Smartphone Processors chipset ranking 2021 List (Updated)

Smartphone Processors chipset ranking 2021 List (Updated)

Smartphone penetration has reached uncharted ranges within the new generation. The main reason why in the back of that’s the creation of 4G, expanding smartphone producers, and reasonably priced costs. The primary part that drives the total efficiency of the smartphone is the processor. The brand new and higher the processor, the upper can be the cost of the smartphone. Due to this fact, we’re going to quote a smartphone processors chipset ranking 2021 list that may come with the entire processors which have been used within the smartphones to this date. The score is in line with other facets like cores, Geekbench ratings, clock pace, and so on. Moreover, we’ve graded each and every chipset with A+ as the most efficient grade and D because the lowest grade which is obvious within the below-mentioned desk.

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Smartphone Processors chipset ranking 2021 List (Updated)

Smartphone Processors chipset ranking 2021 List (Up to date 2021)

A15 BionicApple6 (2+4)3200 MHzA+
A14 BionicApple6 (2+4)3100 MHzA+
Snapdragon 888Qualcomm8 (1+3+4)2840 MHzA+
Exynos 2100Samsung8 (1+3+4)2900 MHzA+
Kirin 9000HiSilicon8 (1+3+4)3130 MHzA+
A13 BionicApple6 (2+4)2660 MHzA
Exynos 1080Samsung8 (1+3+4)2800 MHzA
Snapdragon 870Qualcomm8 (1+3+4)3200 MHzA
Snapdragon 865 PlusQualcomm8 (1+3+4)3100 MHzA
Dimensity 1200MediaTek8 (1+3+4)3000 MHzA
Snapdragon 865Qualcomm8 (1+3+4)2840 MHzA
Dimensity 1100MediaTek8 (4+4)2600 MHzA
A12 BionicApple6 (2+4)2490 MHzB
Snapdragon 860Qualcomm8 (1+3+4)2960 MHzB
Dimensity 1000 PlusMediaTek8 (4+4)2600 MHzB
Exynos 990Samsung8 (2+2+4)2730 MHzB
Snapdragon 855 PlusQualcomm8 (1+3+4)2960 MHzB
Kirin 990 (5G)HiSilicon8 (2+2+4)2860 MHzB
Snapdragon 780GQualcomm8 (1+3+4)2400 MHzB
Snapdragon 855Qualcomm8 (1+3+4)2840 MHzB
Snapdragon 778GQualcomm8 (1+3+4)2400 MHzB
Exynos 9820Samsung8 (2+2+4)2700 MHzB
Kirin 990 (4G)HiSilicon8 (2+2+4)2860 MHzB
Exynos 9825Samsung8 (2+2+4)2730 MHzB
Kirin 985HiSilicon8 (1+3+4)2580 MHzB
Dimensity 1000MediaTek8 (4+4)2600 MHzB
Dimensity 820MediaTek8 (4+4)2600 MHzB
Dimensity 1000LMediaTek8 (4+4)2200 MHzB
Kirin 980HiSilicon8 (2+2+4)2600 MHzB
Kirin 820HiSilicon8 (1+3+4)2360 MHzB
Snapdragon 768GQualcomm8 (1+1+6)2800 MHzB
Dimensity 900MediaTek8 (2+6)2400 MHzB
Snapdragon 845Qualcomm8 (4+4)2800 MHzB
Exynos 9810Samsung8 (4+4)2900 MHzB
Exynos 980Samsung8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Snapdragon 765GQualcomm8 (1+1+6)2400 MHzC
A11 BionicApple6 (2+4)2390 MHzC
Snapdragon 750GQualcomm8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Kirin 810HiSilicon8 (2+6)2270 MHzC
Dimensity 810MediaTek8 (4+4)2400 MHzC
Dimensity 800UMediaTek8 (2+6)2400 MHzC
Snapdragon 765Qualcomm8 (1+1+6)2300 MHzC
Snapdragon 732GQualcomm8 (2+6)2300 MHzC
Snapdragon 690Qualcomm8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Snapdragon 720GQualcomm8 (2+6)2300 MHzC
Snapdragon 730GQualcomm8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Helio G96MediaTek8 (2+6)2050 MHzC
