How to Use Your Android Phone as Speaker for PC?

In case your PC audio system prevent running all of sudden or the audio port malfunctions, you’ll wirelessly use your Android telephone’s speaker for your PC for loose.

A couple of weeks in the past, a identical factor came about to me: my PC’s audio port stopped running, and I may no longer repair it even after following more than one answers. So I made up our minds to order a USB audio adaptor as an alternative. Then again, I had to have the opportunity to pay attention to my PC’s audio whilst the audio adaptor arrives. And that’s after I stumbled upon the theory of the use of my Android telephone as a speaker for my PC.

With the assistance of an Android app, you’ll use your telephone as a speaker for your PC even though the telephone and PC are in several rooms. These days, I’ll display you ways to arrange your PC and speak to to port the audio in real-time.

Use an Android telephone as a PC speaker.

There are lots of apps at the Google Play Retailer that mean you can do that. In the beginning, I attempted SoundWire, and truthfully, it labored high quality. It has an overly versatile loose model and works easily most often. Then again, I every now and then confronted latency problems, so I gave AudioRelay a check out, and it did wonders.

I didn’t see any noticeable latency at 128 Kb/s compressions, and it is rather easy to arrange and run. Although a few of its customizations are best to be had within the top class model, the loose model works high quality for limitless audio streaming at respectable high quality.

For demonstration, I will be able to be the use of the AudioRelay app. You want to arrange the AudioRelay shopper for your PC and the app for your Android telephone; I’ll display how to do each:

Get AudioRelay PC shopper.

You want to one after the other obtain the AudioRelay shopper for your PC that you’ll get from the AudioRelay web page. Whilst you first release the buyer, Home windows would possibly ask to permit it within the Firewall; be sure to click on Permit right here. This may increasingly make certain Firewall doesn’t block the buyer’s get entry to.

Preserving the buyer open is all you want to do to set it up. Despite the fact that there are a couple of customizations, you’ll make your revel in higher, like launching the app with device startup, minimizing the app to the device tray, and so on.

AudioRelay PC client

The use of AudioRelay Android app

First, ensure that your telephone is hooked up to the similar web connection that your PC is hooked up to. The app best works whilst each the gadgets are at the identical community; this could also be why it might probably make an automated connection.

In a while, release the AudioRelay app and faucet the Seek button to glance for your PC at the community. As soon as discovered, faucet for your PC title, and it’ll get started streaming audio out of your PC for your telephone.

You’ll see the latency in real-time at the identical web page. There could also be an Audio Output button on the backside that you’ll faucet to make a choice usual output or OpenSL ES. By way of default, OpenSL ES is chosen that provides the least latency. Then again, if the audio quantity is low or the sound high quality is unhealthy, you’ll transfer to the AudioTrack choice to repair it perhaps.

Use Android phone as PC speaker

AudioRelay will stay running within the background, and you’ll even shut the app if you wish to have. If you wish to have to prevent the audio streaming, return to the app and faucet the Prevent button. You’ll additionally regulate the telephone quantity from the PC shopper as soon as the relationship has been made.

Customise app settings

The above knowledge is sufficient to arrange each the PC and Android app to beginning streaming audio. Then again, if you’re dealing with issues or are enthusiastic about optimizing audio in accordance to your want, there are some tweaks.

Word: One of the crucial choices are best to be had within the top class model, however you’ll nonetheless make fundamental adjustments within the loose model.

Faucet at the hamburger menu on the top-left nook and make a choice Settings from it. Despite the fact that there are lots of UI-related choices right here, like converting theme, language, and so on., I need to communicate in regards to the audio choices. Audio High quality and Audio Buffer are two choices that immediately impact the audio; right here’s what every choice provides.

Audio settings

Audio High quality

This principally allows you to make a choice the compression energy of the audio. You’ll make a choice compression ranges from 10 Kb/s to up to 450 Kb/s. The extra compressed the audio environment you choose, the extra unhealthy high quality the audio turns into.

Then again, if you happen to move for higher high quality, like 256 Kb/s or 450 Kb/s, it’ll additionally devour extra knowledge. In case your web connection isn’t speedy sufficient to reinforce such high quality, then you’ll see heavy latency and audio hiccups.

The default, 128 Kb/s, must be high quality for the general public as it provides just right high quality sound whilst running high quality on maximum web connections. For those who face latency or audio helps to keep preventing, then 96-64 Kb/s could also be appropriate.

There could also be a top class choice no longer to compress the audio in any respect. If in case you have a high-speed web connection, then you’ll revel in audio at the most productive high quality with this feature.

Change audio quality

Audio Buffer

This selection we could making a decision how a lot the app must buffer the audio sooner than taking part in it for your telephone. If the buffer time is excessive, it’ll give the app sufficient time to procedure the audio even on a slower connection and easily play it.

Then again, this will likely build up latency, and it’ll really feel just like the audio is taking part in later than the true motion, which is unhealthy for looking at movies or taking part in video games.

You’ll decrease the buffer to reduce latency, however you’ll desire a speedy connection to play the audio easily. In a different way, the audio will stay preventing as it will not be able to procedure at a slower connection.

Relying for your want, you’ll make a choice low, medium, or excessive buffer. You’ll additionally make a choice customized buffer time between 1-100 you probably have the app’s top class model.

Change audio buffer

Wrapping up

If you want to use your Android telephone as a PC speaker incessantly, I will be able to counsel you to get the top class model of the AudioRelay app. No longer best will it mean you can optimize audio high quality, however you’ll additionally play audio on more than one Android telephones concurrently. For those who don’t need to purchase top class however nonetheless need the customization choices, then the SoundWire app I discussed sooner than is a great selection.

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