Bosch FreshUp review

The FreshUp is available in an oblong field that’s harking back to sensible phone packaging, apart from that it’s so much greater. Within, you get the FreshUp, a charging cable, a mains adapter, a black sleeve case, a handy guide a rough get started information and a registration leaflet whole with protection recommendation.

Bosch FreshUp box contents

FreshUp design & look

The instrument itself seems like a big wi-fi laptop mouse and is concerning the dimension of a shades case. It is comfy to carry and has a silver tablet-shaped energy button at the best, subsequent to an LED.

Beneath the FreshUp is an extended, depressible bar, ringed with gold and intersected with a skinny cord.

Underside of FreshUp device

It’s all very neat.

The best way to rate the FreshUp

You rate the instrument by means of plugging the cable into the USB slot at one finish of the FreshUp after which into the mains adapter – the LED will pulse white because it fees – and a few hours later, it is able to make use of. It is going to run for sixty mins from a complete rate, even supposing you’ll be able to almost definitely by no means use it for this lengthy directly.

The best way to use the FreshUp

The use of the FreshUp is solely as simple as charging it. You press the ability button, the LED flashes, and each “lozenge” ends of the instrument remove darkness from in white. You put it at the stinky a part of your garment, push it down and the “lozenge” ends flip pink. You then swipe the offending house till the odor has long gone.

Does the FreshUp paintings?        

It does what it says. It removes smells out of your garments.

Bosch claims it’s going to take away frame odour, smoke, meals smells, mustiness, deodorant and sure fragrances.    

We examined the FreshUp on frame odour from the underarms of a t-shirt, fragrance on a pillowcase, fats smells from a kitchen apron, and a musty best that had spent a couple of days on a chair, and the consequences have been spectacular.

Smells have been burnt up; the FreshUp had given the material sufficient of a spice up that pieces may well be worn once more, and the method was once remarkably fast. We estimate that we spent about ten seconds swiping a key house on an merchandise for the odor to vanish.

Alternatively, an overly sturdy odor required a swipe on each aspect of the material. We examined an overly stinky pyjama best and located the FreshUp lifted the density of the odor, however nonetheless left a slight hint. In brief, it did the heavy lifting, however didn’t fully substitute striking the garment right into a sizzling wash.

Whilst you use the FreshUp, it offers off a rather metal smell, and that odor can linger at the cloth just a little. Nonetheless, you’ll must comprehend it was once there to note it and it’s harmless. You’d in most cases simply suppose the garment smelt blank.

FreshUp device

You should use the instrument on dry cloth even though, and it most effective works on cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, linen, polyester blends, sports wear and purposeful garments. It gained’t paintings on leather-based, actual or artificial pores and skin, hair or puppy hair, steel or sequins, or non-textile surfaces.

That implies you’ll be able to’t refresh extremely decorated night attire or costumes or an over-worn pair of leather-based trousers. So, in lots of circumstances, you’ll be able to’t use it as a substitute for dry cleansing.

Bosch advises you to place a garment on a flat floor to swipe, but in addition means that you’ll be able to use the FreshUp while you are dressed in an merchandise. After we attempted this below the palms on a comfortable cotton best, there was once a way of heat, a tiny waspy buzz, and it left a rather antiseptic odor, but it surely was once an overly handy solution to deal with a sizzling spot of odour. It is usually a great tool to stay to your bag and clean up between conferences, or between paintings and dinner.

You’ll additionally use the instrument on pieces you already know are not grimy, however simply want a raise, like ornamental cushions or throws. We attempted this and located the FreshUp revived the material smartly and the impact was once nonetheless glaring a fortnight later.

How does the FreshUp paintings?

The freshUp is a kind of ioniser. Bosch states that its “Bosch Plasma Era”, delivered by means of the FreshUp, releases energetic plasma debris that dissolve odour molecules, so the instrument destroys the odor at the garment, relatively than covering it.

That mentioned, we will’t say needless to say that the FreshUp kills micro organism on garments. 

Will I take advantage of the FreshUp?

 In our view, the FreshUp actually appears like a machine for the traveller, in particular industry travellers who is also working on more than one short-stop trips and want to make sure that their clothes doesn’t odor.

We discovered that the instrument handles odours on swimsuit jackets smartly and, relying on how closely worn a blouse is, it could freshen the material as much as a wearable degree.

Once more, if you’re anyone whose way of life calls for fast clothes adjustments all through the day, you are going to almost definitely in finding you’ll be able to get extra existence from your garments between washes, so that you aren’t washing pieces after only some hours of wear and tear.

The FreshUp could also be one thing you may use to handle odours in clothes you simply cannot wash or dry blank simply: subtle materials, beaded robes, articles of clothes with heavy embroidery or the ones which are naturally dyed. So it is usually a to hand device within the arsenal of a get dressed company, a dressing up rent industry or a dressing up division.

Once more, if you’re required to put on an respectable outfit, reminiscent of a criminal gown, or ceremonial or municipal get dressed of a few description, you may in finding the FreshUp helpful, as might participants of the military or civilian services and products who’ve instance to put on ceremonial or parade uniform. 

And it should be mentioned, in case you have clinical problems that reason vital frame odour issues, the FreshUp may permit you to are living rather less self-consciously – a convenience that can not be underestimated.

All that mentioned, outdoor of those cases, we discovered that the FreshUp got here in helpful at ordinary moments, in particular when a garment was once ostensibly blank however have been worn for a couple of hours and did not have that “freshly laundered” odor. Treating the article with the FreshUp gave the garment every other day’s put on, which turns out to be useful, saves time and money on laundry, and extends the lifetime of a garment. 

Certainly, if you’re environmentally mindful, the FreshUp will permit you to lower your dry-cleaning visits for non-washable clothes and come up with extra time between washing at house.

Worth & availability

The FreshUp is costly. It these days retails for £249.99 at the Bosch website and is derived with a two-year guaranty and loose usual supply, with loose returns. It is not but to be had in the USA.

You have to invite your self whether or not the machine goes to make sense for you and your way of life. For those who in finding that your dry cleansing or laundry prices for sure key clothes to your cloth wardrobe to run at £50 a month or extra, and the FreshUp permits you to halve that price, then it’s going to pay for itself inside a 12 months.

For those who are living in a space or have an approach to life the place simple get right of entry to to dry cleaners is difficult however your occupation calls for clothes that may’t simply be thrown within the wash, the FreshUp is almost definitely going to be a just right acquire.

But when this does not describe you, you may need to give buying the FreshUp a little bit extra concept.        


The FreshUp is a natty machine. We love it.

Alternatively, we’d say that outdoor of particular way of life concerns, reminiscent of common trip or skilled utilization, it’s possible you’ll combat to apply it to a day by day home foundation.

However perhaps that’s no longer the purpose of the FreshUp. It’s very a lot a device for particular eventualities: as an example, the paranoid second between conferences while you suppose your blouse is also broadcasting your anxiety, or while you’ve were given a proper outfit out of plastic without a time to take it to the dry cleaners and are greeted with that specific “antique” odor.

All in all, for many folks, the FreshUp will probably be a nice-to-have, relatively than essential, however for some folks, it’s going to almost definitely be probably the most helpful and handy clothes device they ever purchase.

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