileged get admission to to the most important IMEI information repository on the web. Enter the objective IMEI quantity and click on on “take a look at IMEI” after settling on the carrier.

This internet carrier lets in the person to take a look at the IMEI selection of each Android and Apple units. You too can use IMEI, MEID, and ESN numbers to get software knowledge.

It additionally gives API get admission to, permitting you to attach to integrated IMEI take a look at functions and get pleasure from speedy responses and environment friendly information.

Final Words

It’s the most important to word down your cellular IMEI quantity since you’ll by no means know whilst you might require it.

I am hoping you realized one thing from this text about How to Check Phone Status using an IMEI quantity and its absolute best gear.

You can also be enthusiastic about studying about the most productive Two-Factor Authentication apps for including further safety to your social media accounts.


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