How to Split Screen into 2,3 or 4 Sections on Windows 10/11

Let’s test how to break up display on Windows 10/11 to multitask like a professional.

One of the various Windows hidden options that the majority customers aren’t conscious about is split-screen.

This was once one thing I used to be in grave want of, as on occasion my 2-year-old child displays up and says to play one thing on YouTube.

Instead, I used to disagree and hand him over considered one of my outdated laptops to watch him take the lifestyles out of its keyboard.

Thanks to the split-screen characteristic on Windows, that’ll forestall now. 😉

On a extra severe notice, one can forestall switching home windows each time and divide the display to get the activity finished.

So let’s transfer on and notice how to break up display on Windows 10/11.

Notably, this text has 3 strategies to split-screen on Windows:

  • Dragging home windows manually (Windows 10/11)
  • Using keyboard shortcuts (Windows 10/11)
  • Using home windows inbuilt break up choice (Exclusive to Windows 11)

But first, be sure to flip on the Snap home windows characteristic in settings:

Windows 10 customers can navigate to Settings > Multi-tasking and make certain that the Snap home windows toggle is became on.

turn on snap windows to split screen on Windows 10

Windows 11 customers can do the similar through surfing Settings > System > Multi-tasking and confirming that Snap Windows is became on.

turn on snap windows to split screen on Windows 11

Now let’s get started to divide the display into two, adopted through 3 and 4 divisions.

Split Screen in 2 in Windows 10/11

This may be very easy. Just hang and stay dragging the window on each side until you spot the break up indication:

Subsequently, you’ll be able to do that for the opposite window to break up the show in part. In addition, you’ll be able to resize the break up through transferring the border at your comfort.

However, there’s a restrict to how slim you’ll be able to cross with a particular software. The maximum I may just cross with is Slack, with the opposite window taking kind of greater than 75% of the true property.

split screen in 2 sections on Windows 10/11

Alternatively, you’ll be able to additionally use keyboard shortcuts.

Open the topic window, press and hang the Windows key ⊞, and faucet the left arrow key ⬅️ to put it into the left part of the show. Afterward, position the opposite window on the opposite part through conserving ⊞ and tapping ➡️.

Split Screen in 3 in Windows 10/11

Splitting Screen in 3 comes to an association like this:


The most simple method to do so aggregate is through dragging the home windows one by one.

Still, we’ll additionally check out to mirror this with the keyboard shortcuts.

For this, open the primary window and position it on the left part through conserving the home windows key ⊞ + and taping the left arrow ⬅️:

split screen in 3 sections on Windows 10/11 by keyboard shortcuts

Next, open the second one window, hang ⊞, faucet ➡️, adopted through ⬆️.

Please notice the Windows + Up/Down arrows additionally paintings as shortcuts to maximize/repair the home windows.

So, don’t maximize the home windows you wish to have to put into the corners. Instead, let it cling someplace within the heart and continue with the above key aggregate.

Take a glance:

Here Windows gave ideas to refill the ground proper quadrant, however in the event you don’t see the choices, you’ll be able to merely hang ⊞, press and go away ➡️, and faucet ⬇️.

Split Screen in 4 in Windows 10/11

Let’s do it the final time and divide the display into 4 portions through dragging each and every one to a nook:

Alternatively, we will be able to do that with home windows shortcuts as smartly. Please bear in mind to keep away from maximizing any window.

Here are the stairs:

  • Open the primary one. Hold ⊞, press ⬅️, after which ⬆️ to put it into the higher left nook.
  • Subsequently, open the following. Hold ⊞, press ⬅️, after which ⬇️ to ship it below the primary.
  • Next, put the 3rd window on the highest proper quadrant through conserving ⊞, taping ➡️ adopted through ⬆️.
  • Similarly, repair the final one in the rest area through conserving ⊞, and urgent ➡️ and ⬇️ sequentially.

These had been the strategies legitimate for Windows 10 & 11. The following segment includes an unique method that’ll paintings just for Windows 11 customers.

Split Screen for Windows 11

On Windows 11, you’ll be able to hover over the maximize/repair icon to choose the structure (2, 3, or 4 divisions) and get started filling the most well liked place sequentially.

However, you wish to have to stick to the similar structure for your entire choices. Otherwise, it’s going to stay converting the structure with each step, and also you received’t see the specified ultimate break up.

It’s similar to fixing a jigsaw puzzle and putting in place the items one after the other.


So that was once about splitting the display into 2,3 or 4 sections on Windows 10 & 11.

Arguably, Windows 11 customers can do it extra temporarily with out dragging or the usage of the shortcuts. And it’s terrible that Microsoft barred some having other {hardware} from getting that improve.

Fret no longer! We have 3 running strategies to set up Windows 11 on unsupported {hardware}. 🥂

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