The Most Hated Social Media Apps Around the World [Infographic]


Which apps do you hate the maximum, both in accordance with private enjoy, or simply on recognition by myself?

Maybe you’re simply in poor health of seeing positive apps discussed, or the manner other people use them, or perhaps you hate seeing re-posts from different apps on your feeds.

The staff from Electronics Hub sought to dig deeper into which apps cause the maximum adverse reaction round the global through examining Twitter sentiment in accordance with mentions of 87 apps.

The Electronics Hub staff tested over 3 million tweets to rank every app in accordance with sentiment. And whilst there are more than a few elements that might skew this evaluation (criticisms in accordance with private bias, app reliability, the accuracy of sentiment evaluation, and so on.), it does supply some measure of the maximum complained about apps, in a variety of classes, round the global.

The maximum criticized social media apps?

Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook all obtain mentions, with Reddit, no less than in the US, seeing the maximum adverse sentiment.

You can take a look at the complete map review beneath, or learn Electronics Hub’s complete document here.

The Most Hated Apps
The Most Hated Apps


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