How to Reset Your PC Graphic Card


Using a Windows PC can also be irritating now and then. The gadget would possibly forestall running, and also you won’t know its reason why. Imagine you’re in the course of the most important task, and the gadget all at once freezes. 🙄

You are neither ready to transfer forward together with your paintings nor are you ready to restart the gadget. This is the time you could test for the problem to your instrument. This surprising freezing could also be due to unsustainable solution, inadequate RAM, corrupt recordsdata, or an issue together with your graphics card. 

Are you serious about why your gadget all at once collapses in the course of paintings?

For that, you wish to have to first perceive the fundamentals of a Graphic card and its serve as for your PC or Laptop.

What is a graphic card?

A graphic card, sometimes called a show card, a video card, a VGA card, or a Graphics adapter, is a selection card that principally works to generate output photographs to your instrument. Your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the primary element that plays the computations for a graphic card. 

Graphic Card

A graphic card can also be some of the the reason why your gadget collapses. However, a graphic card will most often provide you with early warnings for changing the graphic card earlier than it will get lifeless totally. So first, we will have to glance into ways in which your graphic card alerts that it’s demise.

Symptoms of Graphics Card fault

#1. Screen system defects

Your graphics card is inflicting issues while you get started seeing bizarre colours in every single place your display screen. You may additionally to find that the display screen breaks or traces seem in every single place. This could also be an indication that your graphics card is going through some factor.

Screen glitches

#2. Stuttering

When your graphics card isn’t running as it should be, you could to find your display screen stuttering. The display screen would possibly freeze all at once, and you might also no longer be ready to give you the chance out. If stuttering is accompanied through different caution indicators indexed underneath, the likelihood is that that your graphics card is the only inflicting a lot of these problems.

#3. Blue display screen

If your gadget stops running and a clean blue display screen seems in entrance of you, then you wish to have to think that your graphic card is the only inflicting hassle. Any time you start some visible graphics-related paintings, your gadget would possibly forestall running, and a blue display screen will seem at the display screen earlier than you. 

Blue Screen Error

If you face all or any of those problems, you’ll be able to make certain that your graphic card calls for troubleshooting.

What steps do you wish to have to apply to your paintings to resume and to your graphics card to forestall developing issues? Let’s talk about them.

Solutions to repair Graphics Card Problems

Restart your graphics card

You would possibly use the shortcut – Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B keys concurrently for your instrument. This will restart your graphics card. Any ongoing apps or video games may not be closed whilst the usage of this shortcut. The display screen would possibly pass black, and you might also listen a beep sound. This keyboard shortcut is valuable with regards to all graphic playing cards, from AMD to NVIDIA. 

Uninstall and reinstall the graphic drivers

First, you’ll have to uninstall after which reinstall graphics drivers for your instrument for troubleshooting.

A graphics motive force can also be uninstalled during the instrument supervisor. A tool supervisor is a panel that allows you to set up and uninstall gadgets and drivers for your gadget. 

The steps to uninstall a graphic motive force are: 

  • Press the Windows + R key for your instrument. This will release the Run menu field.
  • In this menu field, kind devmgmt.msc. Once you press the input button, this may increasingly open the Device Manager window.
  • You will obtain an inventory in entrance of you. From there, you could double-click at the Display adapters class. An inventory of the entire gadgets lively for your gadget would possibly seem. Right-click at the identify of your graphics card after which make a choice the uninstall instrument possibility. 
uninstall display driver
  • A affirmation conversation field will seem in a while. You would possibly click on at the ‘Delete the driving force device for this instrument’ possibility. 
  • Click at the uninstall button. 

This will uninstall the graphic motive force out of your instrument.

Now, you’ll be able to use other ways to reinstall your graphic motive force.

Once uninstalling is whole, you could reinstall your graphic motive force through following those directions:

Allow Automatic set up of the graphic motive force

After you whole uninstalling, you could reboot your instrument, and Windows will robotically reinstall the graphics motive force to your graphic card. However, this self-reinstall does no longer be certain the set up of the newest graphic motive force for your instrument.  

Reinstall the graphic motive force through the usage of Driver Easy

Download the Driver Easy device for your instrument. Run the app and scan your instrument the usage of the app. It will scan the entire drivers inflicting a subject matter, and an possibility to replace them will seem at the display screen. You would possibly edit a lot of these graphic drivers, which can unravel your drawback together with your graphic motive force. 

You would possibly apply both of the stairs discussed above and reinstall the graphic motive force for your instrument. After this, your graphic card would possibly forestall developing hassle.

Update your graphics motive force

Updating your graphics motive force could also be some of the tactics to right kind the problems together with your graphics card. Following are the stairs you wish to have to apply:

  • Click Windows + R for your instrument.
  • A run discussion field will seem at the display screen. You have to kind devmgmt.msc within the field and click on the input button.
    Device Manager
  • That will show an inventory of the entire show adapters for your display screen. Right-click at the identify of your graphics card and make a choice ‘Properties.’ 
  • From the drop-down menu, make a choice the ‘Drivers’ tab. Click at the replace motive force possibility that looks in a while. 
  • The gadget will ask for looking to be had up to date motive force device. 
  • Follow the directions that seem at the display screen. 

Your graphic motive force could also be up to date and would possibly forestall developing hassle. 

Reset graphics card from BIOS


Resetting your graphic card from BIOS would possibly turn out to be useful. Hence, you can provide {that a} take a look at. 

Following are the stairs you wish to have to apply to reset your graphics card from BIOS:

  • Restart your instrument. You can get started resetting your graphics card in BIOS after clicking the Esc key for your PC’s keyboard. A message field will seem asking you to press ‘F10’ to start the method.
  • You would possibly press the F10 key two times to start the BIOS setup for your instrument. You will see a drop-down menu showing at the display screen. From there, you could make a choice the ‘Advanced Chipset Features.’ You would possibly use the keys for your keyboard to navigate between those choices. 
  • Another record of choices will seem for your display screen. You would possibly make a choice the ‘Video BIOS Cacheable’ possibility from there. 
  •  You would possibly then press the + and – keys to allow the BIOS environment.
  • Afterward, you could press the F10 key for your keyboard. Click at the ‘Yes’ possibility that looks at the display screen. This procedure will reset your graphic card in BIOS.


These are the entire steps which you can apply to reset, reinstall, or troubleshoot the problems led to through your graphics card. Once you apply those, your graphic card would possibly forestall developing hassle. If the issue persists, you could take skilled help as the problem could also be due to different elements and no longer your graphics card. 

You may additionally have a look at how to repair the ‘show motive force stopped responding’ error.


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