Windows 10/11 Random Shutdown: How to Find the Cause

Stay put for an academic to to find the factor at the back of the ones irritating, random Windows 10/11 shutdowns.

Operating programs are advanced entities wearing numerous issues.

One of many problems {that a} Windows consumer would possibly have to courageous towards is random shutdowns. This doesn’t have any set frequency and will happen from on occasion an afternoon to a couple of mins hole.

From {hardware} to device, Microsoft boards are stuffed with ‘imaginable’ answers to this agony. Still, some customers are left with not anything however a hope that the subsequent trick would possibly simply paintings.

So, nowadays we aren’t troubleshooting as now we have achieved in the previous with Unexpected Store Exception, Display Driver nvlddmkm Stopped Responding, and many others.

Instead, due to the nature of the drawback to hand, this newsletter is almost about discovering the root motive in several tactics, with out the precise treatment.

And please observe that the screenshots are from Windows 10. However, the steps are similar, and we’ve verified them on Windows 11.

Let’s get started with the first.

Event Viewer

Event Viewer is the logbook of your Windows PC. You’ll see knowledge relating to quite a lot of programs, updating, mistakes, and many others. However, no longer the whole lot is necessary from a median consumer’s viewpoint.

Still, this may lend a hand in trying out the drawback that prompted the final shutdown and the ones prior to that.

event viewer

First, press ⊞+X, adopted through V, to open the Event Viewer.

Subsequently, navigate to Windows Logs > System > Filter Current Log…

event viewer to troubleshoot windows random shutdown

The filtering is to see handiest the entries linked to the shutdown. So we’ll clear out for those tournament ids:

Event Id Description
41 The machine has rebooted with out cleanly shutting down first. This error might be brought about if the machine stopped responding, crashed, or misplaced energy swiftly.
1074 When an app or consumer initiates a machine shutdown or restart. This most often precedes the subsequent tournament ID: 6006.
6006 Indicates a correct shutdown with a message ‘The Event log carrier was once stopped.’
6008 Logged as an abrupt shutdown with the message ‘The earlier machine shutdown at TIME on ‎DATE was once sudden.’

Enter those tournament IDs and press OK to get the screened effects.

filtering events log

One too can clear out the IDs through time and troubleshoot Windows random shutdown accordingly. All entries point out the actual time of incidence and the accountable software.

checking problems causing windows random shut down


There is a geeky manner to do it for those who don’t need to dabble within the Windows Event Viewer.

To get began with this, seek for PowerShell in the taskbar seek and open the suitable software.

open powershell

Now reproduction this code, paste, and press input to fetch the related knowledge from the Windows logs.

Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @ LogTitle = 'System'; Id = 41, 1074, 6006, 6008;  | 
Format-List Id, StageDisplayTitle, TimeCreated, Message
powershell windows random shutdown troubleshooting

This is identical to the Event Viewer, with the handiest distinction being the manner of presentation. And likewise, the Message row in every access states the reason why for the explicit tournament.

Command Prompt

You can do a an identical operation in Command Prompt, a frequently-used, much less tough model of PowerShell.

Type CMD in the taskbar seek and open Command Prompt.

Next, copy-paste the following code in the CMD window and hit input.

wevtutil qe System /q:"*[System[(EventID=41) or (EventID=1074) or (EventID=6006) or 
(EventID=6008)]]" /c:50 /f:textual content /rd:true
command prompt windows random shutdown troubleshooting

This offers you the newest 50 entries. However, you’ll be able to trade the quantity in c:50 as in line with the requirement to get kind of.


So those have been a couple of inbuilt programs to get Windows random shutdown-related queries from the tournament log.

While the PowerShell and the Command Prompt can do the process simply positive, the Event Viewer is infinitely extra user-friendly to flick through the occasions. And as already mentioned, excluding for various appears to be like, those will paintings the identical in each the Windows variations.

Finally, while you get the dangle of it, it’s time to scramble thru the Microsoft Community for a repair. If you don’t to find your drawback indexed there, it’s absolute best to get started a thread and get the lend a hand you want. And if not anything works, take a look at contacting Microsoft fortify.

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