How to Display FPS While Gaming on PC


The approval for video video games has persistently greater for fairly a very long time now. Gaming is lately a extra vital trade than movies and sports activities consolidated.

Furthermore, with people on the lookout for higher approaches to mingle and stay engaged right through the pandemic, the gaming trade has simply speeded up its tempo within the leisure box. 

As consistent with SuperData’s reports, source of revenue for gaming grew 12% in 2020, up to $139.9 billion from $120.1 billion in 2019. Also, at one level, 4 out of every 5 people in the USA had performed a pc sport within the earlier six months. PC gaming has had a turbulent historical past. It received recognition following the online game failure in 1983. 


Video video games have misplaced their recognition on account of low-quality and occasional graphic video games. Another explanation why that video video games have misplaced their recognition within the past due ’90s is on account of the creation of console gaming within the gaming trade, such because the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. PC gaming has successfully recovered a gradual spot within the international marketplace this is anticipated to proceed such immense expansion.

From this, you’ll perceive the significance of the standard of the sport in any gamer’s thoughts. The high quality enormously greater 12 months through 12 months.

Moreover, as generation grew, other Personal Computers producers got here up with upper RAM and Graphics yearly to trap their gamer buyer base. The cherry on the cake is gaming corporations like Sony, Microsoft, Tencent, and nearly all have advanced video games that may blow somebody’s thoughts.

Yet to experience those video games to their highest, FPS issues essentially the most. After reading this text, it is going to enlighten you with the entire wisdom of FPS and the method of turning on its show whilst gaming.

What does FPS imply?

Most importantly, we will have to give an explanation for the fundamental which means of FPS who’re new to gaming. FPS is an abbreviation that represents Frames Per Second (FPS). Basically, it addresses the collection of frames your GPU can ship every 2d.

For example, if a sport is working at one body every 2d, you possibly can simply be seeing one image persistently. This is extra identical to a slideshow than a continual play of a sport. Moreover, any sport could be unplayable at 1 FPS. Thus, the extra frames are delivered and proven every 2d, the smoother and extra responsive the continued interplay enjoy will probably be for you.

Different FPS brackets you will have to find out about

The data under will permit you to perceive what FPS you’ll wait for from more than a few units and displays and the way they carry out with other video games.

FPS Brackets
  • 30 FPS – This is a efficiency point ordinarily centered on through other industry sequence workbooks and price range plan gaming computer systems. Remember, then again, that vital stammering is solely actually observable at underneath 20 FPS so that you can imagine anything else over 20 FPS as playable.
  • 60 FPS – This is the target for many gaming computer systems. Just the better-enhanced video games can handle a gradual 60 FPS on consoles. Be that as it will, the newest PS5 and the Xbox Series X have their focal point on this bracket for lots of video games.
  • 120 FPS – This is any such body price that should be proven on track displays with 120-165 Hz refresh charges. Generally, simply powerful and superb high quality gaming computer systems can run soliciting for video games with this stage of execution with nearly no body drops.
  • 240 FPS – This FPS is held for the fastest 240 Hz displays. 240 FPS is basically as excessive as the newest quad HD displays strengthen it. High-end esports gamers are basically short of this type of FPS.

Remember that tracking with a triple-digit refresh price is helping spice up the FPS extra briefly than same old. Due to that, it’s anticipated that almost all players and the organizers of esports tournaments use some of these presentations.

Moreover, we ought to be aware a couple of constant losses to believe when FPS is worried. In specific, whilst it’s now not tough to locate the distinction between 30 FPS and 60 FPS gaming, the adaptation between 120 FPS and 240 FPS is so much tougher to understand.

Why is FPS vital in easy gameplay?

Cutthroat players and esports stars focal point on essentially the most increased FPS gaming setup to give them the higher give up their competition. It could be highest to have the smoothest actions and maximum minimum latency to accomplish the most efficient results on your gameplay. High body charges delivered through the newest GPUs give those gamers a aggressive merit over others.

The above query of why FPS is so necessary in easy gameplay for players will also be briefly responded through a simple instance.

Imagine you’re a gamer and enjoying a sport at a relentless 60 FPS, because of this you’ll see 60 frames in every 2d and act on it. At the similar time, your opponent has 30 FPS whilst enjoying towards you, because of this he can most effective see 30 frames every 2d and will react to it. So, we will say that your sport is 2 occasions smoother than your warring parties.

