OnePlus Nord Among Best Chinese Build Smartphone

OnePlus Nord is a smartphone from OnePlus. OnePlus is another Chinese smartphone manufacturer that came to the market around 2013 and is still striving to take its position in top manufacturers. It seems like soon there will be Chinese production of smartphones all around the world. Apart from the older manufacturers we hardly find any production house having no relation with China.

OnePlus Nord

So initially when one looks at the OnePlus Nord and scroll down’s its features, nobody can find something similar to the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. Rather they have consciously make a different one just to compete with the other brands as rebranding is not a successful idea at all but in some cases, it does work well. As Apple did with iPhone SE. But Apple cannot be defeated easily.

Design of OnePlus Nord:

The quality of the design is very appealing for a smartphone having a polycarbonate body. Gorilla Glass 5 is protecting it on both sides (the front and back), which is guaranteed. Furthermore one can be extremely pleased with the Blue Marble color on the Nord. It gives a refreshing look to the viewer. There’s also another eye-catching Grey Onyx color.

Display Size Of OnePlus Nord:

Smartphones manufactured by OnePlus are recognized for their AMOLED displays. Thus this smart beauty comes with a 6.44 Inches display size with a Full HD resolution of 1080*2400 MegaPixels and also having a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Therefore they haven’t made changes to the display as it’s a low budget phone.

The sides of the display aren’t curved like they are on the OnePlus 8, but there is a cutout for two selfie cameras, instead of one. There is another option of masking the hole of the camera with the help of a black strip or the color of the phone can be covered. It also supports HDR10+.

The Nord doesn’t come up with the color accuracy certification unlike the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Pro 8. The OnePlus Nord pack comes with the usual set of accessories that we can expect from an OnePlus smartphone. It will be packed with a silicone bumper case, a Type-C cable, a fast charger, and of course your smartphone with a guide on how to operate it.

OnePlus Nord

It’s a good-looking panel overall, with deep blacks and punchy colours. There’s a mild shift in colour tone on white backgrounds, which I noticed initially and it didn’t go away even after a few updates. Still, you’d have to be a real astute observer to notice it. 

Therefore OnePlus has made extraordinary efforts for the success of its smartphones and no doubt they possess very good and exceptional features and we can see them one of the best smartphone’s manufacturer in future.

Storage Capacity Of OnePlus Nord:

It doesn’t have the option to increase the internal storage because the SIM tray has the capacity to support only two SIM cards. Both the SIMS may require the Nano SIMS. But there shouldn’t be any problem as it already may possess the storage of 128GB – 256GB. Moreover, those who will be buying the 64GB one may face the problem of short storage after a year or so. This all depends upon the usage. OnePlus gives free cloud storage of 50GB for a year or so if you sign up for their club labeled as Red Cable Club.

Certain features of the OnePlus Nord’s layout are matching with the smartphones from Oppo and Realme. One should keep in mind that the origin of all of these smartphone families is China. So I am not surprised at all. Apart from being the same family, the OnePlus Nord has the present day features. Moreover, it comes with an alert slider, a similar layout for the buttons and ports, and no headphone jack.

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