Dimensity 700MediaTek8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Dimensity 720MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Snapdragon 835Qualcomm8 (4+4)2450 MHzC
Helio G95MediaTek8 (2+6)2050 MHzC
Snapdragon 730Qualcomm8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Helio G90TMediaTek8 (2+6)2050 MHzC
Kirin 970HiSilicon8 (4+4)2360 MHzC
Snapdragon 480Qualcomm8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Exynos 8895Samsung8 (4+4)2314 MHzC
A10 FusionApple4 (2+2)2340 MHzC
Snapdragon 712Qualcomm8 (2+6)2300 MHzC
Snapdragon 678Qualcomm8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Snapdragon 710Qualcomm8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Snapdragon 675Qualcomm8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Helio P95MediaTek8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Snapdragon 820Qualcomm4 (2+2)2150 MHzC
Snapdragon 670Qualcomm8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Helio P90MediaTek8 (2+6)2200 MHzC
Tiger T618Unisoc8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Kirin 960HiSilicon8 (4+4)2360 MHzC
Snapdragon 662Qualcomm8 (4+4)2000 MHzC
Exynos 9611Samsung8 (4+4)2300 MHzC
Exynos 9609Samsung8 (4+4)2200 MHzC
Helio G88MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Helio G85MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Kirin 710FHiSilicon8 (4+4)2200 MHzC
Helio P70MediaTek8 (4+4)2100 MHzC
Snapdragon 665Qualcomm8 (4+4)2000 MHzC
Exynos 8890Samsung8 (4+4)2300 MHzC
Tiger T700Unisoc8 (2+6)1800 MHzC
Helio G80MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Helio G70MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Helio P65MediaTek8 (2+6)2000 MHzC
Snapdragon 821Qualcomm4 (2+2)2342 MHzC
Snapdragon 660Qualcomm8 (4+4)2200 MHzC
Exynos 9610Samsung8 (4+4)2300 MHzC
Kirin 710AHiSilicon8 (4+4)2000 MHzC
Snapdragon 460Qualcomm8 (4+4)1800 MHzC
Kirin 710HiSilicon8 (4+4)2200 MHzC
Tiger T610Unisoc8 (2+6)1800 MHzD
Exynos 850Samsung8 (8)2000 MHzD
Helio P60MediaTek8 (4+4)2000 MHzD
Apple A9Apple2 (2)1850 MHzD
Exynos 7904Samsung8 (2+6)1800 MHzD
Snapdragon 636Qualcomm8 (4+4)1800 MHzD
Helio G35MediaTek8 (8)2300 MHzD
Exynos 7885Samsung8 (2+6)2200 MHzD
Snapdragon 632Qualcomm8 (4+4)1800 MHzD
Exynos 7884BSamsung8 (2+6)1560 MHzD
Snapdragon 630Qualcomm8 (4+4)2200 MHzD
Exynos 7872Samsung6 (2+4)2000 MHzD
Kirin 950HiSilicon8 (4+4)2400 MHzD
Kirin 955HiSilicon8 (4+4)2500 MHzD
Helio P35MediaTek8 (8)2300 MHzD
Helio A25MediaTek8 (4+4)1800 MHzD
Helio G25MediaTek8 (8)) 2000 MHzD
Snapdragon 439Qualcomm8 (4+4)2000 MHzD
Helio P22MediaTek8 (8)2000 MHzD
Helio P23MediaTek8 (4+4)2300 MHzD
Kirin 659HiSilicon8 (4+4)2360 MHzD
Exynos 7420Samsung8 (4+4)2100 MHzD
Snapdragon 450Qualcomm8 (8)1800 MHzD
Exynos 7880Samsung8 (8)1900 MHzD
Snapdragon 625Qualcomm8 (8)2000 MHzD
Snapdragon 429Qualcomm4 (4)1950 MHzD
Snapdragon 652Qualcomm8 (4+4)1800 MHzD
Helio A22MediaTek4 (4)2000 MHzD
Unisoc SC9863AUnisoc8 (4+4)1600 MHzD
Snapdragon 430Qualcomm8 (8)1400 MHzD
Exynos 7870Samsung8 (8)1600 MHzD
Snapdragon 435Qualcomm8 (8)1400 MHzD
MediaTek MT6739MediaTek4 (4)1500 MHzD

5 Easiest Flagship Processors Ranking:

We’re choosing the ones chipsets whose provided smartphones are to be had in Pakistan.