Why is the show of FPS vital?

Frames consistent with 2d, or we will say FPS isn’t the static size. It adjustments each and every 2d based totally on the motion or different belongings you do on your sport. So, it’s crucially vital that you simply show the FPS depend on our track display whilst gaming. 

Smooth Screen

It will also be very really useful to you as you’ll observe it, and in addition, within the state of affairs of slugginess, you’ll to find that it’s due to an FPS downside or on account of community problems. Mainly FPS drops happen due to the rise in temperature of GPU. So, with the assistance of an FPS show, you’ll additionally be certain of the situation of your GPU’s temperature.

Let’s now have a look at the strategies to flip on the FPS show on your PC.

Steam’s In-Game overlay

Valve, Steam’s developer corporate, just lately added an FPS counter to Steam’s in-game overlay. In Steam (whilst no video games are working), merely head to Steam > Settings > In-Game and later on pick out a location from the “In-game FPS counter” dropdown to your display.

Steam Overlay

Take a glance along with the display you picked whilst enjoying a sport, and also you’ll see the FPS counter. It usually displays up on best of the particular sport, but totally it’s tiny and refined to see whilst enjoying any sport.

FPS Display

You would possibly have the ability to get this FPS show running for non-Steam video games. For including a sport to your Steam library, move to the “Games” menu and pick out “Add a non-Steam sport to my library.” After doing this, release the sport thru Steam, and the overlay would possibly paintings with it, relying upon the sport.

Windows/Xbox 10 Game Bar

You would possibly want to take a couple of steps to use the FPS counter over your sport. You’ll want Xbox Game Bar model 3.34.11002.0 or later to use the FPS counter.

Xbox Game Bar
  • Press the Windows brand key + G to open up the Game Bar, make a choice the Overlay menu, after which the Performance tab.
  • Select the FPS tab within the Performance tab, then click on on the Request Access button.
  • Follow the directions, then restart your PC for the adjustments to take impact.
  • The FPS counter will probably be in a position to use and ready within the Xbox Game Bar whilst you release a sport.

Using the sport’s in-built FPS Counter

Many video games have integrated FPS counters that you’ll use to show FPS. Depending upon the sport you’re enjoying, this selection is also laborious to to find it every now and then. It is also simplest to merely glance it over Google for the placement and sort “display FPS” for any specific sport to see whether or not a sport has an implicit FPS selection possibility or now not, and if it has, you’ll see how to flip it on. For other video games, you’ve more than a few choices, however probably the most tactics to flip it on are given under:

  • Video or Graphics Option: There could be a “Show FPS” possibility on the sport’s video or designs settings display. This selection could be visual at the back of an “Advanced” submenu in settings.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: A couple of video games would possibly have this selection hidden at the back of any keyboard shortcut. For example, in Minecraft, you’ll faucet F3 to open the troubleshoot display. This display will display your FPS and in addition other subtleties of the sport.
  • Console Commands: Many video games have an inherent keep watch over middle the place you’ll sort orders. Sometimes, you could want to make the most of a startup possibility to allow the keep watch over middle ahead of it opens up. For example, assuming you’re enjoying DOTA 2, you’ll pull up the developer console (you’ll want to allow it first) after which run the ‘cl_showfps 1’ command to turn on an on-screen FPS counter.
  • Startup Options: A couple of video games would possibly require an additional startup possibility you’ll have to turn on whilst opening the sport. You can do that through converting the sport’s shortcut on the desktop or within the Start Menu. In instrument comparable to Steam or Origin, you’ll likewise move right into a sport’s houses and alter its choices from that time. In Steam, right-click a sport, then make a choice Properties, click on Set release choices underneath the General tab, and input the choices which might be required.
  • Configuration Files: A couple of video games would possibly require you to turn on a hidden possibility coated in some more or less file within the sport folder. Regardless of whether or not a sport calls for this, you’ll have the choice to take pleasure in this. For example, DOTA 2 gamers who usually want to see their FPS may alternate the sport’s autoexec.cfg file to run the ‘cl_showfps 1’ every time the sport starts.

Using Third-Party instrument

If any of the above strategies didn’t give you the results you want, then you’ll take the assistance of any Third-Party instrument. Some of such instrument are indexed under. You can take a look at them and come to a decision which instrument can paintings completely for you.

