Best Oculus Quest 2 head strap & Elite Strap alternatives 2022

For the easiest VR enjoy, you could wish to imagine upgrading to one of the vital easiest Oculus Quest 2 head strap alternatives. After all, the default Meta Quest 2 material strap has extra cons than professionals. It’s simple to slip off and on, however it absorbs sweat and germs and does not anything to counterbalance the front-heavy design or upload cushioning. You can purchase the legitimate Elite Strap, however it’s kind of expensive and has had various problems with sturdiness. Thankfully, a couple of third-party straps be offering a a lot more “elite” choice. Whether you might be on the lookout for extra cushioning, a extra safe are compatible, higher weight distribution, or different enhancements, those are the most efficient Quest 2 straps to be had.

Kiwi Quest 2 Elite Strap Side Hero

(Image credit score: Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Best total: KIWI Quest 2 elite strap

KIWI Quest 2 elite strap

Better than the legitimate one

Reasons to shop for

Easily detachable and cleanable padding


Extremely at ease


Better distributes the burden of the headset


Secondary hinge lets in for granular attitude adjustment


Most headphones are compatible


Stronger development than the legitimate Elite Strap

Reasons to steer clear of

Some very massive over-ear headphones would possibly no longer are compatible

KIWI’s Quest 2 elite strap takes some design cues from the failed legitimate Elite Strap from Oculus and improves them in significant tactics. First off, the development of KIWI’s elite strap is far sturdier than the only from Oculus. In addition, the plastic is thicker with out feeling heavier, and the strap itself is fairly a bit of thicker. The legitimate Elite strap had sturdiness problems, whilst KIWI constructed its strap to resist a lot more rigidity.

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