How To Do Subscript (Or Superscript) in Google Docs


You might now and again want to use subscripts or superscripts when growing skilled or instructional recordsdata.

Subscripts and superscripts are two forms of scripts that experience a structure showing somewhat smaller than the usual textual content structure.

A superscript is a textual content which is formatted and situated somewhat above customary textual content. In distinction, a subscript is a textual content positioned somewhat underneath the standard textual content. Both scripts are the similar and fluctuate in their positioning in regards to the customary textual content.

When does one want to use Superscript and Subscript?

When does one need to use Superscript and Subscript

There could also be many events whilst you might want to use Superscripts or Subscripts. A Superscript is most often used so as to add footnotes, references, web page notes, trademark or copyright symbols, and for representing medical or mathematical equations. Subscripts don’t seem to be that not unusual in use. However, those are used in positive medical representations, equivalent to chemical equations or compounds.

While typing textual content in your PC, pc, or virtual software, you might in finding it stressful so as to add superscripts and subscripts. There are more than one tactics to do that, as mentioned underneath. You can make the most of the process you in finding best suited and handy.

1. Write the textual content in Google docs that you wish to have to grow to be to superscript or subscript.

2. Select the textual content that you wish to have to show to the sort of codecs.

3. Click at the structure menu.

4. A drop-down menu will seem. Select the choice “Text” after which additional click on on “superscript” or the choice “subscript” as in keeping with the requirement.

Superscript in Google Docs using Format Menu

You can see the specified textual content formatted in superscript or subscript.

Steps to Insert Subscript or Superscript in Google Docs the usage of Shortcut Key

If you might be in search of a snappy turnaround to perform this process, it’s conceivable the usage of a keyboard shortcut. Although to do that, you should be capable of memorize those shortcuts.

  • Inserting Superscript: In a home windows gadget, you should press the combo of Ctrl and duration keys (Ctrl + .) In a Mac gadget, you’ll do that by way of urgent the command and the duration key (Command + .)
  • Inserting Subscript: To insert a subscript in the textual content, you should make a selection the textual content and press the Ctrl and Comma key (Ctrl +). You can succeed in the similar on a Mac gadget by way of urgent Command and comma key (command +,).

You can simply upload particular characters or particular predefined texts in superscript or subscript the usage of Insert menu choices. This is a snappy and at hand possibility for including positive symbols equivalent to trademark, copyright, and so on. Here are the stairs to observe:

Step1. Position the cursor the place you wish to have to insert that particular textual content in your Google document.

Step2. Now click on the Insert menu possibility, and a drop-down record will discover.

Step3. Choose the choice “Special characters.”

Steps to Insert Subscript or Superscript in Google Docs

Step4. Write Superscript or Subscript in the quest box.

subscript in google docs

Step5. Look for the logo you wish to have to insert in your Google document and click on on it.

As quickly as you do that, it is possible for you to to look the specified image in your document.


These 3 choices allow you to structure your textual content in superscript or subscript. These two choices of Google medical doctors will let you structure textual content similar to you notice in the books. You can make the most of any of those strategies which you in finding best suited and handy.

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