How To Set Up AirTriggers On The ASUS ROG Phone 6

The ASUS ROG Phone 6, like any different telephones within the sequence, offers gamers get right of entry to to an overly neat characteristic referred to as AirTriggers. These additions to the instrument act as shoulder buttons at the best of a sport controller. Although, they aren’t if truth be told bodily buttons you’ll press. Rather, ASUS has designed them to be ultrasonic. While some other folks favor the tactile really feel of a bodily button, the AirTriggers at the ROG Phone 6 if truth be told do extra.

Because they’re designed to be contact responsive, you’ll begin a number of other instructions by the use of gestures. So as an alternative of only one or two movements, you get moderately a couple of. And in the long run, this works out higher for the gamer. Mainly as a result of you might have many extra controls than you typically would. Worth noting, is that the AirTriggers act as further buttons. So those are on best of any contact interface controls you might have when interacting with the show.

Meaning you’ll assign them to positive movements whilst maintaining others the traditional contact interplay the sport supplies typically.

With all of that mentioned, the AirTriggers don’t seem to be mechanically arrange. You’ll want to permit them first. And when they’re enabled, you’ll then want to configure them in response to the purposes you need them to accomplish. If you’re questioning methods to set those up, this information is for you. Lastly, prior to we get into the information, know that the method for surroundings those up is similar for the ROG Phone 6 and the ROG Phone 6 Pro. There are not any variations.

How to arrange AirTriggers at the ROG Phone 6

Setting up the AirTriggers is an attractive simple procedure, however it may be a little bit time eating. The handiest explanation why we are saying this is as a result of you could in my opinion in finding that you’ll’t make a decision which controls to configure to every cause gesture.

In undeniable fact that’s almost definitely the longest a part of the method. Deciding how you need to make use of the triggers. So let’s dive in and undergo every step.

Launch the Armoury Crate app


Start through launching the Armoury Crate app. This app properties all the gaming-related settings that the ROG Phone 6 provides, together with the settings for the AirTriggers.

Navigate to the Console tab

Once you might have the app open, get to the Console tab the place all the settings for gaming options are.

Scroll right down to the AirTrigger choices

ROG Phone 6 AirTriggers 1

The choices for AirTriggers can be in opposition to the ground of the Console tab. Tap on that panel to get right of entry to the personal tastes and contact settings for the AirTriggers.

Tap on ultrasonic buttons settings

ROG Phone 6 AirTriggers 2

Next, faucet at the settings for the ultrasonic buttons. This is the place you’ll configure just about the entirety.

Enable or disable the haptic comments settings

ROG Phone 6 AirTriggers 2 1

On this display you’ll in finding 3 choices for haptic comments when the usage of the triggers. Visual, which shows a visible alert on-screen whilst the usage of the triggers in video games, Vibration, which offers you the vibration comments as you contact the triggers, after which Finger Resting. This ultimate possibility means that you can toggle steady tapping with out the finger desiring to depart the outside of the contact house. Think of it like a rapid-fire mod.

Configure gesture settings

ROG Phone 6 AirTriggers 1 1

On the similar display because the haptic comments toggles, you’ll additionally configure the entire gestures. There are six gestures to arrange. Including a unmarried faucet, twin partitioning, swipes, slides, twin keep an eye on for faucets and swipes, and twin keep an eye on for faucets and slides. Each gesture has one thing a bit other you’ll want to configure. For instance, the slide surroundings means that you can alter the slide distance multiplier and the cause distance.

Meanwhile the Dual partition settings means that you can alter the location of the internal and outer buttons on each the left and proper triggers. Go via every of the choices and set every gesture in your liking.

Assign the gestures to in-game controls

After you’ve arrange your personal tastes for the AirTriggers, it’s now time to assign the gestures to controls in-game. You’ll want to do that for every sport you play. If you play Call Of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends Mobile and different video games, it is important to assign the AirTriggers for every one personally. As controls is not going to lift over. So stay that during thoughts.

Launch the sport you need to make use of the AirTriggers with

To get started assigning a gesture to in-game controls, get started through launching the sport you need to permit gestures for.

Open the Game Genie dashboard

ROG Phone 6 AirTriggers 1 2

Now that you simply’re in a sport, open the Game Genie dashboard the place you’ll get right of entry to the AirTriggers mapping software. You can open the Game Genie dashboard through swiping inward from the corners of the show. Tap at the AirTriggers choices menu which is positioned at the proper aspect of the dashboard.

Assign gestures through putting the digital AirTrigger overlays

The very first thing you’ll want to do is work out which in-game movements you need to assign the gestures to. Once you’ve figured that out, it is important to position the AirTrigger overlay buttons, indicated through their crimson and blue colours, at the desired motion.

Now, that is assuming all you need to do is make every gesture a slightly simulation. But the AirTriggers are extra robust than that. You too can set the gestures as much as begin a macro and alter between AirTrigger profiles. If you’re in need of to set the faucet gesture as a macro, you’ll first want to create one.

Your chances are mainly unending right here. Because the macro advent means that you can report your macro through starting up every motion within the series, then saving it. As an instance, it’s essential to report a macro that has you fireplace your weapon at an enemy whilst you’re at the back of one thing that may provide you with duvet, like a crate, then duck at the back of the crate right away after you’re accomplished firing after which reload your weapon’s mag when you’re at the back of duvet.

As I mentioned, the chances are just about unending. If you’ll dream up the series and make it be just right for you in video games, you’ll set it up. Or you’ll stay issues easy and simply set a slightly simulation and feature every of the 2 triggers keep an eye on such things as the purpose down attractions and fireplace movements. The selection is yours.

This is just about it for putting in place your AirTriggers at the ROG Phone 6. Now move available in the market and mess around with them to seek out what works right for you.

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