What is the best way to convert PDF files into Word on mobile?

Mobile phones today are not only being used for calls, messages, or other fun purposes, but you should also know that these devices are also being used for work purposes. Today, most people prefer creating documents, managing them, and sharing files via their smartphones. PDF is the most commonly used document format for file storing and sharing on mobiles. You must know that PDF files have a lot of pros; the biggest one is that it works on mobiles just like an image and cannot be edited. Being un-editable is considered a big con by people who want to make changes to their documents.

Here, we will discuss some of the top ways to convert PDF files into Word without any hassle. PDF to Word conversions are made for different purposes. In some cases, you would need to convert PDF to Word to edit the file’s contents; in others, you would have to make the conversion because you are required to share the document in Word or any other editable format with your team/clients.

Whatever reason you have for changing PDF to Word, these ways will help you make it possible. Before, it was impossible to change PDF files to Word on desktops.

So if you want to convert PDF to Word on your mobile phone, you need to try the ways discussed below.

Install the best PDF file converter app on your mobile

best way to convert PDF files into Word on mobile

The best way to convert a PDF file to Word is no doubt with a digital application. Today you can find hundreds of PDF file converter apps on the application store of your mobile. You have to pick the one which aligns with your requirements. It can be hard for you to pick the most reliable app from the store, so here we have discussed the best Word to PDF converter app, its working and its features.

PDF Converter – PDF to Word

This is one of the most used apps that can help you change PDF to Word and other formats. This PDF file converter is available for free, so you can install it on your device without any hassle. The app is not only free but is quite easy to use. Even a person with zero experience can utilize it like an expert.

This handy PDF converter for android will offer you multiple conversions and editing options from which you can choose. If you want to convert a PDF file to Word, you have to select or upload the file on the app. After uploading the PDF file, you have to choose from the different formats the app can convert your file. You have to select word/Docx from the list and then press the convert button. The app can change your PDF file into an editable word document within less than ten seconds.

There are many other apps on Google Play and the iOS store, but this one is both reliable and accurate in its working. The format of your file remains secure during the conversion process. While using this application, you don’t have to worry about any data loss, format loss, or quality disruption. Besides converting PDF to Word, you can also use this app to lock, unlock, merge, split, rotate, and even watermark PDF files.

Install the latest version of MS Word on your mobile

If you don’t want to install an additional app to convert PDF to Word, you can also rely on MS Word. The latest version of MS word can open and convert PDF files into a docs version, which was not possible in the past. If you are already creating word files on your mobile, you would have it installed on your device, but if you are not using Word, you need to install it to get the conversion done.

Once you install Word on your mobile, you have to open it up. On the main interface of Word, you will see the open option in the right lower corner. Click on the open button and select the file you want to convert. You can upload and open a PDF file from your local gallery or get it from one drive. After selecting the PDF file, you have to open it. In less than seconds, the PDF file would open in word format. You can make changes and save the file in your desired format.

This is undoubtedly an easy option but knows that it would only be feasible to use MS word if you have to change a few files. If you have a large batch to convert, you need to try out the modern PDF to word converter apps.

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