FPS Monitor

FPS Monitor is absolutely the first remarkable gaming strengthen instrument that displays an FPS counter in addition to display a ton of various {hardware} parameters whilst gaming. This offers an unmistakable define of ways your apparatus is acting whilst gaming.

FPS Monitor

Moreover, this system will display the place burdens are excessively excessive on your sport – CPU or GPU. Or on the opposite hand, in all probability the bottleneck is on your laborious disk, or the issue is a community connection. It can locate the entire parameters and show them to you whilst gaming.

AMD Radeon ReLive

Press SHIFT+CTRL+O to allow the overlay possibility after putting in and putting in place ReLive instrument. If it does now not paintings, you’ve to configure it through urgent ALT+R, after which you’ll make a choice  SHIFT+CTRL+O beside the overlay possibility. After enabling it, you’ll simply see your FPS and different parameters whilst enjoying any sport.

AMD Radeon ReLive

AMD Radeon ReLive allows players to seize and move their gameplay on-line on Youtube, Twitch, or different platforms. It additionally provides thrilling moments, recordings, and a display seize of your gameplay which you’ll use to add any montage video.

Nvidia Geforce Experience

Users can set up Nvidia Geforce Experience on any computer or PC with Nvidia’s GPU put in on it. Assuming you’ve the newest NVIDIA graphic GPU that upholds ShadowPlay, you’ll likewise allow an in-game FPS counter thru NVIDIA GeForce Experience. In the appliance, click on the “Settings” button.

Afterward, transfer to the percentage phase, flip on that toggle button, and click on on the settings button. There you’ll to find the overlay possibility. Click on that. In the “Overlays” window, make a choice the “FPS Counter” tab after which click on one of the most 4 quadrants given in that field to pick out the place you need your FPS counter.

Nvidia Geforce Experience

On the off probability that you simply use GeForce Experience, you’ll likewise make the most of NVIDIA’s sport profiles to in consequence pick out the NVIDIA-recommended settings for more than a few video games to run highest on your graphic card. NVIDIA considers this a technique for bettering video games and inflicting them to appear noticeably extra interesting with no need you exchange and check a sport’s graphics possible choices because it used to be finished within the just right previous days.


Fraps is an all-inclusive Windows utility used with video games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic innovation. In its provide model, Fraps plays many undertakings comparable to Screen Capture, Real-time Video Capture, Frame Rate Overlay, and plenty of different such options.


Moreover, you’ll practice the stairs to allow the FPS overlay possibility.

Open Fraps. Select the “FPS” tab on the easiest level of the Fraps window (search for a yellow “99”). Here, you’ll see possible choices for Fraps’ benchmarking and description price overlay purposes. After doing that, you’ll set hotkeys for the benchmarking and description price overlay capacities. For your FPS overlay, pick out an fringe of your display the place it gained’t darken your imaginative and prescient or disguise any very important information right through gameplay. Now, you’ll decrease Fraps and get started your sport, and the FPS counter will probably be visual. 

Razer Cortex

With the assistance of Razer Cortex, you’ll in consequence easy out your PC’s efficiency and visuals for all supported video games. You can set the place you want to see the FPS counter thru Razer Cortex to know each and every time your sport is lagging or slugging. It makes use of a high-level Artificial Intelligence mechanism along side a Machine Learning set of rules’s calculation that computes the most efficient settings that strengthen your sport personal tastes.

Razer Cortex

Additionally, you’ll use Razer Cortex flawlessly as an in-game overlay for an extra stage of strengthen on your Windows 10 PC with the Xbox Game Bar add-on.

ExKode Dxtory

ExKode Dxtory is basically a video shooting instrument, and it claims that it’s the quickest amongst all. It will also be most commonly labored with OpenGL and DirectX packages. It additionally helps the FPS counter overlay whilst enjoying the sport as an extra characteristic.

Exkode Dxtory

You too can allow different parameters comparable to writing record FPS and video standing along side the FPS counter. Moreover, you’ll additionally customise the colour of the FPS counter based totally on two parameters: one whilst recording and any other whilst now not recording. By default, yellow is chosen for recording one, and inexperienced is the default colour for Non-Recording.


The gaming trade is booming like an energetic volcano for the brand new era of children and children. Frame price counters are step by step widely known amongst players who try to keep up to date with their PC’s talents. As a outcome, the use of that to reinforce your sport is necessary in case you are a passionate gamer aiming to shake the esports trade.

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