How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On Android 12

The scrolling screenshot function in Android 12 is likely one of the minor but extra significant adjustments in Android with this newest OS model. Whilst it may not be one thing you wish to have to make use of every day, it must turn out helpful on various events.

Even supposing we imagine scrolling screenshots a minor function replace for Android 12, it was once if truth be told a extremely asked function by way of customers. To be able to some a minimum of, this most probably looks like an enormous trade. Now you could be any individual who wasn’t even mindful scrolling screenshots was once a factor. Regardless, it’s right here now, and perhaps you’re curious tips on how to use it.

Don’t fear. As a result of in case you’re making an attempt to determine tips on how to take this sort of longer screenshots, we’ve were given you lined. This to hand information will stroll you thru all of the vital steps.

How to take a scrolling screenshot in Android 12

You’ll need Android 12 on your device to make this work. So either make sure you’re using a device that has the Android 12 update available, or a device that can install the beta.

This means the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and all current Pixel devices, as well as a handful of devices from other manufacturers.

Start by taking a screenshot

To take a scrolling screenshot, the first thing you need to do is take a screenshot. Any screenshot, anywhere on the device. In any app or on any screen (Some apps don’t allow screenshots, or scrolling screenshots). Like the app drawer for instance. If you wanted to capture every app you have installed in one single screenshot, you could use the scrolling screenshot to take one long screenshot that displays everything as you scroll through your app drawer.

Not sure how to take a normal screenshot? No problem

If you’re unsure how to take a screenshot in general, we have you covered here too. Most devices will allow you to take a screenshot by simultaneously holding down the volume down and power buttons. Trust us, you’ll know if it works.

Tap the “capture more” option

After you take a screenshot you should see the options on the screenshot panel that allow you to edit, share, or capture more of the image. Tap on capture more to enable the ability to select more of the area to include.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Android 12 2

Drag the crop box to include more of the image

After you hit the capture more button, you’ll see more of the scrollable screen you were on before the screenshot along with a crop box you can drag up and down. Tap on and drag the edges of the box to include more of the image until you have your desired screenshot.

Hit the save button

Now all that’s left to do is hit the save button. This will save the longer screenshot in your screenshots folder inside the photo gallery. Where you can then do with it as you please.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Android 12 1

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