How To Replace Your PS4 DualShock 4 Controller Battery Easily

Sony’s Playstation 5 continues to be promoting out swiftly when it’s if truth be told in inventory. In the period in-between, the PS4 is ageing, even though the console and equipment are nonetheless being made and offered. But because the PS4 controller ages, it simply doesn’t remaining so long as it used to. Or possibly it’s stopped operating altogether.

There’s so much you’ll be able to do to make the console itself paintings higher within the period in-between. But a brand spanking new controller isn’t an inexpensive repair. Especially while you’re seeking to save that cash for the next-generation console, equipment, and video games.

Well, that’s simply the issue this information appears that can assist you resolve. Specifically, through appearing you the way you’ll be able to simply substitute the battery on your PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

Some pre-start notes about changing your PS4 DualShock Battery

Now, sooner than getting began, there are a few issues value noting. First, there are two separate controller generations, so even supposing studying the way to substitute your PS4 DualShock 4 battery would be the identical around the board, the battery you purchase to exchange it gained’t. The 2nd era of controllers shipped with the PS4 Pro and Slim fashions. But you’ll desire a other battery than that for the first-gen in case you’re purchasing for the second-gen controller.

The pricing is set the similar on each batteries, as of this writing. And a lot more cost effective than a brand new controller at just below $14.

Otherwise, it’s value noting that even supposing each controllers are successfully the similar on the subject of this restore, you must adopt the restore at your individual chance, as with many how-to’s. Taking a controller aside will virtually undoubtedly void your guaranty in case you nonetheless have one. And there are small items within the controllers, even for the sort of easy restore, that may be misplaced. Rendering the controller non-functional — or on the very least much less purposeful.

Conversely, you’ll want to watch out about dealing with connectors, cables, and different inside elements. It’s highest to discover a blank house whilst operating, so it’s more straightforward to stay an eye fixed out for items that may come free. And in order that it’s more straightforward not to get too distracted or by chance bump one thing whilst you’re operating.

Here’s how you’ll be able to substitute the element

Taking aside the PS4 DualShock controller is moderately easy and studying the way to substitute the battery in a single is likely one of the perfect maintenance. So, equipped you might have the correct equipment, the method doesn’t take too lengthy. Before beginning, you’ll desire a plastic pry software similar to the only pictured in our pattern pictures, a small screwdriver — we used a bunch 2 Phillips from an electronics restore equipment — and 2 electronics tweezers. Straight tweezers will paintings higher than curved ones for this restore.

  1. To delivery with, you’ll want to use your Phillips head screwdriver to take away every of the 4 screws in the back of your PS4 DualShock controller. Place the ones apart moderately in a secure position the place they gained’t get misplaced. You may use the cap to a soda or water bottle, as an example
  2. Next, the usage of a plastic pry software and beginning on the controller deal with, squeeze the tip of the software in between the body of the controller
  3. Work the pry software around the backside of the controller first, urgent within the plastic connectors to unencumber them from the entrance of the controller
  4. Next, you’ll slide the pry software across the best of the controller, being cautious to not push the software in too some distance. There’s a ribbon cable maintaining the back and front items in combination and it’s simply broken
  5. Once the back and front of the controller are separated, fold the again part of the controller down to expose the ribbon cable powering the LED gentle panel
  6. Using your hands and maintaining as on the subject of the connector as conceivable, moderately pull the ribbon cable loose from its connector. You’ll want to be aware of which aspect of the controller the printing at the cable faces. That means can put it again in position appropriately in a while
  7. On the other aspect of the controller’s board, you’ll see two wires working to some other connector. That results in a box-style connector. Use the instantly pair of tweezers to raise the cable moderately from its connector. The battery is now in a position to be got rid of
  8. The battery might be held in with a small quantity of adhesive tape. That is well triumph over with some force whilst lifting the battery out
  9. Put the brand new battery in position, aligning with the cable connectors on every aspect
  10. Reconnect the battery’s energy cable into its connector. You must additionally put again another items that can have come free sooner than the next move. Trigger springs are often knocked free right through this restore, as an example
  11. Carefully reconnect the ribbon cable again into its position — paying consideration, as famous above, to its orientation
  12. Carefully realign the back and front of the controller, clicking them again in combination. They will nonetheless be fairly free however will come in combination extra firmly in the next move
  13. Reattach the 4 screws within the again panel

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