1) A15 Bionic (Apple)

The A15 Bionic chip is the most recent and very best chip via Apple. The chip is getting used within the new iPhone 13 collection and Apple iPad collection. For sure, as a result of its nice efficiency, it has controlled to take first position at the listing.

2) A14 Bionic (Apple)

The A14 Bionic chip was once launched remaining yr. It’s additionally probably the most robust chips Apple is providing. The A14 is these days getting used within the iPhone 12 collection and iPhone SE.

3) Snapdragon 888+ (Qualcomm)

Snapdragon 888+ is these days essentially the most robust chipset introduced via Qualcomm.  Lately, it’s getting used within the Xiaomi Mi Combine 4 simplest

4) Snapdragon 888 (Qualcomm)

Snapdragon 888 is an impressive chipset introduced via Qualcomm with an A+ grading. This chipset is these days getting used within the smartphones like Samsung Z turn 3, Mi Combine 11, Z fold 3, Realme GT 5G, and so on.

5) Exynos 2100 (Samsung)

Exynos 2100 is a superb processor construct via Samsung. The chipset is these days being utilized in Samsung S21 extremely, S21, and S21+

5 Easiest Higher Midrange Processors Ranking:

We’re choosing the ones chipsets whose provided smartphones are to be had in Pakistan.

1) Snapdragon 870

Snapdragon 870 is essentially the most robust mid-range chipset introduced via Qualcomm. The chipset is these days getting used within the  Poco F3 5G.

2) Dimensity 1200

Dimensity 1200 is an impressive midrange chipset introduced via MediaTek. It has a perfect efficiency and these days it’s getting used within the telephones like Xiaomi Poco F3 GT, Oppo Reno 6 Professional 5G, and Xiaomi Redmi K40.

3) Snapdragon 865

The snapdragon 865 is a tight higher midrange processor with an A-grade efficiency. The chipset is these days getting used within the Xiaomi Mi 10t.

4) Dimensity 1100

The Dimensity 1100 is an higher midrange processor with 2600 MHz clock pace. The Dimensity 1100 is provided with the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

5) Snapdragon 780G:

Snapdragon 780G is a top rate midrange processor construct via Qualcomm. Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G is coming with the 780G.

5 Easiest Decrease Midrange Processors Ranking:

We’re choosing the ones chipsets whose provided smartphones are to be had in Pakistan.

1) Dimensity 700

The Dimensity 700 is the most efficient chipset within the decrease midrange processor class. The chipset is these days utilized in Redmi Be aware 10 5G and Poco M3 Professional 5G.

2) MediaTek Helio G95

The Helio G95 is some other nice decrease midrange processor constructed via MediaTek. Lately, Infinix Be aware 10 professional. Tecno Camon 17 professional, and so on. are coming with this chipset.

3) MediaTek Helio G90T

The MediaTek Helio G90T is a brand new decrease midrange processor with a excellent clock pace. The chipset is put in within the smartphones such because the Infinix 0 8i, and Tecno Camon 16 premier.

4) Snapdragon 678

Snapdragon 678 is the decrease midrange chipset introduced via Qualcomm. The chipset is being utilized in telephones like Poco X3, and Redmi Be aware 10.

5) Snapdragon 662

Snapdragon 662 is some other decrease midrange chipset introduced via Qualcomm. It’s being applied within the Redmi 9T and Vivo Y31.

5 Easiest Price range Processors Ranking:

1) Helio G85

The Helio G85 is these days the most efficient finances processor introduced via MediaTek. The smartphone Realme Narzo 30A is among the telephones provided with the Helio G85.

2) MediaTek Helio G70

The Helio G70 is the second-best finances processor to be had in Pakistan. It’s these days used within the Tecno Spark 7.

3) MediaTek Helio P65

The MediaTek Helio P65 is some other excellent finances chipset this is these days applied within the Infinix Sizzling 10i.

4) Qualcomm Snapdragon 460

The Qualcomm snapdragon 460 is the cheap chipset getting used within the Vivo Y11s and Realme C15.

5) MediaTek Helio G35

The Helio G35 via MediaTek is the remaining finances chipset and it comes within the telephones just like the Nokia G20, Redmi 9C, and Realme C21.


The above-mentioned listing is made after hours of analysis . The listing is offering information in regards to the smartphone processors chipset ranking 2021 listing. In case you have just like the listing or have any queries referring to it, do point out them within the remark phase!

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