Reddit Tests ‘Mod Notes’ to Provide More Insight on Users and Their Contributions in Communities


Reddit has introduced a captivating experiment which necessarily supplies recommendation and scores on members to subreddits, enabling extra context as to how the person has contributed in the previous.

Reddit Mod Notes

As you’ll see in this situation, Reddit has introduced a brand new take a look at of what it’s calling ‘Mod Notes’, which permits moderators to create informational notes and guidelines which are then hooked up to a person profile for that group.

Here’s any other have a look at the Mod Notes procedure, which additionally features a complete log of notes and mod movements implemented to a person inside a particular subreddit. 

Reddit mod Notes

As defined via Reddit:

“The profile hovercard might be your house base for gaining access to Mod Notes and any moderator with Manage User permissions might be ready to put it to use.”

So it’s now not supposed to be a public-facing data supply, as such, but it surely’s designed to give moderators extra context on each and every particular person person, and their movements inside the crew.

Moderators are ready to mark each and every subreddit member with one among 5 labels:

  • Helpful
  • Good Contributor
  • Spam Watch
  • Spam Warning
  • Abuse Warning

That supplies extra techniques to now not most effective weed out doubtlessly problematic members, but additionally to acknowledge the highest contributors for his or her ongoing contributions.

It’s a captivating method, which might supply in a different way for Reddit, and doubtlessly different platforms that would possibly glance to adapt identical, to percentage extra context about each and every person.

Twitter is in reality attempting one thing identical with its Birdwatch experiment, which permits customers to go away notes on questionable tweets to supply extra context. Earlier this month, Twitter took that challenge to the following level, with some customers now ready to view Birdwatch notes from different customers on positive tweets.

Twitter Birdwatch

Reddit’s Mod Notes are, once more, now not public, so it’s now not precisely the similar, but it surely takes a identical method in enabling customers to upload context and oversight to members, in order to weed out questionable posts and customers.

It’d in reality be fascinating to see Reddit make those notes to be had to common customers, particularly after, say, a definite threshold of news. If moderators flag a contributor with a number of junk mail or abuse warnings, they will have to be both publicly highlighted, or the person will have to be got rid of, whilst the ‘Helpful’ and ‘Good Contributor’ tags may upload extra context to those customers’ feedback, and extra weight to their insights and notes.

The undeniable fact that those are allotted via the mods themselves may function each an endorsement and incentive, giving customers in a different way to get credit score for his or her interactions.

And once more, that would paintings on different platforms too. Aside from Twitter, Facebook’s additionally trying out up and downvotes on crew feedback, which might additionally function a way to flag excellent and unhealthy members, and upload a component of crowdsourced tracking to its methods.

There are abuse dangers too, which is why platforms want to tread sparsely (word: Reddit says the characteristic has been in construction for months). But if you’ll allocate a bunch of relied on overseers, like Reddit mods, or crew admins, who can then approve such tags, it generally is a precious device in improving engagement.

Reddit’s Mod Notes are actually to be had to moderators in the app.


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